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Ministry, Wax Trax! labelmates collected on 7CD/1LP ‘Trax Box!’ for Record Store Day

Al Jourgensen

A treasure trove of early Wax Trax! Records material from Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Pailhead, 1,000 Homo DJs, PTP and Acid Horse — including previously unreleased tracks and demos — will be compiled on a limited-edition 7CD/1LP box set to be released for Record Store Day next month in both the U.S. and the U.K.

Released by Cleopatra Records, the Trax Box! includes a 64-page book and will be encased in a leather-bound, foil-embossed box. The set is being marketed as including 29 previously unreleased tracks, but, as you can see from the Record Store Day-provided tracklist below, some of those labeled as unreleased were issued last fall as part of the expanded reissue of Ministry’s Twelve Inch Singles 1981-1984 compilation.

The collection features material previously released on the Twelve Inch Singles and Side Trax compilations, as well as the out-of-print Black Box — Wax Trax! Records: The First 13 Years box set. But there are previously unreleased demos, as well as long-sought material such as “I’ll Do Anything For You,” the With Sympathy-era track that Al Jourgensen recently shared online.

The box set also includes three expanded Revolting Cocks albums on CD, plus a bonus 12-inch, six-song vinyl live LP recorded by Ministry in Chicago in 1982.

Check out the full tracklist below:


Tracklist: Trax Box!

CD 1: The Original Recordings
1. I’m Falling (1981) – Wax Trax 12” 110072X
2. Cold Life (1981) – Wax Trax 12” 110072X
3. Primental (1981) – Wax Trax 12” 110072X
4. All Day (1985) – Wax Trax 12” WAX 007
5. Everyday Is Halloween (1985) – Wax Trax 12” WAX 007
6. The Nature Of Love (1985) – Wax Trax 12” WAX 007
7. Overkill (UNRELEASED 1981)
8. Same Old Madness (1982) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
9. I’ll Do Anything For You (1984) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
10. He’s Angry (UNRELEASED 1984)
11. Move (original mix UNRELEASED 1984)
13. Where Are You At Now? (1985) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
14. Nature of Outtakes (1985) – Wax Trax 12” WAX 020

CD 2: Remixes and Demos
1. Halloween Remix (1985) – Wax Trax 12” WAX 020
2. Nature Of Love (Cruelty Mix) (1985) – Wax Trax 12” WAX 009
3. All Day Remix (1985) – – Wax Trax CD WAXCD 035
4. Cold Life Dub (1981) – Wax Trax 12” WAX 003
5. I’m Falling (alt mix 1981) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
6. Work For Love (demo 1982) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
7. I Wanted To Tell Her (demo 1982) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
8. Same Old Madness (demo 1982) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
9. She’s Got A Cause (demo 1982) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
10. Revenge (Piano Intro) (demo 1982) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
11. The Game Is Over (demo 1983) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
12. Let’s Be Happy (demo 1983) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
13. Same Old Scene (demo 1983) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
14. Wait (demo 1983) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED

CD 3: Revolting Cocks – Big Sexy Land (1986) – Wax Trax LP WAX 017
1. 38
2. We Shall Cleanse The World
3. Attack Ships On Fire
4. Big Sexy Land
5. Union Carbide (West Virginia)
6. T.V. Mind
7. No Devotion
8. Union Carbide (Bhopal)
9. You Often Forget (Malignant) (1986) BONUS TRACK – Wax Trax 12” WAX 022
10. Attack Ships… (1985) BONUS TRACK – Wax Trax 12” WAX 011
11. No Devotion (1985) BONUS TRACK – Wax Trax 12” WAX 011
13. …On Fire (1985) BONUS TRACK – Wax Trax 12” WAX 011
14. You Often Forget (Benign) (1986) BONUS TRACK – Wax Trax 12” WAX 022

CD 4: Revolting Cocks – Live! You Goddamned Son of a Bitch (1988) – Wax Trax LP WAX 037
1. You Goddamned Son of a Bitch
2. Cattle Grind
3. We Shall Cleanse the World
4. 38
5. In The Neck
6. You Often Forget
7. T.V. Mind
8. Union Carbide
9. Attack Ships On Fire
10. No Devotion
11. Stainless Steel Providers (1991) BONUS TRACK – Wax Trax 12” WAX 9049

