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The Cure appears to be prepping ‘Mixed Up,’ 2LP companion ‘Torn Down’ for Record Store Day

The full list of this year’s Record Store Day releases is expected to be revealed on Tuesday, but sharp-eyed fans of The Cure have spotted evidence that this year’s titles will include a vinyl reissue of 1990 remix album Mixed Up and something called Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras 2018 — which may or may not be the Mixed Up sequel Smith first hinted at nearly a decade ago.

As fansite Chain of Flowers notes, pre-sale listings for 2LP vinyl editions of Mixed Up and Torn Down from Universal Music recently popped up on Amazon France (they’re also on Amazon Spain).

The Mixed Up listings on Amazon France and Amazon Spain include the same tracklist as the original vinyl pressings, though the songs aren’t ID’d as remixes. The Torn Down tracklist (see below), of course, is something all together new, and while the album’s title suggests leftovers from the original remix project, it includes six songs from Cure albums released after Mixed Up came out.

Smith brought up the idea of Mixed Up 2 in 2009 when he announced plans to reissue Disintegration; in a note on the band’s website, he wrote: “There will be a lot more remastered Cure stuff in 2010… including Mixed Up 2… as well as The Cure @ The BBC box set… ‘In Orange’ and ‘Show’ on DVD… and…”

(None of those releases have yet seen the light of day.)

In July 2012, Smith addressed Mixed Up 2 again, saying he hoped it would be released by Christmas of that year. He specifically mentioned that the bands Mogwai and Cranes were working on mixes, and Mogwai later confirmed it was working on a mix of “Faith.” Yet “Faith” isn’t one of the songs on the Torn Down tracklist, so whether these are the same projects remains to be seen.

The Cure, of course, is a fairly reliable participant in Record Store Day; last year the band released vinyl pressings of Greatest Hits and Acoustic Hits, and in years past released special vinyl editions of Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me and Entreat for the special celebration of independent record stores.

This year’s Record Store Day releases will come as The Cure ramps up to celebrate its 40th anniversary, with Smith curating this year’s Meltdown festival along with plans for a major concert this summer in London’s Hyde Park and a new documentary on the band.


Tracklist: The Cure, Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras 2018

Disc 1
1. “Three Imaginary Boys”
2. “M”
3. “The Drowning Man”
4. “A Strange Day”

Disc 2
1. “Just One Kiss”
2. “Shake Dog Shake”
3. “A Night Like This”
4. “Like Cockatoos”

Disc 3
1. “Plainsong”
2. “Never Enough”
3. “From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea”
4. “Want”

Disc 4
1. “The Last Day Of Summer”
2. “Cut Here”
3. “Lost”
4. “It’s Over”





  1. Damn. I really can’t stand RSD dye to the lack of knowing who will carry what, get there or lose out, and resale on eBay, but if there’s ever a new version of Just One Kiss I’m unfortunately going to have to participate. Hopefully its just a comp of live versions from 2012-16….

  2. Oliver Blaha

    torn down tracklist is in chronological order

  3. won’t happen.

  4. don brider

    Another reason record store day is crap and should be avoided at all costs. last years ones were released later anyway making it of no use at all except to ebay flippers. Waste of time.

  5. Record Store Day is a ruse and a sham.

  6. The Martian

    Record Store Day lost all of its integrity and credibility when it was hijacked by all the major labels bringing out cynical reissues and bloody interminable anniversary editions of major established artists to fleece their gullible fans. The whole idea of RSD to begin with was INDEPENDENT LABELS AND RECORDS SHOPS celebrating their existence in the grand scheme of things, with artists / labels endorsing the event bringing out EXCLUSIVE ONE OFF RELEASES ON VINYL that are not found anywhere else. Fat lot of good that appears to have done then once the bandwagon started to roll….

  7. Chris in Philly

    Here’s a Venn diagram showing the intersection of people who don’t like Record Store Day and those that resent The Cure for only issuing “thirteen studio albums, five live albums, ten compilation albums, ten extended plays, and 37 singles” also big with “ten video albums and 43 music videos.” (Wikipedia):

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