Festivals — March 15, 2017 at 11:00 am

R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe to debut rare solo music as part of Moogfest audiovisual project

Six years after the breakup of R.E.M., frontman Michael Stipe will debut his first-ever rare solo composition — a score made using Moog synthesizer gear — as part of an exclusive audiovisual installation he’s creating for Moogfest in Durham, N.C., this May.

The festival runs May 18 to 21, and Stipe’s installation, “an audiovisual exploration of desire and movement,” will feature video footage shot over the years in New York City, and will run throughout. The news release announcing Stipe’s participation suggests he also will release the soundtrack recording.

The project’s description via Moogfest organizers:

Marking a significant moment for the multimedia artist and forefather of alternative rock, Michael Stipe will release a never-before-seen installation at this year’s festival. The installation will be a compilation of video footage he has shot over the years in New York City that explores desire and movement. Using Moog gear, Stipe will score the piece, marking his first solo composition ever. The installation will run continuously throughout the festival.

Tickets for Moogfest, ranging from $249 to $1,500, are on sale now.

CORRECTION: We were wrong to call this Michael Stipe’s first-ever solo music, as he had composed soundtrack music for the film “The Cold Lands” in 2014.





  1. Look at that beard! Epic! Oh man I would love to get to Moogfest. Bummer those are blackout dates at my work.

  2. The beard has got to go.

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