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Tracklists revealed for Siouxsie and the Banshees’ final 4 expanded reissues

Siouxsie and the Banshees

Late last month, Siouxsie and the Banshees confirmed the long-overdue reissue of the final four albums in the band’s catalog, and while tracklists were not announced at the time, they’ve now been revealed as the re-releases have appeared on Amazon UK for pre-order ahead of their Oct. 13 street date.

As you can see below, they’re single-disc reissues, with each remastered album being supplemented with three bonus tracks, except for Through the Looking Glass, which includes four extra tracks. They’re mostly B-sides and remixes, with a total of three previously unreleased mixes and outtakes included.

Full tracklists and pre-order links are included below.



Tracklist: Siouxsie and the Banshees, Through The Looking Glass

1. “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us”
2. “Hall Of Mirrors”
3. “Trust In Me”
4. “This Wheel’s On Fire”
5. “Strange Fruit”
6. “You’re Lost Little Girl”
7. “The Passenger”
8. “Gun”
9. “Sea Breezes”
10. “Little Johnny Jewel”
Bonus tracks:
11. “She Cracked” (“This Wheel’s On Fire” B-side)
12. “Song From The Edge Of The World” (Single)
13. “This Wheel’s On Fire” (Incendiary Mix)
14. “The Passenger” (Llllloco-Motion Mix)



Tracklist: Siouxsie and the Banshees, Peepshow

1. “Peek-A-Boo”
2. “The Killing Jar”
3. “Scarecrow”
4. “Carousel”
5. “Burn-Up”
6. “Ornaments Of Gold”
7. “Turn To Stone”
8. “Rawhead And Bloody Bones”
9. “The Last Beat Of My Heart”
10. “Rhapsody”
Bonus tracks:
11. “El Dia De Los Muertos” (Espiritu Mix)
12. “The Killing Jar” (Lepidopteristic Mix)
13. “The Last Beat Of My Heart” (Live at Lollapalooza, 1991)



Tracklist: Siouxsie and the Banshees, Superstition

1. “Kiss Them For Me”
2. “Fear (Of The Unknown)”
3. “Cry”
4. “Drifter”
5. “Little Sister”
6. “Shadowtime”
7. “Silly Thing”
8. “Got To Get Up”
9. “Silver Waterfalls”
10. “Softly”
11. “The Ghost In You”
Bonus tracks:
12. “Face To Face”
13. “Kiss Them For Me” (Snapper Mix)
14. “Kiss Them For Me” (Kathak #1 Mix) *

* Previously unreleased



Tracklist: Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Rapture

1. “O Baby”
2. “Tearing Apart”
3. “Stargazer”
4. “Fall From Grace”
5. “Not Forgotten”
6. “Sick Child”
7. “The Lonely One”
8. “Falling Down”
9. “Forever”
10. “The Rapture”
11. “The Double Life”
12. “Love Out Me”
Bonus tracks:
13. “O Baby” (Manhattan Mix)
14. “FGM” *
15. “New Skin” (Full-length version) *

* Previously unreleased






  1. So whoa, they’re now up on the US Amazon. . . at $36.99 each! Even for an import, that’s pretty expensive, and at they’re 12 pounds, which, factoring in the exchange rate, is the better deal/where I guess I’ll be ordering them from. Anyone see this price disparity before? I’ll hold off my pre-order if the price drops more in-line with the exchange rate. . . .

  2. Jim vandegrift

    ^ Exchange rate is favorable now due to jitters over Scottish independence.

  3. the two I looked forward to the most… superstition and rapture… sadly this is not enough to get me to buy them again… I wanted a deluxe 2 cd edition with b-sides, remixes, live songs from the era, etc… extremely disappointing!

