Album News — April 6, 2020 at 7:55 am

The Psychedelic Furs push back release of ‘Made of Rain,’ first new album in 29 years

The Psychedelic Furs today announced they’re delaying the release of Made of Rain — the band’s first new album in 29 years — until late July due to “logistical issues” presented by the coronavirus pandemic, saying, “It’s been a long time since we’ve put out an album, and we want to make sure that we can make it available to everyone.”

The album had been due out May 1 on Cooking Vinyl in CD, vinyl and digital formats. It will now be released July 31. This follows decisions by Throwing Muses and The Pretenders to similarly delay album releases.

Made of Rain is produced by current Guns N’ Roses member Richard Fortus, who joined Furs principals Richard and Tim Butler in their mid-’90s band Love Spit Love. It can be pre-ordered now via

The album will be the Furs’ first in nearly three decades, since the 1991 release of World Outside, which spawned the modern-rock radio hit “Until She Comes.” And it’s long been in the works: Butler and his brother Tim, the band’s bassist, have been talking in interviews about recording a new Psychedelic Furs album for at least the last six years.

Below, check out the band’s statement on the delay and hear the first two tracks released off the record.








  1. Not being snarky or anything, but who wouldn’t be able to get this if they released in May? Perhaps they’re thinking of the brick and mortar shops that would miss out on physical sales?

  2. Jeff Koger

    I’m guessing it has more to do with not being able to properly promote it. No TV appearances, limited radio in-studio interviews, etc. And no touring in the near future. Most news at present is focused on Covid-19, so news of a new cd by anyone is likely to go unnoticed.

  3. Jeff nailed it as to tha main reason for the delay and I completely understand. They worked long to get this album produced and it doesn’t deserve to be ignored due to the current situation. The two songs released so far are amazing imo so I welcome the pause so that the impact of the album is better felt. I’ve waited 29 years, can definitely wait a few more months!

    • I kinda see your point, but these guys have been off the carousel for a long time.
      Echo and the Bunnymen
      The Go-Go’s
      The Pixies
      The English Beat
      Those bands have all shown just how hard it is to stoke the fire once you’ve left it unattended for a time. Now 27 years since their last release, my guess is that, pandemic or not, it will be a tall order for the Furs to pick up right where they left off, let alone garner a new following. And I say all that as someone who is completely mad for their latest single, You’ll Be Mine.

  4. Scott Stalcup

    Inside here, the time stopped,
    Furs disc un-played.
    The new Furs disc,
    It’s not played.
    (Not ’til Ju-ly.)

  5. Delta Mode

    Hmm, as much as I love the Furs I don’t think this has any chance of being a major seller or anything so why not just put it up on iTunes in May for the small audience that it will appeal to. Not being bad or anything, they are one of my favorite bands but c’mon Richard, throw us a bone, release it in May!

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