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Hüsker Dü’s ‘Savage Young Dü’ 3CD/4LP box set revealed — and you can stream it now

After dropping hints for months, Numero Group today finally revealed full details of their multi-disc Hüsker Dü box set Savage Young Dü, which collects new remasters of the punk/hardcore trio’s entire studio output from 1979 to 1982 — including 47 unreleased tracks.

The box set — featuring a total of 69 songs remastered from analog tapes and spread over three CDs or four LPs (it’ll also be released to streaming services, but not sold as MP3 downloads) — is available for pre-order now through Numero Group and will be shipped in early to November.

But you don’t have to wait. NPR is streaming all thee discs right now.

The box set includes all of the band’s 7-inch singles from that era, including the previously reissued 1981 7-inch “Statues”/”Amusement” and 1982’s “In a Free Land,” as well as a remastered version of 1983 debut studio album Everything Falls Apart (which hit streaming services this summer) and an alternate version of the band’s 1982 debut live album Land Speed Record that was recorded two weeks later in Minneapolis.

Also included: Demos, alternate takes and live versions of previously unreleased songs.

“And all of it sounds incredible — even the cruddiest source material rings through with maximal volume and clarity,” Michaelangelo Matos writes on NPR in introducing the set.

The Savage Young Dü box set comes in a linen-finished slipcase with a 108-page or 144-page hardcover book (depending on format) featuring a 12,000-word essay by Erin Osmon, a full sessionography, a flyerography and 40 prevoiusly unreleased photographs of the band.

Head over to NPR to learn more about the project, and what it took for Numero to secure the cooperation of the band’s original label, SST Records, and former bandmates Bob Mould, Grant Hart and Greg Norton.

It’s been rumored this is the first of several multi-disc box sets. As for that, Norton tells NPR:  “It’s too early to say. But never say never.”

Below, see the full tracklists, hear the remastered “Let’s Go Die” and check out a video preview.

And go to NPR to hear the full set.




Tracklist: Hüsker Dü, Savage Young Dü

1. “Do You Remember?”
2. “Sore Eyes”
3. “Can’t See You Anymore”
4. “Picture Of You”
5. “The Truth Hurts”
6. “Do The Bee”
7. “Nuclear Nightmare”
8. “All I’ve Got To Lose Is You”
9. “Chinese Rocks”
10. “Uncle Ron”
11. “Data Control”
12. “Insects Rule The World”
13. “You’re Too Obtuse”
14. “Outside”
15. “Sexual Economics”
16. “What Went Wrong”
17. “Statues”
18. “Amusement”
19. “Writer’s Cramp”
20. “Let’s Go Die”
21. “Walk With The Wounded”
22. Industrial Grocery Store”

1. “Drug Party”
2. “Call On Me”
3. “Termination”
4. “I’m Tired Of Doing Things”
5. “Stick It To Me”
6. “Wheels”
7. “All Tensed Up”
8. “Don’t Try To Call”
9. “I’m Not Interested”
10. “Guns At My School”
11. “Push The Button”
12. “Gilligan’s Island”
13. “MTC”
14. “Don’t Have A Life”
15. “You’re Naive”
16. “Strange Week”
17. “Big Sky”
18. “Ultracore”
19. “Let’s Go Die”
20. “Won’t Say A Word”
21. “Don’t Try It”
22. “Private Hell”
23. “Diane”
24. “Sex Dolls”

1. “In A Free Land”
2. “What Do I Want?”
3. “M.I.C.”
4. “Target”
5. “Signals From Above”
6. “From The Gut”
7. “Blah, Blah, Blah”
8. “Punch Drunk”
9. “Bricklayer”
10. “Afraid Of Being Wrong”
11. “Sunshine Superman”
12. “Signals From Above”
13. “Everything Falls Apart”
14. “Wheels”
15. “Target”
16. “Obnoxious”
17. “Gravity”
18. “Do You Remember?”
19. “Travel In Opposite Car”
20. “It’s Not Funny Anymore”
21. “Real World”
22. “Out On A Limb”
23. “It’s Not Fair”





  1. Scott Stalcup

    Between this and Chicago’s Trial By Fire’s recorded output finally seeing the light of day, it’s nice to be an aging punk in the Midwest. Something I never thought I would say or type.

  2. Glad to see this but it’s worrisome to read that this may be the only one depending on response. If this is the case I wish they would have done this for Zen Arcade.

  3. “but not sold as MP3 downloads”

    I haven’t tried it since I am getting it on vinyl but it is available to download and stream via:

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