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The Cure resumes deluxe reissue series with 3-disc ‘Mixed Up’ — to be followed by ‘Wish’

At long last — eight years, to be exact — Robert Smith is resuming the deluxe reissues of albums by The Cure, beginning with an expanded 3-disc edition of the 1990 remix collection Mixed Up that’s due out in June, to be followed, he says, by the long-awaited reissue of 1992’s Wish.

The Mixed Up deluxe edition is due out June 15 via Universal Music (full tracklist below). It will include, on the first disc, a newly remastered edition of the original 11-track album, and on the third disc, the 16-track Torn Down collection of new remixes by Smith himself that was released on vinyl for Record Store Day.

It’s the second disc that’s exclusive to the CD reissue, a collection of 12-inch remixes from the ’80s and some created for the original Mixed Up; this disc includes the extended mix of “Why Can’t I Be You?” that only appeared on the original vinyl and cassette versions of Mixed Up, as well as the then-new mixes of “Just Like Heaven” and “Primary” that were B-sides to the “Close To Me” (Closer Mix) single — and the very hard to find TC & Benny Mix of “The Lovecats,” part of a download-only rarities collection from 2001.


In an interview with BBC’s 6 Music, Smith discusses plans to move forward with The Cure’s reissue series.

“I dropped all the remasters and reissues of The Cure catalog around 2010, I think. Disintegration was the last one. So I picked that up again. There were various stupid reasons why, so I decided to complete the process. So yeah, Mixed Up was the first one up.”

Smith goes on to discuss the new remixes he did for the upcoming reissue and why he chose some more “esoteric” Cure songs like “The Drowning Man” to rework — then drops the reissue news that many fans long have waited to hear: “I just finished the Wish album, which is the next one up.”

This new comes more than six years after it first appeared a Wish reissue was on the horizon, and, as we’ve thoroughly documented, Robert Smith is a man whose pronouncements must always be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism. Still, with a Mixed Up deluxe edition on the horizon — and vinyl reissues already out for Record Store Day — it’s all very promising.

You can hear the interview with Smith, and the premiere of his new remix of “Want,” online via the BBC now; fast-forward to around the 49-minute mark to hear the segment on The Cure.

Below, check out the full tracklist of the new Mixed Up 3-disc reissue.


Tracklist: The Cure, Mixed Up: Deluxe Edition

DISC 1: Mixed Up 
1. “Lullaby” (Extended Mix – 2018 remaster)
2. “Close To Me” (Closer Mix – 2018 remaster)
3. “Fascination Street” (Extended Mix – 2018 remaster)
4. “The Walk” (Everything Mix – 2018 remaster)
5. “Lovesong” (Extended Mix – 2018 remaster)
6. “A Forest” (Tree Mix – 2018 remaster)
7. “Pictures of You” (Extended Dub Mix – 2018 remaster)
8. “Hot Hot Hot!!!” (Extended Mix – 2018 remaster)
9. “The Caterpillar” (Flicker Mix – 2018 remaster)
10. “Inbetween Days” (Shiver Mix – 2018 remaster)
11. “Never Enough” (Big Mix – 2018 remaster)

DISC 2: Mixed Up Extras 2018: Remixes 1982-1990
1. “Let’s Go To Bed” (Extended Mix 1982 – 2018 remaster)
2. “Just One Kiss” (Extended Mix 1982 – 2018 remaster)
3. “Close To Me” (Extended Remix 1985 – 2018 remaster)
4. “Boys Don’t Cry” (New Voice Club Mix 1986 – 2018 remaster)
5. “Why Can’t I Be You?” (Extended Mix 1987 – 2018 remaster)
6. “A Japanese Dream” (12″ Remix 1987 – 2018 remaster)
7. “Pictures of You” (Extended Version 1990 – 2018 remaster)
8. “Let’s Go To Bed” (Milk Mix 1990 – 2018 remaster)
9. “Just Like Heaven” (Dizzy Mix 1990 – 2018 remaster)
10. “Primary” (Red Mix 1990 – 2018 remaster)
11. “The Lovecats” (TC & Benny Mix 1990 – 2018 remaster)

