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The Fall to release ‘Sub-Lingual Tablet’ — band’s 31st studio album — in May

The Fall

Mark E. Smith’s iconic and seemingly unstoppable post-punk act The Fall this May will release its 31st studio album, an 11-song collection called Sub-Lingual Tablet that will feature different mixes on the CD and vinyl releases, according to Cherry Red Records.

Due out May 25, the album is The Fall’s first since 2013’s Re-Mit, and follows the The Remainderer EP, which was released later that same year. In addition to Smith, the band currently features Peter Greenway, Keiron Melling, Elena Poulou, Daren Garratt and David Spurr.

Cherry Red is now taking pre-orders for the CD and vinyl versions of the record.

See full tracklist and artwork below.


The Fall

Tracklist: The Fall, Sub-Lingual Tablet

1. “Venice With The Girls”
2. “Black Root”
3. “Dedication Not Medication”
4. “First One Today”
5. “Junger Cloth”
6. “Stout Man”
7. “Auto Chip 2014-2016”
8. “Pledge”
9. “Snazzy”
10. “Fibre Book Troll”
11. “Quit iPhone”






  1. Jim vandegrift

    About time, Proper

  2. I think the title is actually “Sub-Lingual Tablet-Ah.”

  3. Photo above out of date. Mr. Smith relieved them all of their duties at noon.

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