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Midge Ure releasing new album, touring with Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey, Howard Jones

Midge Ure

Ultravox frontman Midge Ure returns this August with his first new solo album in more than a decade, a 10-song set called Fragile that he’ll promote in North America by joining the 13-date Retro Futura Tour later this summer alongside Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey, Howard Jones, China Crisis and Katrina of Katrina & The Waves.

The album is due out Aug. 18 via eOne Music, and features a collaboration with Moby (“Dark, Dark Night”) and lead single “Become,” which you hear via the video below.

Ure, in a statement, says: “Fragile is quite possibly the most intimate and honest album I have ever released. Its the kind of work you can only do after a lifetime making music.”

He’ll promote the record in North America by joining Retro Futura — aka the newly rebranded Regeneration Tour, which had at one point been slated to include Ultravox in last year’s troubled lineup — for dates at theaters and small amphitheaters in August and September.

He says:

“Doing the Retro Futura Tour 2014 is going to be a great experience for me in the U.S. Working with Howard Jones and Tom Bailey (Thompson Twins) playing many songs which shaped the ’80s will be a ball. Although it isn’t the time or place to introduce music from my long awaited new album Fragile, I will be performing songs from this new work directly after the tour finishes in the form of solo acoustic shows to be announced soon.”

Below, check out full tour dates, the Fragile tracklist and the video for “Become.”


Retro Futura Tour 2014 dates:

Aug. 21: Best Buy Theater, New York, NY
Aug. 22: Keswick Theatre, Glenside, PA
Aug. 23: Pennysaver Amphitheater, Brookhaven, NY
Aug. 24: Wilbur Theatre, Boston, MA
Aug. 26: Kool Haus, Toronto, Canada
Aug. 27: Ravinia Festival, Chicago, IL
Aug. 29: Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
Aug. 30: Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA *
Aug. 31: Thunder Valley Resort and Casino, Lincoln, CA **
Sept. 3: The Marquee, Tempe, AZ
Sept. 4: Humphreys Concerts By the Bay, San Diego, CA
Sept. 5: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV
Sept. 6: Sandy Amphitheatre, Sandy, UT

* China Crisis not appearing
** Midge Ure and China Crisis not appearing, but The English Beat joins the bill


Video: Midge Ure, “Become”


Midge Ure

Tracklist: Midge Ure, Fragile

1. “I Survived”
2. “Are We Connected”
3. “Let It Rise”
4. “Become”
5. “Star Crossed”
6. “Wire and Wood”
7. “Dark, Dark Night”
8. “For All You Know”
9. “Bridges”
10. “Fragile”






  1. Glory2Babalon

    There should be an entire article dedicated to Tom Bailey. Can’t wait to hear him perform Thompson Twins material!

  2. Yes, why has there not been any mention of the RETURN OF TOM BAILEY? I mean wtf Slicing?

    Thompson Twins were massive from 83 – 86, and put out some great records in the late 80s, not to mention the great Babble items.

    Tom hasn’t toured in 27 years. This is HUGE news that SEB never mentions!!

  3. Glory2Babalon

    I emailed the webmaster months ago when the tour was announced. I suppose the web admins don’t care for TT. Either way this is huge news. Spread the word!

  4. Tom Bailey is one of the holy grail’s of new wave artists returning to the stage. I love this site, and am very suprised it did not get mention. I’m traveling from the south to NYC for the show.

  5. Shane Glines

    Midge and Tom Bailey might finally get me to one of these shows

  6. I’ll echo the sentiment that the Tom Bailey news should’ve been announced by this site. Technically the original lineup of Thompson Twins were super hipster… and fans of the Twins are super excited to see Tom return to the stage alone.

  7. We at the Retro Futura Tour were also wondering about the lack of coverage about Tom Bailey’s return to the concert stage on this site.

    • How does it feel to be ignored, Rick? I was very polite and patient in asking you on FB if your show was coming to the South. You ignored my posts. Go take a hike.

      • Rick posted many times on the FB site reasons why the tour isn’t coming to the South, maybe you should read them. Its not his fault – the venues in the south don’t want the tour.

        • It was early on when I was ignored, not recent.

