Video, Vintage Video — March 16, 2017 at 6:03 am

Vintage Video: The House of Love plays an hour-long set at D.C.’s 9:30 Club in 1992

For this week’s installment of Vintage Video, we present something we don’t come across too often online: a full set, or at least a good chunk of a full set, by The House of Love. In this case, we’ve got a concert filmed Oct. 27, 1992, at the legendary 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C., while the British act was touring behind that year’s Babe Rainbow.

Check out the show via uploader FCK GLNN DNZIG:






  1. Great band. Thanks for the link.

  2. Do the kids realize what’s going on when the tape goes all wonky, as it was apt to do on umpteenth gen tapes that you’d buy back at music conventions or shady record shops?

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