Video — June 6, 2014 at 11:06 pm

Ian McCulloch joins Arcade Fire in London to perform Echo & The Bunnymen’s ‘The Cutter’

Echo and the Bunnymen

The Arcade Fire’s current tour has seen the indie-rock darlings trotting out a variety of high-profile covers, including R.E.M.’s “Radio Free Europe” and Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” with Debbie Harry herself. Now the band’s turned to Echo & The Bunnymen, bringing Ian McCulloch onstage in London tonight to perform that band’s 1983 classic “The Cutter.”

Check out the video below (via Pitchfork).


Video: Ian McCulloch and Aracade Fire, “The Cutter” (London, 6/6/14)




  1. Scott Stalcup

    Makes sense. They sound so much like the Bunnymen, “only [their] hairstylist knows for sure.”

  2. Spot on, Scott. There were a few times in the clip where I wasn’t sure who was singing!

    • Scott Stalcup

      Well, sir or madam, you’re one up on me. I just remember the first time I heard “Keep the Car Running,” and I thought, “Dear Me. Not one of Ian’s better efforts, is it?”

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