Vinyl — April 22, 2017 at 10:19 pm

Whoever’s running the TSA’s Instagram has pretty great taste in 7-inch singles

Today was Record Store Day, and as one eagle-eyed Slicing Up Eyeballs reader alerted us, the Transportation Security Administration took to Instagram to relay an important message for traveling collectors: pack that fresh vinyl in your carry-on, not your checked baggage.

But what caught our attention was the photo, which did not feature pricey new Record Store Day titles, but, rather, a pile of well-worn 7-inches from The The (some mystery promo), XTC (“Senses Working Overtime” and “The Mayor of Simpleton”), Elvis Costello & The Attractions (“Everyday I Write the Book”) and an I.R.S. Records’ “Finyl Vinyl” promo featuring The Alarm (“Unsafe Buildings”) and The Water Walk (“Rain”).

So to whoever’s running the TSA’s Instagram (which more regularly features photos of confiscated weaponry), we salute you. And we’re curious which The The single that is.

Below, check out the TSA’s Record Store Day message.






  1. Chris Jones

    Zoom in under the capital T and you can make out a 1986 date so gotta be something off “Infected” … wikipedia shows 2 singles released in 86 and 2 in 87 so either “Heartland” or “Infected” is most likely choice.

  2. Perry Glorioso

    I have that THE THE promotional 7″. It was given away by Tower Records and features “Heartland” b/w “Slow Train to Dawn” from the album “Infected.”

  3. The Discogs link for the The The single is here:

  4. I know the guy that runs the TSA Instagram. His name is Bob Burns, and him posting that is no surprise. He’s a *huge* music fan, and used to front a band called Big In Iowa – from Cincinnati, of all places.

    • And Sledge’s old station WOXY is responsible for shaping a big part of my musical tastes. I started listening to 97x in 1983! This post made my day. Thanks!

  5. What’s the rationale behind carrying on your 7″s?

    • Sorry, just seeing this. If you’ve ever watched the baggage handlers from your airplane window, you’ve probably noticed how rough they are with your bags. Also, bags can have a pretty rough ride on the conveyer belts as well. Unless you’re really confident that you’ve packed your records well, I’d suggest packing them in your carry-on.

  6. Dibs to having the Alarm “Unsafe Building”

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