    • Don’t despair, Jim: My guess is that these are just the “initial” reissues in the campaign. Somewhere between October 2014 and March 2015, we’ll probably get 2-Disc re-releases of the last 3 albums…

      Disc 1
      * The 1988 album remastered
      * Bonus Tracks/unreleased demos, inc. “Typhoid Mary”
      Disc 2
      *PEEPSHOW TOUR 1988: Full debut concert audio from September 1988 remastered (*Severin hinted at this earlier this year)

      Disc 1
      * The 1991 album remastered
      * Demos/Alternate takes, etc.
      Disc 2
      The L.A. KROQ Radio Acoustic Christmas Concert Broadcast from December 1991:

      Swimming Horses* (B-side from “O Baby” single)
      Pulled to Bits
      But Not Them
      Trust in Me
      Dear Prudence
      Kiss Them For Me
      Hong Kong Garden
      All Tomorrow’s Parties* (Extra B-Side)

      Disc 1
      * The 1995 album remastered
      * Additional Demos, esp. featuring Siouxsie playing drums on a few tracks, etc.
      Disc 2
      The Radcliffe Radio Sessions (January 18th 1995):

      O Baby
      The Double Life
      Falling Down
      B Side Ourselves

      The Mayfair Club Radio Broadcast (January 29, 1995):
      Tearing Apart
      Kiss Them For Me
      Dear Prudence
      Night Shift
      Cities in Dust
      Love Out Me

      These will probably either be released as individual 2-CD sets (which would TOTALLY ROCK!), or will be encased within the forthcoming SATB Box Set (1978-1995), or, perhaps, both.

      This is, at least, my hope for post-Halloween 2014…

  4. I think more will be released later but after listening to these albums on my IPOD they sound so quiet compared to the remastered earlier albums of SATB. These are one disc editions which is ok but a little disappointed they didn’t get the deluxe treatment!!!

    • If the old CD’s are too quiet for you, you can download any variety of free audio programs and crank the volume to your heart’s desires in seconds before loading them on your iPod. People, such as myself, prefer our music to retain the dynamic range (ie, lower volume to maintain the dynamics of the original recording), rather than having the volume blasted to match the other songs on your iPod. If these reissues are brickwalled with little to no dynamic range, they will go straight back to Amazon and the negative reviews will be posted. Louder does not often mean better.

  5. I hope Anthony’s right…would be a shame to end the rereleases with these nearly rarity-free, single disc versions.
    So, for me, it’s The Rapture for the win out of this lot…at least it has 2 tracks I don’t already have.

  6. I seem to remember their was a delay in the US domestic release of the initial batch of remasters. This seems to happen with certain artists, this may be the case here.

    • You’re right, Charles: If I’m correct, there have never been U.S. domestic SATB reissues ever. SATB were always considered “an acquired taste” or “cult underground group” in U.S.A and Canada, so Polydor/Geffen/Universal Music never really gave them a lot of promotion or budget for their releases. Budgie himself had stated in 2005 that it was something that the band was trying to redress in The States, but to no avail. How it worked in the Northeast (at least) was that record stores charged the buyers no import tax, meaning a $12.99-$16.99 Banshees CD was priced at just that. I had a store manager once tell me in 2009, “It would be ridiculous to charge customers $20 dollars for albums that don’t exist in America.”

      Guys and Gals, you should, if it’s financially-possible, look in to the forthcoming mini-LP SHM-CDs (Super High Material Compact Discs) of the Banshees next remasters that will be coming via Japan. These CDs offer HI-FI Digital sound, w/out the need of having to have HD stereos or players. They play great in any sound system. Trust me, I’m the very proud/lucky owner of about 15 Japanese mini-LP SHM-CDS, inc. some of SATB’s catalog (you haven’t heard THE SCREAM till you’ve heard it in that format), and that’s the only editions I’m (God willing) purchasing of them. Also, pre-order them, so you’re guaranteed a copy, cause they print on-demand and in Limited Edition volumes. The mini-LPs don’t get released till a month or so after the initial releases, because they have to transfer the remasters to the SHM-CD format. They are PRICEY (w/out a doubt), BUT, I don’t regret the Banshees albums I own in that format. They are literal works of art. If anyone’s interested, go to websites like (if I can mention them, I hope) or

      Honestly, I truly hope I’m right about my suppositions. The Banshees really thought the PEEPSHOW era was the high watermark in their career, so any full-length audio recordings of the tour will be much desired to be given release in the 21st Century. From what I’ve heard, this is the best SATB have got along w/ Polydor/Universal Music in their entire business relationship. As Severin stated months ago, “We have new friends over at Polydor/Universal”. To quote Siouxsie, “Well, it’s about bloody time!”

