Album News, Record Labels — January 15, 2014 at 10:22 am

Morrissey signs worldwide record deal, promises new album, tour in 2014


After several years of bemoaning that no label would have him, Morrissey has signed a “worldwide recording agreement” with Harvest Records — a subsidiary of Universal Music Group — which announced the former Smiths frontman will release a yet-to-be-recorded new album in the second of 2014 and plans to resume tour this year.

According to a news release announcing the deal today, Morrissey is “thrilled” with the agreement, and plans to begin recording the follow-up to 2009’s Years of Refusal later this month in France with producer Joe Chiccarelli. The singer’s current touring band — Boz Boorer (guitar), Jesse Tobias (guitar), Solomon Walker (bass), Matthew Walker (drums) and Gustavo Manzur (keyboards) — will play on the album.

Harvest Records is part of Capitol Music Group, which is now owned by Universal.

In the news release announcing the contract, Capitol Music Group Chairman and CEO Steve Barnett said:

“Morrissey is clearly one of music’s most important and influential artists. He is the rare soul who has stayed consistently true to his artistic vision and ethical principles since he first exploded onto the scene in the 1980s. We are so happy that he has chosen Capitol Music Group as his home and that his forthcoming album on Harvest will bring new Morrissey music to the world.”

Although he has previously claimed to have a full album in the can, Morrissey first broached plans to record new material in a Q&A on fansite True To You earlier this month. He has performed several new songs, and recorded some in session at the BBC, over the last couple years.

Touring, of course, has been problematic for the newly minted bestselling memoirist, with repeated health issues forcing the cancellation of dates and then entire tours in the U.S. and South America last year.

According to the label, tour dates for 2014 “will be announced soon.”






  1. “According to the label, tour dates for 2014 ‘will be announced soon.’ ” Then promptly cancelled.

  2. Yawn.

  3. Fantastic news i really hope he tours again in the UK real soon.
    would good to have a new album to listen to love you mozzer..

  4. Scott Stalcup

    New tour and album from Mozzer.

    Okay, which hand gets wished in? Which one gets shat in? Decisions, decisions . . .

  5. William Nothing

    Please stay alive long enough to see this happen! ( that’s me I’m referring to, not Moz)

  6. Unhappy Planet

    To put it simply: I adore you Morrissey. You’ve always meant a lot to me. Close, personal. Real. Familiar. Like an old friend that I never met… Thank you for your continued creations… I look forward to the upcoming album.

  7. Great.. Now please consider doing the morally correct thing and pay your debts to the band members you burned. We all know your move to the states was a way to avoid paying these debts so don’t think you are fooling anyone. It is amusing to watch those who scream the loudest about injustice are the ones who are participating in the same immoralities they so publicly denounce.

  8. I hope they use that Madame Tussaud’s pic at the top of the page for the cover!

  9. “Promises tour…” almost a punchline in itself.

  10. Jennifer mozkytten

    Can’t wait love him so much! He is touring no cancelations yet. Got tix to Los angeles show.

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