Yazoo collects studio albums, remixes and BBC sessions on new ‘Four Pieces’ vinyl box

Yazoo – the hugely influential synthpop duo of Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke that was christened Yaz in the U.S. – will release a 4LP vinyl box set this fall called Four Pieces that collects the group’s two albums plus a set of remixes and their two BBC radio sessions.

The collection, to be pressed on black 180-gram vinyl, is due out Oct. 26, and can be pre-ordered now.

The first two discs consist of Yazoo’s two albums, 1982’s Upstairs at Eric’s and 1983’s You and Me Both. The third disc, dubbed Eight Remixes, contains, yes, eight remixes, including a previously unreleased remix of “Winter Kills” by Minute Taker. And Disc 4 features two separate BBC sessions recorded in 1982 for John Peel and David Jensen, most of which is previously unreleased.

The box set will be packaged in a hardback-book format, and will include four art prints, an Upstairs at Eric’s and You and Be Both double-sided poster, and a collection of six pocket-sized photos.

Below, check out the full tracklist.


Tracklist: Yazoo, Four Pieces

Disc 1: Upstairs at Eric’s
Side A
1. “Don’t Go”
2. “Too Pieces”
3. “Bad Connection”
4. “I Before E Except After C”
5. “Midnight”
6. “In My Room”
Side B
1. “Only You”
2. “Goodbye 70’s”
3. “Tuesday”
4. “Winter Kills”
5. “Bring Your Love Down (Didn’t I)”

Disc 2: You and Me Both
Side A
1. “Nobody’s Diary”
2. “Softly Over”
3. “Sweet Thing”
4. “Mr Blue”
5. “Good Times”
Side B
1. “Walk Away from Love”
2. “Ode to Boy”
3. “Unmarked”
4. “Anyone”
5. “Happy People”
6. “And On”

Disc 3: Eight Remixes
Side A
1. “Nobody’s Diary” (Extended Version)
2. “Situation” (Richard X Remix)
3. “Don’t Go” (Remix)
4. “Only You” (Orchestral Mix)
Side B
1. “Situation” (The Aggressive Attitude Mix)
2. “Don’t Go” (Tee’s TNT Radio Mix)
3. “State Farm” (Madhouse Mix Edit)
4. “Winter Kills” (Minute Taker Remix) *

Disc 4: Two BBC Sessions
Side A: John Peel, June 1982
1. “Don’t Go” *
2. “Midnight” *
3. “In My Room” *
4. “Winter Kills” *
Side B: David Jensen, September 1982
1. “Bring Your Love Down (Didn’t I)”
2. “In My Room”
3. “Situation” *
4. “Too Pieces” *

* Previously unreleased



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