Video — May 1, 2014 at 7:09 am

Echo & The Bunnymen premiere video for ‘Lovers on the Run’ — first single off ‘Meteorites’

Echo and the Bunnymen video

Echo & The Bunnymen today premiered the first music video to promote their upcoming album Meteorites, a Roger Sargent-directed clip for sweeping single “Lovers on the Run” that finds frontman Ian McCulloch sitting in a dark corner as images are projected across him. Check out the video, which the NME debuted this morning, below.

Meteorites will be released May 26 in the U.K. and June 3 in the U.S.







  1. Very nice! Has a classic Echo sound and feel.

  2. Echo and the Bunnymen are back! Look forward to their U.S. dates.

  3. Solid video. Fits the EATB mood.

  4. Scott Stalcup

    Had me at the intro, it did. Mind, at this point, Ian and Will could sneeze into a jewel box and I’d buy it.

  5. James Exacto

    I don’t know what happened here. There’s tiny instances of the Echo and the Bunnymen sound, but it is swamped by way too much echo and reverberation. The thing I loved about “The Cutter”, “Ocean Rain”, “Thorn of Crowns” was that you felt like all the instruments were clear, the drums and bass were solid and definate, and Sargant’s guitar soared over the top. Here though, its all just a blur, like an amateur mix. Blurry like the video, and as if “Echo” needed taking literaly. It’s also very repetitive. They never used to repeat over and over like that. Have they lost confidence or run out of ideas? Makes me sad.

    • I agree with your description of the sound of this recording. It is muddy. I like the music, though.

    • I agree, James.

    • I also agree with this.

      However the album is pretty epic. 2 or 3 on the repetitive side but songs like Meteorites, Constantinople (sounds like it could be on HuH), Grapes Upon the Vine, Explosions (best song they’ve done in years) Market Town (a bit long but you forgive it) and New Horizons.

      Track 2 and 4 are too poppy (some may like though!) and 6 and 7 are too repetitive.

  6. It is really sad that Will is not even in the video.

    • it is dude–why don’t you send them a a hundred grand. Do you get it? this is what you get when you 50+ and no one gives a shit. You & Exacto (There’s tiny instances of the Echo… but it is swamped by way too much echo) need to give a shit & buzz off. I can’t believe that a real human has so much time on their just to spit anal nothings? What’s that like? You must be a 14 year-old, living in Silicon Valley! Like me…. I see your locker… I see your wallet… that red condom. Yeah.

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