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World Party to release first new album in 19 years in 2019, and reissue catalog on vinyl

Karl Wallinger’s got big plans for 2019, with a new World Party studio album — the band’s first in 19 years — planned for release along with reissues of the group’s full catalog on vinyl for the first time throughout the year, beginning with 1986 debut Private Revolution.

No details have yet been announced about the album, which will be World Party’s first since 2000’s Dumbing Up. Plans for the record were announced in a news release about the upcoming vinyl reissues, and a new highly political video for “Ship of Fools” — which you can see below — that was made to accompany news of the upcoming re-releases.

But Wallinger did tell Billboard that he’s in “the very early stages” of recording the new album in a studio on the English seaside, and that it should be released in the spring. He says he’s mostly working by himself, though he expects to bring in additional musicians as needed.

Wallinger tells Billboard: “It’s really taken this long to feel like (a new album) is the right thing to do. I’ll know more in about two months, I think, about what it’s going to be.” He’s also planning to take a full band out on tour beginning in the spring: “This is our first sort of comeback, if that’s what you want to call it. But we’ve been keeping the activity going, playing to people who want to come see us. Now we want to make new friends again.”

No release dates or other details have been announced for the vinyl reissues; according to the news release, the new edition of Private Revolution will be followed by reissues of 1990’s Goodbye Jumbo, 1993’s Bang!, 1997’s Egyptology and 2000’s Dumbing Up.

In 2012, Wallinger released a five-disc World Party box set called Arkeology that included 70 previously unreleased tracks, including new songs finished as recently as 2011 plus an “unheard history of rare studio gems, live sessions, concert recordings, radio interviews, covers, demos and B-sides.”

And in May of this year, Wallinger shared an early demo of of the band’s 1985 debut single “Ship of Fools,” a sparse composition with different lyrics — most notably the chorus “Sail me all around tomorrow” instead of the familiar refrain of “Save me from tomorrow.”

Below, check out that new music video for “Ship of Fools.”






  1. Jonathan Helstad

    Brilliant! God save the Orangutans!

  2. Love the Party!

  3. Scott R Stalcup

    Still prefer Mel Smith’s “All Out Superpower Confrontation” more. Annnnnnd to continue the theme: Nice video. Shame about the song.

  4. Rich Kramer

    Absolutely right. Now more than ever!

  5. Listening all day, enjoying great music again and for the first time!

  6. Paul LaDue

    Karl, Asheville, NC awaits your return.

  7. Irene Day

    Have always loved WP! I wish they would come to Wolftrap in Vienna, Virginia.

  8. Klf Barrett

    Please tour in Portland Oregon. I’d love to write your autobiography! So much more interesting life than MS who’s book sucks. Dealing with a stroke is difficult but you survived and carried on.

  9. I love Karl.

  10. Fred Villanueva

    Saw you in tiny Soiled Dove in Denver and one of the best shows ever. Love the Ship of Fools video and so happy you are putting out new music. You’re so relevant.

  11. We desperately need you to come play in Portland, Oregon. Vision has been lost, our town (albeit, society and world) has splintered into factions who desperately want the same outcome but can’t agree on anything… We need a World Party.

  12. Martin Bartle

    Where can I get the re-release vinyl? Couldn’t find it from the usual outlets.

  13. So…two years later and no release? What’s up?

  14. So…four years later and no release? What’s up?

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