Digital Music — May 12, 2018 at 11:33 am

Listen: Johnny Marr debuts Smiths-esque ‘Hi Hello’ — second single off ‘Call the Comet’

Johnny Marr this week debuted the second single off his upcoming third proper solo album Call the Comet, a gentle, mid-tempo rocker called “Hi Hello” that carries just a hint — via the accompanying strings — of The Smiths classic “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out.”

Check out the full song below via its music video. Call the Comet, which also features the rockier first single “The Tracers,” is due out June 15, and is available now for pre-order.






  1. Great song. Wouldn’t necessarily say it sounds like his old band but awesome nonetheless. Thx!

  2. ¡Muy bueno!

  3. Always well written. However lyrically and vocally, once again I’m not hearing a hook to bring me in and remember it later. Say something in particular, get a vocal melody going, and I’m right back in the fold with anticipation. Is it leaning on a smiths track for it’s sole attention grab, or dancing barefoot’s guitar melody? Does it need to? Is it the only reason we’re talking about it and is that a good thing? Maybe it’ll grow on me. Still records better guitar tracks than most. I thought Psychic Beginner, for example, was a direction and that was just a b-side.

  4. Christine

    Totally sounds like old Smiths! before I heard who it was I knew!

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