Album News — May 30, 2017 at 7:00 am

The Fall to release ‘New Facts Emerge’ — band’s 32nd studio album — in July

The unstoppable Mark E. Smith returns this summer with his 32nd studio album under The Fall moniker, an 11-track collection called New Facts Emerge that features a slightly stripped-down lineup of the legendary and oft-changing Manchester band.

Cherry Red Records today announced the album, co-produced by Smith and drummer Kieron Melling, will be released July 28 on CD and limited-edition vinyl.

The album features the lineup of Smith, Melling, guitarist Peter Greenway and bassist Dave Spurr; keyboardist Elena Poulou, who had been in The Fall since the early 2000s, is no longer in the band.

The current line-up is as follows: Mark E. Smith (lead vocals); Peter Greenway (guitar, synth, backing vocals); Dave Spurr (bass, Mellotron, backing vocals); Kieron Melling (drums).

The new album is The Fall’s first since 2015’s Sub-Lingual Tablet. See full tracklist below.


Tracklist; The Fall, New Facts Emerge

1. “Segue”
2. “Fol De Rol”
3. “Brillo De Facto”
4. “Victoria Train Station Massacre”
5. “New Facts Emerge”
6. “Couples Vs Jobless Mid 30s”
7. “Second House Now”
8. “O! ZZTRRK Man”
9. “Gibbus Gibson”
10. “Groundsboy”
11. “Nine Out Of Ten”





  1. Tour? I’d like to see at least one proper tour. I only saw them perform 3 songs before he pissed everyone off, and the band stormed off stage. Classic Mark E. Smith.

  2. Been 20 years since I’ve seen them live. Wish he’d come back to N.A.

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