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Tony Hadley says he’s out of Spandau Ballet ‘due to circumstances beyond my control’

New Romantic stars Spandau Ballet — who reunited in 2009 after nearly two decades — have parted ways with frontman Tony Hadley, who this morning announced in a cryptic statement that, “due to circumstances beyond my control,” he was “required to state” he is no longer part of the group.

Spandau Ballet released its own statement a few hours later, saying Hadley “had made it clear in September 2016 that he didn’t want to work with the band anymore,” and that the rest of the group — Gary Kemp, Martin Kemp, Steve Norman and John Keeble — had “now made the decision to move on.”

Thought neither side has revealed as much, the language of Hadley’s statement suggests he and the band reached some sort of legal settlement over the future of Spandau Ballet. The band has not indicated who will assume frontman duties going forward.

Hadley’s full statement reads:

“Due to circumstances beyond my control, it is with deep regret that I am required to state that I am no longer a member of the band Spandau Ballet and as such I will not be performing with the band in the future.”

And here’s Spandau Ballet’s full statement:

“Much to our frustration, Tony had made it clear in September 2016 that he didn’t want to work with the band anymore. This has not changed and 2015 was the last time we were able to perform or work with him. So we have now made the decision to move on as a band.”

Spandau Ballet formed in London in the late ’70s, releasing its debut album, Journeys to Glory, in 1981. By 1983, the group had become one of the leading lights of New Romantic pop with the album True and its huge hit single of the same name.

The group split in the early ’90s over royalty disagreements, but came back together in 2009 for a world tour and to release Once More, a collection of re-recorded hits plus two new songs. The band had toured over the years since, last performing with Hadley in 2015.




  1. Michael Nolan

    Sad about this. I love this band. The entire band. But best of luck to all of them. I guess time DOESENT heal all wounds.

  2. As the remaining band members break into “Only When You Leave….”

  3. I’m glad I saw them a couple of years ago in Los Angeles. They actually put on a solid show.

  4. Scott Stalcup

    The band photo confuses me. Have they replaced Tony with Ray Winstone?

  5. Maybe Tony Hadley and Andy Taylor can get a project together.

  6. Delta-Mode

    Not bashing them or anything, i mean ‘True’ and ‘Gold’ are good tunes…but i’m kind of surprised they are making such a big deal out of this, its not as if anyone knew they were even still going! I vaguely recall their gig reunions which i think is almost a decade ago. As far as anyone els4e was concerned they had just disappeared again straight after..? It kind of reminds me of when INXS made this big announcement a few years back that they were finally calling it a day after 30 odd years and having replaced Hutchence for the 4th or 5th time….No One Knew They Were Still Going Let Alone Cared lol

  7. This is too bad….but I’m so glad I saw their reunion show in SF. it was fantastic!

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