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Tommy Stinson on future of The Replacements: ‘Anything at this point could happen’

Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson, circa 2010

It’s perhaps not surprising that The Replacements’ reunion has been a ramshackle affair, with the band playing three festivals last year, and, at this point, slated to perform sporadically this spring and summer. To hear bassist Tommy Stinson tell it, that may continue for a while: “As long as we’re having fun doing it, I think we fucking do it for as long as we want.”

Stinson made the comments in an interview with Billboard about how he’s being replaced, albeit temporarily, in Guns N’ Roses by original GNR bassist Duff McKagan when that band heads to South America this month for dates that conflict with the ‘Mats’ two appearances at the Coachella festival.

The Replacements so far are slated to follow the Coachella appearances with just three more performances this spring and summer, hitting festivals in Atlanta, Louisville, Ky., and Montreal. It’s not known whether Stinson and Paul Westerberg have more ‘Mats shows planned this year.

Stinson told Billboard:

“We’re going to go out there and have fun and play our fucking show and go from there. Anything at this point could happen. As long as we’re having fun doing it, I think we fucking do it for as long as we want. That’s kind of our modus operandi right now — go out and have fun and play our songs and make people happy and have a hoot. I’m just surprised people want it so much; it’s a daunting prospect, but then again nobody’s really expecting us to be anything better or worse than we were 20 years go, so it’s not really that big of a hurdle to jump over.”

See the band’s full tour dates below:


The Replacements tour dates:

April 11: Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, Indio, CA
April 18: Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, Indio, CA
May 10: Shaky Knees Music Festival, Atlanta, GA
July 18-20: Forecastle Music Festival, Louisville, KY
Aug. 1-3: Osheaga Music Festival, Montreal, Canada





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  1. sillyboob

    Not really surprised about the Replacements reunion maybe turning into a longterm thing.

    I was surprised at Duff McKagan replacing Tommy Stinson temporarily in GNR. Kinda cool though.

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