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Morrissey’s ‘Vauxhall and I’ reissue to feature bonus live concert recorded in 1995


Morrissey’s previously announced 20th anniversary reissue of  his fourth solo album, 1994’s Vauxhall and I, will not feature a tweaked tracklist — as some of the singer’s re-releases have included — but will come with a bonus CD or download of a concert recorded in London on Feb. 27, 1995. Plus, as is becoming customary, Moz has changed the font on the cover art.

The reissue arrives June 2 in the U.K. via Parlophone Records on CD, vinyl LP and digital download.

See full tracklist and cover art below.

The former Smiths frontman is expected to release his next solo album, World Peace is None of Your Business, in either late June or early July, following his upcoming U.S. tour.



Tracklist: Morrissey, Vauxhall and I

CD1: Original album
1. “Now My Heart Is Full”
2. “Spring-Heeled Jim”
3. “Billy Budd”
4. “Hold On To Your Friends”
5. “The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get”
6. “Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself”
7. “I Am Hated For Loving”
8. “Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning”
9. “Used To Be A Sweet Boy”
10. “The Lazy Sunbathers”
11. “Speedway”

CD2: Live At The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, 1995
1. “Billy Budd”
2. “Have-A-Go Merchant”
3. “Spring-Heeled Jim”
4. “London”
5. “You’re The One For Me, Fatty”
6. “Boxers”
7. “Jack The Ripper”
8. “We’ll Let You Know”
9. “Whatever Happens, I Love You”
10, “Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself”
11. “The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get”
12. “The National Front Disco”
13. “Moonriver”
14. “Now My Heart Is Full”






  1. PHEW! Leaving the tracklist intact this time!
    But remember, this doesn’t mean he still didn’t apply some revisionist editing to any of the songs here, as we know he’s done to some already…

  2. I’ve been to at least 40 concerts by national acts, and Moz’s concert on the Vauxhall tour for me ranks dead last on the list. After waking up at 6am and waiting hours to be first in line for tix (pre-internet days, remember those?), I got great seats at the Palace in Auburn Hills in Michigan. Then the Sonuvabitch played for 45 minutes, left the stage, and didn’t come back for an encore.

    • From records obtained at – Morrissey played The Palace of Auburn Hills on:

      1. September 26, 1992 “Your Arsenal Tour”

      he NEVER toured the U.S. during the Vauxhall And I album (1994-1995). so the above show, he did play two encore songs. You have the tour and year mixed up.

  3. This has got to rank as the sloppiest, stylistically inconsistent reissue campaign I have ever witnessed. Even the artwork changes were silly, the Kill Uncle change being among the worst and the original cover was pretty bad to begin with so he managed to top himself on that one. Really baffling since The Smiths had some of the most iconic artwork in indie history.

    The remastering was done well on these releases though, especially for Bona Drag. Ultimately that’s all that really matter, and to these ears they were an improvement.

  4. When is the reissue of Vauxhull and I supposed to be released in The U.S?

  5. Totally digging the new font.

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