Reunions — February 14, 2017 at 7:54 am

The Cure’s Lol Tolhurst and Pearl Thompson reunite in the recording studio

They hadn’t played together in The Cure since the late ’80s, but Lol Tolhurst — the band’s founding drummer, who later moved to keyboards — and Pearl Thompson — who played guitar during three different stints in the group — recently reunited in a recording studio, according to Facebook and Instagram posts by Thompson (via Chain of Flowers).

Tolhurst, who was famously ousted from The Cure following the release of 1989’s Disintegration, posted the photo, which you can see above, on Feb. 1 with the caption, “Pearl and Lol in the studio…recording !♥️.” (Don’t miss the poster for David Byrne’s film “True Stories” in the corner.)

It’s not known what the two are working on.

Tolhurst, who recently released a book about his time in The Cure with Robert Smith called “Cured: A Tale of Two Imaginary Boys” (for which Thompson designed the jacket), has never formally rejoined the group, but did perform with the band during its run of “Reflections” concerts in 2011.

Thompson, who went by the name Porl while in The Cure, played with the band prior to the release of its debut album, then rejoined in 1983, and stayed through the Wish album and tour before leaving to join Robert Plant and Jimmy Page’s reunion tour. While primarily a visual artist these days, Thompson did rejoin The Cure in 2005, and played on 4:13 Dream and the subsequent tour.





  1. This has great potential. Maybe they can enlist Boris and Michael Dempsey? It would sound so much better than the Cooper and Gabrels abomination that the band has now.

  2. I hope they come up with something to good and will release it, since Robert Smith hasn’t written a good album in over a decade.

  3. I really don’t know why everyone is so down on Jason. He does a great job in the band. I get the nostalgia for Boris, but that was like 25 years ago. Also, I think Reeves is the best thing that’s happened to the band in decades.

  4. Completely agreed with the comments posted..Boris would be a marvelous join,cause Cooper really sucks is a disaster as drummer…i think cooper election was the worst Robert mistake ever done also Robert lost his talent so so many years ago…i think after Wish album Cure started to bore with the exemption of some Bloodflowers songs as andrew said Cooper and Gabrels are really a big abomination

  5. Zachary Flynn

    Things change, loved Boris, but if I had chance to be Cooper, I’d jump

  6. Hahaha… Really??? Cooper and Gabriels ABOMINATION????

    It’s incredible.

    The band has a better sound live. Is amazing. Is the best live band in the world.

    Repect, please

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