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Paul Weller returns with lushly orchestrated 14th studio album ‘True Meanings’

Paul Weller returns this September with his 14th solo album, a record called True Meanings that features “lush orchestration” and is being described as the “most singer-songwriter style album he has ever made.” It features guest turns by Rod Argent of the Zombies and Noel Gallagher.

Due out Sept. 14, the 14-track album was largely produced by the former Jam leader himself and will be released on CD, deluxe CD edition, double vinyl and digitally — and is available now for pre-order.

The record comes after Weller marked his 60th birthday, and finds the singer in a reflective, and collaborative, mood. The new album features more collaborators than Weller ever has worked with on a project, and includes several songs that were written by others — Connor O’Brien from Villagers and Erland Cooper from Erland & The Carnival — to melodies crafted by Weller.

In addition to Argent and Gallagher, guests include folk legends Martin Carthy and Danny Thompson, Little Barrie, Lucy Rose and Tom Doyle of the White Label project.

Below, check out the full tracklist and hear one of the album’s songs, “Aspects.”


Tracklist: Paul Weller, True Meanings

1. “The Soul Searchers”
2. “Glide”
3. “Mayfly”
4. “Gravity”
5. “Old Castles”
6. “What Would He Say?”
7. “Aspects”
8. “Bowie”
9. “Wishing Well”
10. “Come Along”
11. “Books”
12. “Movin’ On”
13. “May Love Travel With You”
14. “White Horses”





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  1. I dig the single. Here’s hoping it’s as least as good as Sonic Kicks. Happy Birthday Paul.

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