Video — January 29, 2018 at 7:35 am

They Might Be Giants give Run-DMC’s ‘Walk This Way’ video the ‘bad lip reading’ treatment

They Might Be Giants over the weekend tweeted a Vimeo link sans explanation, and those who clicked it were in for a delight: Run-DMC’s classic Aerosmith-starring video for “Walk This Way,” but synced instead to a weird, synthy demo for “Last Wave,” off TMBG’s just-released album.

The Bad Lip Reading-style clip is so well-synced that it seems the song, or at least its first demo, was written to go with the iconic 1986 music video. It apparently has been shown at TMBG’s recent concerts.

Below, check out the “Last Wave”/”Walk This Way” clip, and hear the final album version, released just this month as the concluding track on the band’s new record I Like Fun.







  1. it is making the concert rounds. awesomeness!

  2. Richard Evans

    LOL love it was laughing my head off.

  3. Everyone I know needs to see this right away.

  4. Ingmar Bergman and The Clash. Two great tastes that taste great together:

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