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Vintage Video: Galaxie 500 drifts through a 40-minute set at an Atlanta club in 1990

For our first post-hiatus installment of Vintage Video, we spotlight a band that, at least in its live incarnation, is sadly underrepresented on YouTube: dream-pop icons Galaxie 500. So here’s a 7-song, 40-minute set that finds Dean Wareham, Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang performing material from 1988’s Today and 1989’s On Fire, including covers of songs by Jonathan Richman (“Don’t Let Our Youth Go to Waste”) and New Order (“Ceremony”).

Check out the full video, via uploader ci1025, below:


Setlist: Galaxie 500 at The Point, Atlanta, Ga. — 1/26/90

“Decomposing Trees”
“Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste”
“Blue Thunder”
“Plastic Bird”
“When Will You Come Home”




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  1. Todd ploharski

    The first of many videos I ever shot (this was one on a non focusing Sony handy cam) I never got credit :(

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