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Peter Hook to perform complete works of Joy Division on 35th anniversary of Ian Curtis’ death

Peter Hook

Peter Hook will mark the 35th anniversary of Ian Curtis’ death by performing the complete works of Joy Division in a 500-seat, 18th century church in Macclesfield, England — a charity event dubbed “So This is Permanence” that will see all proceeds donated to the Epilepsy Society and the Churches Conservation Trust, according to the bassist.

The concert, at which Hook and his band The Light “will play every single track ever written and recorded” by Joy Division, is set for May 18 at at Christ Church, with tickets going on sale 9 a.m. Wednesday.

The “So This is Permanence” concert, named after a lyric from “Twenty Four Hours,” follows Hook’s spring  tour of the southern U.S. during which he’ll play Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures and Closer in addition to an opening set of New Order favorites.

Hook recently completed his Low-Life/Brotherhood tour, which included performances of both albums plus singles and B-sides from what Hook calls New Order’s “most prolific period,” spanning August 1983 up to 1987, including “Thieves Like Us,’” “State of the Nation,” “Love Vigilantes,” “The Perfect Kiss” and more.

See Hook’s full tour dates below.


Peter Hook & The Light tour dates:

April 17: Grand Central, Miami, FL
April 18: State Theatre, St. Petersburg, FL
April 19: The Plaza Live, Orlando, FL
April 21: Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA
April 22: Republic, New Orleans, LA
April 24: Granada Theatre, Dallas, TX
April 25: Middle Of The Map Festival, Kansas City, MO
April 27: Bogarts, Cincinnati, OH
April 28: Exit/In, Nashville, TN
April 29: Headliners Music Hall, Louisville, KY
May 1: Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro, NC
May 2: Orange Peel, Asheville NC
May 18: So This is Permanence, Christ Church, Macclesfield, UK




  1. I think this is excessive and unnecessary. Let Ian rest and stop trotting out these “tributes”.

    If Hook wants to tour, he can reform Monaco or Revenge. Oh, that’s right, they sucked and no one will pay to hear their music.

    • I can take or leave Revenge. But Monaco were a darn great project. Their first album “Music For Pleasure” from 1997 is one of my favourite albums of the ’90s. Used to play it to death. “What Do You Want From Me?”, “Sweet Lips”, “Junk”…etc., what a great bunch of songs on it.

      • OK, you are correct. Monaco was pretty decent. I was being overly snide. All the more reason he should try touring new material.

        • OK. Everything’s alright. Sorry to misinterpret you. I’m looking forward to his new material as well. Tributes are okay with me in the jubilee years. But doing them every little while just don’t make sense at all, really. And there I’m with you!

  2. After seeing all the love for Hook and this event on Facebook, I was worried that I was in the Twilight Zone. I knew the comments section of the website, proper, would have the usual Hook haters.

    PS, remember, the Pixies suck too.

  3. Do people even know who Ian Curtis was in most of those cities? Or are those the only places left that will have poor Hooky?

  4. Another opportunity to trot out and flog Ian’s long-dead body…nice work, Hooky.

  5. There exists a huge part of me that wants to hate also. But then I read the bit about all the proceeds going to charity and changed my tone. Suspect as this gig may seem, the end all is for a good cause. I will say that reforming New Order would yield greater revenue donations, happier (fellow) “eyeball followers”, and could just be the cure for B.S. Reunion tours this Summer. Crossing fingers now whilst holding breath.

  6. What a bunch of haters. I’ve got tickets for the U.S. Tour and can’t wait. I’ve listened to Joy Division my whole adult life and obviously never had a chance to see them. New Order tours of the U.S. have been sporadic at best with maybe a couple JD songs played at most. I won’t apologize for going, Hook is a legend. So while you complain, I’ll be having a great time with my friends at a great show (in a small venue)

  7. Hook is awesome live! Especially when he’s doing the JD and NO material. More power to him Really can’t stand the new NO material. It’s just not NO without Hook’s signature bass sound.

  8. This is great! The more the original members of JD play the music of JD, the longer the music lives on!!! Proceeds go to epilepsy charity and that’s classy.

  9. hooky is a total douche, imho.

    this whole JD thing he’s doing makes me cringe.

  10. How quickly people forget- oh, yeah, he’s donating to charity. But what about fans he’s robbed from by forging Ian’s autograph on JD material and selling it? Or trying to block Lost Sirens? Or the fact that he just put out a book and probably calculated the sales of t-shirts and all that and realized it was better publicity- the Peter Hook of history does not do anything altruistically. You’re a fool if you believe otherwise. Also, don’t claim to be a huge JD fan and then tell me that as a fan, seeing Hook do gawd awful covers is satisfying.

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