CD 5: Revolting Cocks – Beers, Steers & Queers (1990) – Wax Trax LP WAX 7063
1. Beers, Steers & Queers
2. (Let’s Get) Physical
3. In the Neck
4. Get Down
5. Stainless Steel Providers
6. Can’t Sit Still
7. Something Wonderful
8. Razor’s Edge
9. Cattle Grind (Studio Mix UNRELEASED 1990) BONUS TRACK
10. At the Top (1988) BONUS TRACK – Wax Trax 12” WAX 042
11. Beers, Steers & Queers (Drop Yer Britches Mix) (1991) BONUS TRACK – Wax Trax 12” WAX 9049
12. Beers, Steers & Queers (Take Em Right Off Mix) (1991) BONUS TRACK – Wax Trax 12” WAX 9049
13. (Let’s Talk) Physical (1989) BONUS TRACK – Wax Trax 12” WAX 9086
14. Public Image (Live in Glasgow) (1991) BONUS TRACK – Wax Trax 12” WAX 9049

CD 6: Pailhead, 1000 Homo DJs, PTP & Acid Horse
1. Pailhead: I Will Refuse (1987) – Wax Trax 12” WAX 031
2. Pailhead: No Bunny (1987) – Wax Trax 12” WAX 031
3. Pailhead: Don’t Stand In Line (1988) – Wax Trax 12” WAX 047
4. Pailhead: Ballad (1988) – Wax Trax 12” WAX 047
5. Pailhead: Man Should Surrender (1988) – Wax Trax 12” WAX 047
6. Pailhead: Anthem (1988) – Wax Trax 12” WAX 047
7. 1000 Homo DJs: Apathy (1988) – Wax Trax 12” WAX 032
8. 1000 Homo DJs: Better Ways (1988) – Wax Trax 12” WAX 032
9. 1000 Homo DJs: Supernaut (1990) – Wax Trax 12” WAX 9133
10. 1000 Homo DJs: Hey Asshole (1990) – Wax Trax 12” WAX 9133
11. PTP: Rubber Glove Seduction (1989) – Wax Trax 12” WAX 9073
12. PTP: My Favorite Things (1989) – Wax Trax 12” WAX 9073
13. PTP: Show Me Your Spine (1989) – UNRELEASED
14. Acid Horse: No Name No Slogan (Luxa Pan mix) (1989) – Wax Trax 12” WAX 081
15. Acid Horse: No Name No Slogan (Cabaret Volatire mix) (1989) – Wax Trax 12” WAX 081

CD 7: Rarities
1. Same Old Madness (Video Version) (1982) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
2. Never Asked For Nothing (live Detroit 7.10.82) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
3. Love Change (live Detroit 7.10.82) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
4. What Is The Reason (live Detroit 7.10.82) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
5. America (live Detroit 7.10.82) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
6. Revolting Cocks: (Let’s Get) Physical (Banned original mix) (1989) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
7. Revolting Cocks: We Shall Cleanse The World (Razormaid Mix) (1986) – Razormaid Records LP RM-!10
8. Revolting Cocks: Fish In Cold Water (1985) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
9. Ministry: Self Annoyed (1987) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
10. Pailhead: Don’t Stand In Line (remix 1989) – Sounds Blasts! EP2
11. 1000 Homo DJs: Supernaut (Trent vocal) (1990) – TVT Records CD TVT 7212-2
12. 1000 Homo DJs: Supernaut (dub mix) (1990) – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
13. Revolting Cocks: Get Down (extended mix / cd version) (1990)

Bonus Live LP – Chicago 1982
1. Same Old Madness
2. Revenge
3. Effegy
4. Primental
5. I’m Falling
6. Overkill




  1. I remember RevCo’s (Let’s Get) Physical being banned… but did some pressings of it get released somehow? I think a friend had a 12″ of it. But it has been 25 years…!

    • Some did get pressed. I picked it up at Wax trax in an unmarked, plain white sleeve that just had a Revco sticker on it. Had no idea what it was until I got it home. Still have it.

  2. Jonathan – some of those test pressings did get out. I have one, thanks to working in a small indie record shop back then. It’s not anything great (i.e. you’re not missing much).

