Tour Dates — August 3, 2014 at 12:33 am

Morrissey to resume touring in support of ‘World Peace’ with concerts planned across Europe


Less than two months after aborting yet another U.S. tour due to ill health, Morrissey is making plans to hit the road again in support of his brand-new album World Peace Is None of Your Business, with concerts so far planned for Greece, Turkey, Italy, Romania, Hungary and Ireland, according to his quasi-official fansite True To You.

In an item posted Saturday, the site reports: “Morrissey is finalising plans for concerts in Athens (Greece), Istanbul (Turkey) and Rome (Italy), and he is hoping to include Bucharest (Romania) and Budapest (Hungary). A concert at Dublin’s 02 has been finalised.”

No actual dates have yet been announced.

On June 10, an ailing Morrissey canceled the remainder of his U.S. tour with “unimaginable sorrow,” the proceeded to blame his longtime opening act for getting him sick.

This U.S. tour cancellation marked the third time since late 2012 the former Smiths frontman has pulled the plug on a U.S. tour, and follows his failed attempt last summer to tour South America last year, too. Those cancellations were all due to health ailments or his need to be with his sick mother.






  1. Scott Stalcup

    At the announcement, even bookmakers the world over declared, “Oh, why bother?”

  2. Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before. The announcement of his european tour is a set up for yet another cancelation statement. He should’ve rescheduled the cancelled shows in the US before moving on to tour in Europe. Weak!

    • Agreed. Why couldn’t the US shows have been made up before touring Europe? Morrissey gives his US fans the finger yet again…

  3. The man is ill, but he also needs to promote the album and make some money to pay for his medical treatments. Tough position to be in.

    • Scott Stalcup

      Simple solution there:
      Step 1: Mend fences with Johnny Marr or at least put a brave face on it long enough to . . .
      Step 2: Get a new rhythm section to back ’em up.
      Step 3: Do a one-off “Smiths Reunion” a la Westy and Tommy with The Replacements, simulcast it on pay-per-view, and release the show in multiple audio/video formats as an Instant Live set-up.

      Old Steven Patrick need never want for money ever again.

      • TheTeenageOldman

        Marr is waaaay too smart , and sane, for any of that. Doesn’t want it, and quite frankly doesn’t need it. Morrissey would never do it either – from Morrissey’s sufficient-but-“meh” opening acts, to his always not-particularly-exciting backing band, it’s clear that he wants to surround himself with people who will never outshine him. He might stand on stage with one of his older heroes, but he has little interest in any of his contemporaries outshining him.

        • Scott Stalcup

          Whoa. Ease off the reactionary throttle there, m’laddo.

          No, I KNOW neither would do it. I gave up on a Smiths reunion about the time of Your Arsenal, thank you. Johnny’s NPR interview around the release of The Messenger confirmed the decades old feeling of “I know it’s over.”

          Well, someone had to go there.

          Now, regarding “any of his contemporaries outshining him,” I don’t think Johnny ever outshined Mozzer or Mozzer ever outshined Johnny. Rather, they were a pair of six guns that blew away all comers wanting to have a go.

          But if Steven Patrick was hurting for money (which I doubt very highly, based on sales of the autobiography alone), there’s many an aging artfag (myself VERY MUCH INCLUDED) who would sell their unborn grandchildren into the Bangkok sex trade to afford a ticket to see those two onstage for even ONE song. It could be “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want.” A one-two punch, the shortest Smiths song, and a musical “Okay, we’ve played together again. Kindly fuck off now so we can continue getting on with things like you plonkers should have 27 years ago.”

      • Exactly! I’ve seen Mozz enough that I won’t bother buying tickets for a show that would mostly likely be canceled. I wish no ill will toward him and hope his mother and he will be fine, but I won’t go to another show until it’s a SMITHS reunion.

  4. He should move back to Britain. His mother is here and we have the NHS for medical treatment. Sorted!

  5. William Nothing

    I have forgiven him. He is an amazing live act. Can’t wait for ‘Istanbul” in Istanbul

  6. @Paris – He’s worth north of 30 mil so paying for medical care isn’t an overriding concern for him.

  7. Wishing Mozzer & the boys good health, a safe sojourn, and fabulous tour! I saw him in New Mexico with my bestie in May. They put on a phenomenal show at the Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque. They opened with ‘Hand in Glove’ and it was pure heavenly bliss from the first note. If you get a chance to see him, I’d highly recommended it! Viva Moz!!

  8. “Resume touring” implies that a tour for this dog of an album has previously happened . . . unless “touring” means scheduling dates and then cancelling everything, pissing off your ever-dwindling fan base, and eroding your industry reputation.

  9. How about re-scheduling some of the dates that have already been cancelled. I won’t be fooled again.

  10. Wessidetempest

    His ill health in the US is poor ticket sales

  11. Glad to hear he’s doing better!

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