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Matt Johnson recording first proper The The album in 15 years: ‘A new start for my career’

The The

The The mastermind Matt Johnson spent the first decade of the 2000s musically inactive — at least in terms of releasing new material — and moved on to issue scores to independent films under his old band’s moniker for the past few years. Now, though, he’s finally doing what fans have been clamoring for: he’s recording a proper new The The album.

Johnson tells U.K. magazine Uncut in its current issue that work is underway on what will be the first song-based The The album since 2000’s NakedSelf. He says:

“The important thing is getting yourself in the frame of mind for it. Everything else follows from that. Having been away for so long, I have almost forgotten who I used to be. I almost forgot I was a songwriter in the first place, which is a horrible thing to say. But if it all goes to plan, the album will have freshness to it. It’ll be a new start for my career.”

No other details are yet known about the project.

Since 2010, Johnson has released soundtracks to two independent films — “Tony” and “Moonbug” — under the The The name, and he has a third, for the film “Hyena,” coming out March 6. A fourth, for the film “Penthouse North,” also has been recorded, although no release for that has yet been announced.

Following his debut solo album Burning Blue Soul in 1981, Johnson recorded and released six The The studio albums between 1983 and 2000, and recorded several others — including The Pornography of Despair and Gun Sluts — that were never released.






  1. This IS huge. Cannot wait…

  2. I am SO excited about this! Crossing my fingers in hopes of more awesomeness from Matt Johnson!

  3. in my town, I shop at a discounted grocery store mostly patronized by lower income people. its non union, you bag your own stuff, whole foods this is not. hell, this isnt even Safeway. But its cheap and the produce is good. anyway, This is the Day came on while I was buying my rice and I was smiling the rest of the day.

    • figurehead1971

      Meanwhile over in the UK it is commonplace to bag your own, at all but the discount supermarkets you are most likely to get the checkout operator asking “would you like any help with your packing”, but us British that form orderly queues and never like to be a burden predominately smile and say “I am ok thanks” and proceed to pack ourselves.

      Guess this is not the 51st state of the USA after all.

  4. It will be great to hear what’s on his mind after so long. However, the mark he has made with his music has been beyond of my favorites next to Morrissey and Bernard Sumner…mind bomb matches up with the music of today and the issues of today prophetically in its context.

  5. I am a gunslut for this !

  6. Can’t wait – very exciting!

  7. This is amazing news. Nakedself was brilliant, as were all of his other records. The show that I saw in Seattle in 2000 still ranks among the very best that I have ever witnessed.

  8. This is amazing news, and with a book too, 2015 is set to be a great year!

  9. Right-On Matt!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I didn’t ‘discover’ The The until later in life and by then he wasn’t putting out new material. This is great news.

  11. Glen Boatwright

    Your music has inspired my life. I listen to it today as it was in the 80s…and enjoy every word. Thank you. ‘
    I live in Australia and would like my son to understand the importance of your lyrics. Please complete the album in style and please come and visit us in Aus when it is done…or even before that to understand the impact of your voice and beliefs.

  12. the Genius is back

  13. Best news of the year!

  14. Best news of the century!

  15. MacKenzie

    Beyond thrilled to hear this news. I’ve been on a mad The The kick as of late, too, returning to all of my favorites, especially “Mind Bomb.” Looking forward to Matt Johnson’s return.

  16. Ah, the sweet bird of truth rises again.

    This is indeed the day of good news.

  17. Shut up and take my money!

  18. This news is another MIND BOMB!
    Mr Johnson, I can’t wait!

  19. Keith Kirkman

    This news is exhilarating, especially since his lyrics of the 80’s has come to fruition during the 21 Century. So similar to George Orwell’s perdictions during the 1940’s in his classic novel “1984”.May he have that creative brillance and intuitive imagination of the past, partake in the present representing the not so distance future.

  20. GREAT NEWS cant wait for a new THE THE album

  21. troy frazier

    … new stuff! AWESOME! maybe one track that’s a collaboration with Mark Hollis!

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