DISC 3: Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras 2018
1. “Three Imaginary Boys” (Help Me Mix by Robert Smith)
2. “M” (Attack Mix by Robert Smith)
3. “The Drowning Man” (Bright Birds Mix by Robert Smith)
4. “A Strange Day” (Drowning Waves Mix by Robert Smith)
5. “Just One Kiss” (Remember Mix by Robert Smith)
6. “Shake Dog Shake” (New Blood Mix by Robert Smith)
7. “A Night Like This” (Hello Goodbye Mix by Robert Smith)
8. “Like Cockatoos” (Lonely In The Rain Mix by Robert Smith)
9. “Plainsong” (Edge Of The World Mix by Robert Smith)
10. “Never Enough” (Time To Kill Mix by Robert Smith)
11. “From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea” (Love In Vain Mix by Robert Smith)
12. “Want” (Time Mix by Robert Smith)
13. “The Last Day of Summer” (31st August Mix by Robert Smith)
14. “Cut Here” (If Only Mix by Robert Smith)
15. “Lost” (Found Mix by Robert Smith)
16. “It’s Over” (Whisper Mix by Robert Smith)





  1. The UK Version shows Disc 2 as having 11 tracks with the inclusion of “Let’s Go To Bed: Milk Mix” — b-side from the Mixed Up singles. I hope the above is a typo.

  2. Just One Kiss ext. FINALLY!!!!!

  3. Universal is charging $16 for shipping if you pre-order!!

  4. Chris in Philly

    People said these projects would never see the light of day. Love it when Robert and The Cure surprise us! I’m so excited to listen to these CD’s (yes, that medium) in the tracking intended by the artist(s), one mix after another, walking a curious path with new twists on familiar thoughts and emotions. Thank you!

  5. Wish remastered. Dream come true. Hope it includes the Lost Wishes tracks + Cut (Away).

  6. THe ONLY reason to purchase “fucked up” again. Disc 3! The only Cure record that I loathed. Did like Never Enough. The rest was pure money making garbage.

  7. “Wish” will be the last of the purchases by me regarding the remasters- hoping the “Lost Wishes” tracks get a good mix. Perhaps and expanded “Paris” set.

    • Agreed, a Wild Mood Swings remaster would be utterly pointless. That album is already compressed so much you can hardly turn it up past two.

      • Although I’d LOVE a remix of the self-titled. One of the worst sounding albums ever.

        • HalloweenJack

          @ Fart = “Wild Mood Swings” deserves an expanded edition for sure, just to gather all from the ’94-’96 era. An underestimated album (“Strange Attraction” is one of their best pop tunes!).

          01 Burn
          02 Want
          03 Club America
          04 This Is A Lie
          05 The 13th
          06 Strange Attraction
          07 Mint Car
          08 Jupiter Crash
          09 Round & Round & Round
          10 Gone!
          11 Numb
          12 Return

          01 Trap
          02 Treasure
          03 Bare
          04 Dredd Song
          05 It Used To Be Me
          06 Ocean
          07 Adonais
          08 Home
          09 Waiting
          10 A Pink Dream
          11 Wrong Number
          12 More Than This

          And seriously, what I wouldn’t give to remix the self-titled 2004 album myself! The complexity in the layers of opener “Lost” is ummm well… completely lost! A great track that sounds like shit!
          “Before Three” and “(I Don’t Know What’s Going) On” should sound crisp, clear, and bright! but they just don’t.

          • Why do you have the original album split up between 2 discs?

            A more inclusive idea for a 3CD ”Wild Mood Swings”:

            CD1 (76:09)
            Club America
            This Is A Lie
            The 13th
            Strange Attraction
            Mint Car
            Jupiter Crash
            Round & Round & Round
            It Used To Be Me

            CD2 (77:22)
            A Pink Dream
            Dredd Song
            A Sign From God
            Wrong Number (single mix)
            Young Americans
            Ching Chang Chong
            Wrong Number (Analogue Exchange Mix)
            Gone! (Critter Mix)
            The 13th (Two Chord Cool Mix)
            Wrong Number (Digital Exchange Mix)
            Mint Car (Electric Mix)
            Club America (Roxy Mix)
            Wrong Number (ISDN Mix)
            Gone! (Ultraliving Mix)

            CD3 (75:49)
            The 13th (Feels Good Mix)
            Wrong Number (Crossed Line Mix)
            Mint Car (Buskers Mix)
            Strange Attraction (Strange Mix)
            Wrong Number (P2P Mix)
            Gone! (Spacer Mix)
            This Is A Lie (Ambient Mix)
            Wrong Number (Dub Analogue Exchange Mix)
            The 13th (Killer Bee Mix)
            Gone! (radio mix)
            Wrong Number (Engaged Mix)
            Mint Car (radio mix)
            The 13th (Swing Radio Mix)
            Wrong Number (Crossed Line ”Warm Vocal” remix)

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