Digital Music — September 2, 2020 at 8:59 pm

Listen to The The’s new single ‘I Want 2 B U’ — it’s reminiscent of ‘This Is the Day’

Matt Johnson last weekend released a new 7-inch by The The for the first of three Record Store Day “drops,” a single called “I Want 2 B U” that calls to mind “This Is the Day” because Johnson wrote and recorded it with the “quirky Omnichord instrument” he used on that 1983 classic.

The 7-inch was a quick sell-out, and the song has not been released digitally — though it has now been uploaded to YouTube, and you can hear that right here.

The new song and its B-side, “Velvet Muscle Scream,” are both taken from the film “Muscle,” directed by Gerard Johnson. The vinyl single features artwork by Johnson’s late brother Andy Dog, who designed all of the sleeves for the early The The albums and singles.

The single follows The The’s 2017 Record Store Day release of “We Can’t Stop What’s Coming,” which at the time was the group’s first new music in a decade and foreshadowed the band’s live return in 2018.





  1. The Omnichord was not in the 1983 version. It was used in the 1994 re-recording “That Was The Day” from the Threesome soundtrack.

  2. This is basically That Was The Day with new lyrics. However, Matt Johnson doesn’t really do anything wrong, so it’s still good.

  3. The video shows as being marked “private”. Is there another link to hear it from?

  4. I’ve had the same problem as you, Will. I’d really like to hear this!

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