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‘Midnight Oil 1984’ documentary to screen in Australian theaters, worldwide — watch trailer

A new documentary chronicling Midnight Oil’s pivotal year of 1984 — which saw the release of Red Sails in the Sunset and Peter Garrett’s failed run for the Australian Senate as a Nuclear Disarmament Party candidate — will screen in Australian theaters in May before an international rollout.

The film, “Midnight Oil 1984,” features vintage concert footage and new interviews, and will screen in select Australian cinemas on May 10.  Fans outside of Australia are asked to follow the film’s Facebook event page for eventual news on the planned worldwide rollout of the film.

The documentary’s official description:

MIDNIGHT OIL 1984 is the story of the sweat-soaked, hardworking rock and roll band whose music galvanised a generation of young Australians and inspired them to believe in the power of music to change the world.

Featuring the biggest hits from some of their most legendary shows, the movie gives you an Access All Areas pass to see the band behind the scenes and where the action is. Feel the electric energy on stage and witness the personal struggles of the band members as they try to balance the equally compelling demands of both music and politics when lead singer Peter Garrett decides to join the race for an Australian Government Senate seat.

A vivid portrait of the era and the songs that embodied it, MIDNIGHT OIL 1984 is an up close and personal look at the iconic rock band, seen on the big screen for the first time.

Midnight Oil wrapped up its months-long global reunion tour last November, and have suggested they’ll also release a concert film based on a pair of Sydney shows the band filmed, including the final night of the trek. No official news on that project yet, however.

In the meantime, watch the trailer for “Midnight Oil 1984” below.






  1. David Wookey

    Awesome Australian band. Generated an energy from cleverly structured songs and insightful lyrics. They were the greatest Australian live band ever. Better than Cold Chisel. Although, ‘Red Sails’ is probably their worst album, but everybody is allowed one mistake.

    • Yeah, but “worst” is still relative. The main problem with Red Sails is that it was overproduced. But it has some great songs on it, such as “Best of Both Worlds.”

      It may be their “worst” (and I’d say the word “weakest” might be a better term) but it still has lots to offer and there are thousands of bands who’d kill to have it be their best.

      Still hoping we might get a new studio album from them.

  2. New studio album?

  3. Chris Simmons

    I worked for Midnight oil on 3 Australian Tours . They were a very powerful and incredible band too tour with . Yeah it got very hot in some of those Australian club Gigs. . We were putting as much as a band could put in a pub with lighting and sound . I,ve lost alot of my hearing in my right ear .No were not big payers . I ended up going off too do Ice House ,Models and Mental as Anything whom had N0.1 Hits . I got payed what I should have with those other Australian Bands .. Sad ,But thats just the way it was . Chris Simmons ,Midnight oil Road Crew 1982 ,83 ,84 ..I run now Showlite International ,Christchurch New Zealand .

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