Honors — March 30, 2019 at 1:36 pm

Watch David Byrne induct a band named after a Talking Heads song into the Rock Hall

David Byrne graced the stage of Friday night’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony in Brooklyn, inducting a band — Radiohead — that took its name from a song he wrote — “Radio Head” — for the Talking Heads’ 1986 film and album “True Stories.”

It was a connection not lost on Byrne himself: “I was surprised and very flattered when Radiohead stated that, yes, they named themselves after a song I’d written. But had to ask myself, ‘Why that song? That slightly goofy Tex-Mex song? Why that one?’ We’ll never know.”

Byrne allegedly wrote the song about actor Stephen Tobolowsky, who co-wrote the film “True Stories.”

Because only two of the band’s members — Ed O’Brien and Phil Selway — appeared at the ceremony, fans were robbed of the chance of seeing Thom Yorke belt out the Heads’ “Radio Head,” a song selection that certainly would not have been made even if Radiohead actually had performed. One can dream.

Below, check out Byrne’s full speech — as well as both versions of “Radio Head.”


David Byrne inducts Radiohead into Rock Hall


“Radio Head” in “True Stories”


Talking Heads’ “Radio Head”




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