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Depeche Mode plays surprise rehearsal set for 2 dozen stunned fans in New York City

About two dozen Depeche Mode fans were treated to an unforgettable experience Monday when the band’s label bused them to a New York studio to watch — from just feet away — as the group played a 40-minute set in preparation for the upcoming Global Spirit Tour.

Sean Salo, one of those lucky few to be invited, chronicled the promotional event for Depeche Mode fansite Home, concluding that it was “by far one of the most unique and thrilling experiences I’ve ever had as a fan of any musician, let alone the stadium-filling Depeche Mode.”

The attendees were randomly selected fans who’d registered for DM’s tour pre-sale, according to Salo, and were told only to report to Sony Music’s New York offices. There, they were asked to sign waivers allowing themselves to be filmed, and were then bused to a rehearsal studio in Hell’s Kitchen.

Salo writes:

“At around 4 p.m., we were escorted into the studio where the band was mid-song, tearing into one of the tracks from Spirit, a rocker with a very modern vibe to it — this one seems like it’ll be a crowd-pleaser in their live sets.  The look of awe on the lucky winners’ faces, yours truly included, was priceless.  We were in a medium-sized studio, standing just feet away from Depeche Mode as they played for only a handful of fans who, a couple hours earlier, had no idea what they were being invited to.”

The fans were able to watch Depeche Mode play seven songs, including two from the upcoming Spirit (due out March 17), plus singles from Violator, Songs of Faith and Devotion, Ultra and Playing the Angel, as well as a never-before-performed Sounds of the Universe album track (see full setlist below).



The Global Spirit Tour opens May 5 in Stockholm, and comes to North America in late August.

Check out the full rehearsal setlist below — and don’t miss Salo’s full account at Home.



Depeche Mode rehearsal set, 3/6/17

1. “Scum”
2. “Barrel of a Gun”
3. “A Pain That I’m Used To”
4. “Corrupt”
5. “In Your Room”
6. “World in My Eyes”
7. “Cover Me”





  1. Thom Henry

    Soooo… basically the same songs as last tour, with the exception of ‘Corrupt’ (an awful track from SOTU)…

    Not certain why it’s so hard for DM to go back to material pre-1986, or for them to play album tracks from the 1986 – 1993 period, aside from some Violator songs…

    I mean, ‘Sacred’, ‘Here is the House’, ‘New Dress’, ‘Nothing’, ‘Mercy in You’, ‘Rush’, the list goes on and one of songs post-1986 that haven’t been played in decades.

    Perhaps the final setlist will change over the next two months before the official tour, but I would be more excited if they rehearsed those songs and some stuff off
    Some Great Reward, Construction Time Again, A Broken Frame, and Speak & Spell.. (and not the usual suspects).

    And God forbid…maybe even a bside like ‘Dangerous’, but now I’m really asking DM to step outside their comfort zone.

    Either way, still a great experience for those that go to go, but if I’m a hardcore fan – and went to this length to register, I would think the ‘reward’ would be something other than a bad song off SOTU… maybe ‘Blasphemous Rumors’, ‘Told You So’, ‘Get the Balance Right’…

    • It’s been awhile since I’ve heard anything older than 1985. Last concert I heard those songs was the Singles tour. The energy it gets is why you want to hear them live. Would love to hear Lie to Me though live.

    • I agree.I wish they would pull songs from 1986 and before. What a catalog. Speaking as a fan of 30? Years? Is that even possibe?

  2. Martin has said on a interview with Richard Blade he wishs he never even recorded “get the balance right” it sounds to much like “everything counts” and they will never play it live again since 86 I believe which is sad because it is such a great song

  3. Hey, at least the singles are good ones. I haven’t seen them live in several years, but In Your Room, Barrel of a Gun and World in My Eyes are great tracks. I am so sick of the 10 minute versions of Personal Jesus and Enjoy the Silence. Those songs should either be cut or truncated significantly. I don’t think that they are going to play early material, which is fine by me as they hit their stride around Black Celebration, however, I do agree that album tracks would be a welcome change. How about Rush, Higher Love, Halo, Clean, The Things You Said, etc.?

  4. Agreed. Don’t get me started on Duranduran set lists.

    • shane calhoon

      I know what you mean. Saw 3 shows last year, both Ravinia back-to-back, and no change from night 1 for night 2.

      The Cure knows how to mix up setlists. I hit both Chicago shows, and while half of night 1 was played again for night 2 (singles, etc.) the rest was awesome!!

  5. Looking forward to the new songs, although I wish they would play more than half the new album. I agree that they should reduce the length of “Enjoy the Silence” and “Personal Jesus”. Would love to hear “Condemnation” and “Fragile Tension” live. Can’t wait this tour. Will see them in Frankfurt and Berlin. Hopefully I will get to the Warsaw show.

  6. The tracks they played are fantastic – huge fan of ‘Corrupt’ – not everyone’s choice but who cares – love the band for who they are, what they write and what they record.
    Stop all your whinging and enjoy DM playing what they want – love their music for what is it – absolute perfection!!! X

  7. Orion Gudgell

    Very excited for the new tour and have my tix. Agreed with the general consent on playing some earlier songs. For earlier tunes, my request would be: “Nothing”, “Dangerous”, “Told You So”, “Shake the Disease” (though they usually play this song), “Here is the House”. And though this will tread on sacred ground, but with regards to the rise in nationalism, is “New Dress” still a song that can never be played again? (Full respect to Pricess Di).

  8. David Carter

    Very late I know but did anyone get to hear ‘Scum’ Live during this rehearsal and if so how did it sound? I’m curious why it never made it onto the tour setlist.

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