  3. Ken Carlyle

    Anyone know the cost of this box? I’m wondering if I need a second mortgage or not?

  4. I hope they release this set as something other than an RSD edition.

  5. WheeliePopadick

    If Same Old Madness appears on the first disc and so does the demo on the second, does that mean we’re finally getting a proper version without the stupid guitar in it? The one from the unreleased video? I downloaded a 1983 WT demo and it has the same version that was put on the re-release of Twelve Inch Singles.

    • Yes, it seems it will have both, the demo and video versions of SOM. I really like the demo version too.
      But was surprised the version on twelve inches re release was the demo and not the video take.

  6. When and where can I get this??? I already own nearly everything Minstry and the associated acts have done but the rarities are just too good to pass up, even though I’ve got most if not all off prongs and various other sites over the years.
    This will be the best Minstry release of the last decase (although that isn’t really saying much)

  7. Karl, If I remember correctly, it was in a plain white sleeve… it definitely gained more interest since Olivia Newton-John was opposed to them doing a cover. Or was that just a rumor? I think I put that song on a mix tape though… time to go through the cassettes!

  8. I have a copy of the banned 12 inch. It can also be found on the Industrial Strength Music Machine compilation.

  9. any idea of how much it may cost??

  10. Would love to know how much this thing is going to cost. Tried searching for a price on this yesterday which is when I found out about it. Hopefully not more than $150.

  11. A'dim Slavery

    After the poor packaging quality of the Cop Shoot Cop vinyl releases on Cleopatra, I’m going to stay far away from anything else they put out. Cheap, cheap production.

    • A'dim Slavery's Master

      I have those Cop Shoot Cop reissues. They’re not cheap at all and actually very cool pressings. You are obviously someone who either has a axe to grind or just completely clueless as to what quality is. My guess is you’re a little of both.

      • Well, Cleopatra doesn’t have the greatest reputation for quality, so I can sort of understand some bias. They have put together some great reissues among all the sketchy product they release, but there is a bit of buyer beware with their stuff. That said if I see this Ministry set on RSD I’m buying it and I don’t care how broke I am.

  12. According to some posts on the prongs forum the msrp is $179

  13. Yikes!

  14. Programming The Psychodrill …. delightful! I remember this period when AJ & Co. seemed to release another 12-inch single every week under a different name, it was insane. They had to be on speed.

  15. shane madgett

    the TV MIND remix was on the Cee Dee for Stainless Steel Providers, was it not? These unprofessional dimwits list it as “Unreleased”

    It’ll be nice to have a higher quality version of You Often Forget [Benign} as I never owned the twelve and the release never had a CD Single. YAY!

    The did inteentionally forget “Drums Along The Carbide” as I’m sure they’re hoping to rerelase the special edition box set at a later date.

    I wasn’t aware that Get Down had an extended mix, wasn’t thirteen or so minutes long enough? Unless of course the TVT re-releases shortened it for some reason. (or Ryko)

    What I will always wonder about, is what was NOT released from Reids house or Aural stimulation? I’m sure there are collabs and outtakes galore. I suppose getting Luxa and Pan to ok the relaese thereof would be a nitemayre.

    I’m a little surprised at how Al is giving new life to the “abortion that lived” but i suppose we all have mortgages to pay, and best he does it now on his terms rather than later when the vultures pick his legacy piecemeal..

    Anyways, looks like fun stuff… exciting times ahead.

  16. One track on the DISC 1 was pressed with the sound overlaid for ‘He’s Angry’ and ‘Nature Of Love’ – so the disc is being re-pressed and can be requested that they send for those who have a receipt or prove they bought the TRAX 2015 box.

    A couple of websites have had extras a day or so after the Record Store Day selling. As of April, check the CLEORECS website and they have a lot of boxes, but sold close to the retail cost + shipping cost.


  17. The first CD on the disc has an audible track error (the ‘He’s Angry’ plays with ‘Nature of Love’ mixed together – unlistenable) — error reprint discs are made; as of late April, check CLEORECS and several dozen of the CD box are available to buy. The set is masterful and some material (not all) never have I heard, including old RevCo releases I bought many years ago.

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