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The Mission to release ‘For Ever More’ box set chronicling 2008 full-album concerts

The Mission next week will release a new 5CD box set that collects live discs recorded during the band’s 2008 run of show in London that saw full-album performances of classic early records The First Chapter, God’s Own Medicine, Children and Carved in Sand.

Out March 30 via Cherry Red Records, For Ever More: Live at London Shepherd’s Bush Empire features the performances of each of those four albums (though the records are not necessarily performed in sequential track order) plus a fifth disc featuring a best-of set performed on the final night of the run.

The shows all were previously released a decade ago on individual CDs.

The new box set features sleevenotes by journalist, DJ and TV host Natasha Scharf.

See full tracklist below.



Tracklist: The Mission, For Ever More: Live at London Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Disc 1: The First Chapter
Wednesday 27th February 2008
1. “Tomorrow Never Knows”
2. “Serpent’s Kiss”
3. “Over The Hills And Far Away”
4. “Naked And Savage”
5. “Garden Of Delight”
6. “Afterglow”
7. “Wishing Well”
8. “Wake (RSV)”
9. “The Crystal Ocean”
10. “Like A Hurricane”
11. “1969”
12. “Dancing Barefoot”
13. “Beyond The Pale”
14. “Shelter From The Storm”

Disc 2: God’s Own Medicine
Thursday 28th February 2008
1. “Wasteland”
2. “Bridges Burning”
3. “And The Dance Goes On”
4. “Grip Of Disease”
5. “Dance On Glass”
6. “Stay With Me”
7. “Island In A Stream”
8. “Love Me To Death”
9. “Severina”
10. “Let Sleeping Dogs Die”
11. “Blood Brother”
12. “Deliverance”
13. “Garden Of Delight”
14. “Evangeline”
15. “Sacrilege”

Disc 3: Children
Friday 29th February 2008
1. “Beyond The Pale”
2. “A Wing And A Prayer”
3. “Fabienne”
4. “Divided We Fall”
5. “Heat”
6. “Heaven On Earth”
7. “Dream On”
8. “Like A Child Again”
9. “Child’s Play”
10. “Hymn (For America)”
11. “Forevermore”
12. “Black Mountain Mist”
13. “Breathe”
14. “Kingdom Come”
15. “Tower Of Strength”

Disc 4: Carved In Sand
Saturday 1st March 2008
1. “Amelia”
2. “Hands Across The Ocean”
3. “Into The Blue”
4. “Paradise (Will Shine Like The Moontonight)”
5. “Butterfly On A Wheel”
6. “Sea Of Love”
7. “Grapes Of Wrath/Lovely”
8. “Bird Of Passage”
9. “Belief”
10. “Hungry As The Hunter”
11. “Deliverance”
12. “Like A Child Again”
13. “Mr Pleasant”
14. “Serpent’s Kiss”
15. “Wasteland”

Disc 5: Bonus Disc
Saturday 1st March 2008
1. “Like A Hurricane”
2. “Over The Hills And Far Away”
3. “Bridges Burning”
4. “Dance On Glass”
5. “Stay With Me”
6. “Island In A Stream”
7. “Love Me To Death”
8. “Dream On”
9. “Fabienne”
10. “Severina”
11. “Wake (RSV)”
12. “Forevermore”
13. “1969”
14. “Shelter From The Storm”
15. “Tower Of Strength”




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