  7. To the guy touting the SHM-CD’s, you’ve been fooled. I owned some SHM-CD’s and it’s clearly more of a gimmick of false advertising than anything. CD’s are digital bits, and regardless of what substance they are read through they will sound the same. The main deception of the format is that often times the mastering is nothing more than a copy of an existing CD, not another new remaster for the format. When I owned some of the Sparks SHM-CD’s, I was horrified to find one of them was the same shoddy vinyl transfer identical to the existing UK CD, and the others were clones of other existing CD’s with a few bonus tracks tacked on. From what I understand, the Banshees SHM-CD’s were just clones of the existing UK remasters, so what’s the point? If the CD’s were remastered specially for the format, then it may be worth it to a degree but it would still be no different than if they were pressed on a standard CD.

    • @Scott, Sorry to hear of you problems w/ the Sparks CDs, but, I own some of the SATB 2009 U.K. remasters and the SATB 2009/2010 Japanese remasters, and it is “plain as day” the sonic differences between the two. I’ve heard others make similar statements about SHM-CDs, Blu-Spec CDS, HDCDs, and HQCDs, but in virtually all of my comparisons, the Japanese Editions sound markedly better. Regarding the Spark SHM-CDs: If the remaster is bad, it doesn’t matter what format you present it in, maybe the company didn’t invest in good mastering/remastering. The Gary Moore SATB remasters would for the most part, excellent…Kevin Metcalf’s remasters have been fabulous, esp. since he’s mastered The Creatures albums since 1999…so, when you have a great 2014 remaster from U.K., when you transfer it to Japanese SHM-CD format, it sounds even better. Another example, part of Pat Benatar’s catalog was released in SHM-CD format for the first time last month, everyone who’s heard it agrees that it’s an even better remaster than the 2006 excellent remasters, some of which I own. Trust me, at least for these artists, the sound quality is side-by-side markedly enhanced and preferable.
      Good luck with your music library, Scott.

  8. The other Scott

    I don’t know what anyone is complaining about with the lack of material. Other than the Scream all the other remasters were single disc. Not only that, they have two box sets, one of all the b-sides and the Thorn EP, and one with three discs of audio from the BBC and a DVD of television appearances. Other than remixes and what few things this band would let rest on the cutting room floor there wouldn’t be much material for two discs on several of these.

    The price is therefore an atrocity. Even importing the item would never cost $36 + shipping. Maybe for two shipped separately at best.

  9. Regarding the high price listed on Amazon for the re-releases: I’ve noticed that just about all the new imports that I’m interested in from the U.K. are coming in at $30 + when first listed on Amazon. Initially, it actually IS cheaper to order from However, if you are willing to wait a couple of weeks, other sellers such as import-cds or i-deals will carry the import at a markedly lesser price.

    I’m not sure what to make of the inflated import costs on Amazon — this seems to have been a new pricing policy that has ‘kicked in’ over the last couple of weeks. It’s sure NOT appreciated!

    • Thanks for the confirmation- I was wondering if the pricing was a freaky anomaly or a sign of things to come.

      • I’m thinking that what Amazon is sort of doing is listing UK imports at double the ‘American’ price, which would roughly reflect the currency conversion (British pounds being nearly ‘double’ that of the American dollar). It’s not just rock releases that are showing up at $30+; the same goes for new ‘folk’ recordings on the U.S. Amazon site, too. Totally annoying!

  10. I think it is funny that previously it was stated that they would not be releasing the remixes, but that is almost all that is being released as bonus material. And not even complete at that. There were numerous great remixes for “Frear” that I would love to have. Oh well, maybe next time…

  11. Oops, typo – meant “Fear”.

  12. For anyone still playing along, I was informed that the releases have been delayed somewhat, now seeing October 20th on

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