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Midnight Oil live set from 1997’s ‘Breathe’ tour to receive vinyl Record Store Day release

A live set recorded at Walt Disney World during Midnight Oil’s U.S. tour in support of 1997 album Breathe will receive a limited-edition double-vinyl release — one LP will be red, the other white — on Record Store Day in the United States next month.

There is some confusion about the release, though. According to the listing on the Record Store Day website, the 15-song set is called Pleasure Island Live and was recorded Jan. 19, 1998, at Pleasure Island at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., for the Big Bang Radio Broadcast concert series.

The vinyl is being put out by Culture Factory, which previously reissued Diesel and Dust and Blue Sky Mining, and is limited to 1,200 copies. It will be sold at participating independent record stores on April 13.

The French wing of Culture Factory, though, has the release up for pre-order in its store, and features full artwork for the set, which is actually called Breathe Tour ’97 and was recorded at Disney’s Pleasure Island on Dec. 10, 1997 — which aligns with listings of Oils concerts that confirm that date. The cover artwork also shows a 16th track: a cover of The Saints’ “Know Your Product.”

For a full list of this year’s Record Store Day releases, as well as to find participating stores in your area, visit the event’s U.S. and U.K. websites: and Many of the RSD releases are available only at participating independent music retailers on the day of the event, though some go into wider release — and many end up on eBay or other online sites.

Below, check out the tracklist.


Midnight Oil, Breathe Tour ’97

Side A
1. “King Of The Mountain”
2. “Power And The Passion”
3. “Borderline”
4. “What Goes On”

Side B
1. “Surf’s Up”
2. “My Country”
7. “E-Beat”
4. “Tell Me The Truth”

Side C
1. “U.S. Forces”
2. “Dead Heart”
3. “Forgotten Years”
4. “Truganini”

Side D
1. “Blue Sky Mine”
2. “I Don’t Want To Be The One”
3. “Beds Are Burning”
4. “Know Your Product”






  1. Coming to Ebay for $200 soon!

  2. So c’mon, fellas. How about a new studio album? Otherwise you’re just going to end up being a perpetually touring nostalgia act like the Rolling Stones.

  3. The site says that it can not be
    pre-ordered. Only available in their store on April 13.

  4. Frenchdude

    I love the Oils , I love the band until 84 , but does this live record was absolutely necessary ?

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