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Depeche Mode begin reissuing full catalog on 180-gram vinyl — first 4 titles out this week

Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode announced this weekend that it will embark on another full-catalog vinyl reissue campaign this year, this time re-releasing each of the band’s studio albums on 180-gram platters, beginning this week with Some Great Reward (1984), Black Celebration (1986), Music for the Masses (1987) and Songs of Faith and Devotion (1993).

Those four titles are out in the U.K. today and in the U.S. on Tuesday via Rhino Records, and follow vinyl reissues of much of the band’s catalog in 2006 and 2007. Those vinyl releases were advertised as being pressed on “heavy vinyl,” while the new reissues are promoted as 180-gram vinyl.

According to Rhino, DM’s albums, from 1981’s Speak & Spell through last year’s Delta Machine, “will be available in glossy gatefold sleeves with thick slabs of 180-gram vinyl, all containing inserts and liner notes.”

While the label only has announced the first four titles, a quick scan of reveals U.S. release dates for all of the rest except for 2009’s Sounds of the Universe and the aforementioned Delta Machine.

See those release dates below:


Depeche Mode 180-gram vinyl reissues

Feb. 4:
Some Great Reward
Black Celebration
Music for the Masses
Songs of Faith and Devotion

March 25:
A Broken Frame
Construction Time Again

May 27:
Speak & Spell
Playing the Angel (2LP)





  1. Hmmm. This is cool. However, the 12″s are where the nuggets are. B-sides! Artwork! Stripped, Never Let Me Down Again, and Personal Jesus are some of my most prized possessions. But don’t reissue them please; less commodization is more.

  2. Adriano Salvio

    Does somebody know how is the production process on this re-release of DM albums? Where did they get the masters etc?

  3. I’ve purchased 11 of the 12 (missing SOTU). Have to say, I could really care less that these did or did not come from the 2007 remasters. What has bothered me is that nearly every release from Violator on sound like shit. Really noisy vinyl. Crystal clear tracks like “Dream On” from Exciter sound scratchy as can be (music not vocals). Violator was no exception. A bit pissed I paid for so many. That being said, for whatever reason, the earlier releases don’t seem to have quite so many issues.

    • I agree. I just bought the US 180gm pressing of Violator and it sounds and looks worse than some of my 35 year old played out records. I mean really. Where the FU&K is the quality control at these stinken plants! This is nothing more than poor handling and packaging of the record. Basically a $20 whamo frisbee.

  4. I was thinking it was my record player, stylus etc. and tried a whole bunch of stuff before finding this thread! Agreed – Violator sounds not too good compared to even my original CD or 2007 remaster – sibilance and a muddy mid-range. I was expecting to be blown away but was disappointed.

  5. I have bought 4 copies of the New Exciter. Every single one have a hard skip on the song Shine! Has anyone else had this issue. All the others have been great after using my record doctor cleaning machine. Where can I find an old original pressing? Rhino must have a defected master pressing.

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