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Joy Division’s debut EP ‘An Ideal for Living’ to be reissued on Record Store Day

Joy Division

The full U.S. and U.K. releases lists for Record Store Day are due to be released today, but bands and labels continue to offer sneak peaks of what’s coming, the latest of which is this morning’s announcement that Joy Division’s 1978 debut EP An Ideal for Living will be reissued with brand-new artwork and a new master cut in January at Abbey Road Studios.

The announcement came via Joy Division’s Facebook page, which also displayed the new artwork, seen above, which pays homage to the original “scaffolding” cover art used on the 12-inch release that came out a few months after the original 7-inch pressing.

Record Store Day takes place April 19; see and for a full list of participating U.S. and U.K. retailers.

Here’s the full announcement:

Joy Division’s debut release An Ideal For Living has been re-imagined for Record Store Day 2014.

With beautiful new artwork and a new master, cut at Abbey Road in January 2014 by the band’s long-standing engineer and vinyl specialist Frank Arkwright.

The sleeve pays homage to the ‘Scaffolding’ release of this classic Joy Division record.

Limited edition but not numbered.


Original Joy Division An Ideal for Living tracklisting:

1. “Warsaw”
2. “No Love Lost”
3. “Leaders of Men”
4. “Failures”






  1. The only difference is that this new version will be completely sung and performed by Peter Hook and the Light.

  2. Glory2Babalon

    Three, five, zero, one, two, five go!

  3. Does this make my original copy more or less valuable?

  4. Just finished looking over the RSD release list. Meh. Nothing there for me to get much excited about except maybe the release spotlighted above and the REM live album.

  5. I would really prefer they released an affordable, stand alone vinyl version of Still. Like Bowie with Station to Station and Peter Gabriel with SO, Still is being held hostage without the purchase of an expensive box set. Really freakin’ ridiculous.

    • I know it’s not the best thing in their catalog but I enjoy it and would love to complete my JD vinyl without having to be fleeced in the process. I’m making more of a point to the practice of Record companies, and in many the cases the artists themselves.

  6. Aside from the studio cuts on Still, it’s really not a great album. The live performance isn’t really that great. The cover of “Sister Ray” is actually pretty horrible. “If you liked that you should hear our cover of Louie Louie… unnnhhh.” hahahah.

    • Indeed. The live section was selected on it’s historical merits alone. There were probably more cleanly-recorded shows out there, but STILL needed to include Curtis’ last.

  7. STILL is the last Joy Division concert. There was a composite audience / soundboard recording of “Sister Ray” available on the fan blog Recycle that was very good. Interesting note that the audience recording of the last Joy Division concert sounds way better than the sterile mix on STILL(with the complete version of Ceremony). Here is hoping it will be officially released someday. I spoke to Hooky about it once & he says he has the audience recording & that it might be officially released.

  8. Glory2Babalon forgot Rudolph Hess!!

  9. Scott Stalcup

    New reissue of the Ideal for Living EP and no one’s going to post it? It might be too obvious, but sod it: “I NEED IT! I NEED IT! I NEED IT!”

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