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Vintage Video: INXS hits early career heights with 90-minute ‘Rockpalast’ set in 1984

For this week’s installment of Vintage Video, we again turn to the era-defining West German TV show “Rockpalast” and this 1984 performance by INXS, which, in the course of 90 minutes, runs through 20 songs from the Michael Hutchence and Co.’s early catalog — including future classics “Don’t Change,” “Black and White” and “The Original Sin.”

Check out the full performance and setlist below.


Setlist: INXS, Markthalle, Hamburg, West Germany, 5/8/84

1. “Look At You”
2. “Soul Mistake”
3. “Just Keep Walking”
4. “Tace The Change”
5. “Melting In The Sun”
6. “Old World New World”
7. “The One Thing”
8. “Love Is (What I Say)”
9. “Jan’s Song”
10. “Dancing On The Jetty”
11. “Black And White”
12. “Spy Of Love”
13. “I Send A Message”
14. “The Original Sin”
15. “Don’t Change”
16. “Golden Playpen”
17. “The Swing”
18. “Stay Young”
19. “Wishy Washy”
20. “The Loved One”





  1. Scott Stalcup

    Oh, but that they could’ve stayed this band forever, before Michael decided he wanted to corner the Aussie market on Jim Morrison impersonators.

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