          • Mike, my job is booking this tour and these artists along with many others. I’m not paid to do Facebook, my time is limited, I’m in my office until 8 pm or later. If you don’t take the time to read all the posts, please understand I dont always have the time to reply to everyone. Up until recently this has really been a one man operation on this side of the ocean. I now have a little help on the booking end with an office if agents making calls but for Facebook and now the website that just went live 2 weeks ago ( it is just me and there is still a lot of work to do – getting publicity out (people still don’t realize Tom Bailey is touring playing Twins hits, for the 1st time in 27years), getting the tour buses sorted, working out the schedules at each venue, approving marketing plans with each local promoter…. ourwork is not nearly done.

    • Rick – we are so grateful for you and Howard Jones to bring back Tom Bailey to the live concert scene. Ignore the haters and the idiots at SEB for ignoring this massive event.

      Cannot wait for the Retro Futura tour to start!!!!

  8. I like Midge Ure’s new song, it reminds me of The Different Story by Peter Schilling … both great, both pure 80s!!
    I miss Tom, too

    • Ah, you hit the nail right on the head I’m afraid… Peter Schilling…wannabe Bowie…and why is it that Midge recently sounds so thin and strained in the studio but can belt it still live…someone get this man a proper producer!!

  9. God, the 80’s sucked so much. I can’t wait to miss FailFest 2014.

  10. Tom Bailey! Holy shit. With midge. This is major. I’m there.

  11. Okay… I’m still stunned I’m just hearing the news about Tom.

  12. Midge sounds great, and I love the geezer look.

  13. Would Tom be considering new TT music?

  14. Retro Futura is about TOM BAILEY!!! Who cares about Ultravox and M Ure?

    Thompson Twins were a multi-platinum, massive band from 83 – 87, selling out Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Gardens, playing Live Aid with Madonna!!!

    Ultravox? A nothing band that couldn’t fill clubs at their height in the 80s.

    A real pathetic move to ignore the return of Tom Bailey by SEB site!!!



  16. Yes, I agree that the return of Tom Bailey is HUGE news!

    I enjoy Thompson Twins, Howard Jones (saw him at Epcot a few years ago and he sounded great!) and Ultravox and would love to see this show.

    Count me in with the posters above who would like to see a few southern dates added. I live in New Orleans, and spend a lot of time in central Florida. So I would have gladly driven frrom New Orleans to somewhere like Orlando, Tampa/St Pete, Atlanta, or one of the Texas cities to see this.

    The west coast, New York, and Chicago is a bit far, though.

  17. The Retro Futura Tour had been trying to get promoters to step up in the south but Live Nation in TX, GA & FL did not want to do dates in their markets. We contacted every independent venue of appropriate size in Houston and in the Metro Atlanta area and in Biloxi and other assorted places. We have one offer from AEG Live in Dallas and one from Hard Rock Live in Orlando. Just is very difficult to make it work financially going from UT to Dallas with a travel day and then from Dallas to Orlando with a travel day. The artists have expenses, crew salaries, buses, etc and to extend the tour 4 days to do 2 shows that don’t pay all that well doesn’t make much sense. If the local promoters would step up and make offers that make sense (someone in Miami has offered about 1/2 the tour’s breakeven cost to play there) we would have been very happy to do another week of shows thru the south!

    • Thanks for the detailed reply. I am glad to see the Dallas and Orlando dates were added. I plan on attending the Orlando show and am really looking forward to it!


  19. Rick is there any way I can find out if Tom Bailey has any plans to do any live dates in his homeland of the UK please?


  20. CRAP! No PNW Dates. I cannot believe this! Has there been any headway with promoters in Portland? I would think the Roseland, Crystal Ballroom, or the Wonder Ballroom as great venues for this show. I want to see Ultravox and Thom Bailey BIG TIME.

  21. Rick
    Is there any chance that the Thompson Twins might be in route for a tour date the 30th or 31st of January. Hosting the Pros vs Heroes football game in Mesa, AZ
    This is a Charity event for child crisis center. Tickets will be $25.00 venue for 750 people with 200 VIP. Would be a dream come true. I am working with Indian from Gig records New Jersey and the show will be in Mesa, AZ @ Cactus Moon Sports bar at Mesa Riverview – Thank you

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