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Echo & The Bunnymen to release 1985 live set on LP — if enough fans vote for it

Echo & The Bunnymen plans to release on 180-gram vinyl a 1985 live set that was recorded in Sweden — but only if enough fans vote for it on the Run Out Groove imprint, which uses crowdsourcing to determine which projects to press each month.

UPDATE: The Echo & The Bunnymen ‘It’s All Live Now’ LP won the vote, and is now available for pre-order from Run Out Groove through March 30. It’s priced at $27.98. The tracklist also has been slightly revised, with the addition of a 1983 performance of “Heroin.”

The 9-track Bunnymen LP, titled It’s All Live Now, is one of three projects currently up for a vote on Run Out Groove’s website; the other two are a newly assembled Solomon Burke best-of and a repress of Secret Machines’ 2004 debut album Now Here is Nowhere.

Voting ends Tuesday to determine which of the three albums will be put up for pre-order in March, then pressed in an individually numbered and limited edition.

The Bunnymen record features eight live tracks, mostly covers, recorded in Sweden in 1985, followed by a “legendary extended version” of “Do It Clean” recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall in 1983.

It appears the nine cuts are culled from the live tracks the close out the band’s Crystal Days 1979-1999 box set; aside from the covers of “Paint It, Black,” “Run, Run, Run” and “Friction,” which previously had appeared on the “Bedbugs and Ballyhoo” 12-inch, the rest of the live recordings now earmarked for It’s All Live Now were previously unreleased before appearing on the box set.

See the full tracklist below.


Tracklist: Echo & The Bunnymen, It’s All Live Now

1. “She Cracked” (Live April 1985)
2. “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue” (Live April 1985)
3. “Soul Kitchen” (Live April 1985)
4. “Action Woman” (Live April 1985)
5. “Paint It, Black” (Live April 1985)

1. “Run, Run, Run” (Live April 1985)
2. “Friction” (Live April 1985)
3. “Crocodiles” (Live April 1985)
4. “Heroin” (Live July 1983)
5. “Do It Clean” (Live July 1983)





  1. Just found out that you’re back. Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ and that I’m really glad- i’ve missed your site. Yeh, I know you were on facebook but facebook kinda sucks. Appreciate your work.

  2. Considering the other options, I don’t see how the Bunnymen don’t get it pressed.

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