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Peter Murphy to reissue 5 albums — plus new rarities collection — on colored vinyl

Photo by Gabriel Edvy

Beggars Arkive this spring will reissue on colored vinyl the five post-Bauhaus solo albums that Peter Murphy released on the Beggars Banquet label between 1986 and 1995, plus a brand-new rarities disc featuring 10 demo versions, remixes and edits.

The limited-edition vinyl pressings will be released in pairs beginning in April and continuing through June, and also will be available in a 7LP box set limited to 500 copies worldwide, due May 7.

The releases will include: 1986’s Should the World Fail to Fall Apart on blue vinyl and 1988’s Love Hysteria on indigo vinyl, on April 9; 1989’s Deep on clear vinyl and 1992’s Holy Smoke on a blend of clear and black smoke vinyl, on May 7; and 1995’s double LP Cascade on scarlet vinyl and the new rarities set The Last and Only Star on gold vinyl, on June 25.

The reissues can be pre-ordered via Amazon and other retailers, but the box set of all six releases is only available through Beggars Arkive’s webstore.

Only one of the reissued albums includes bonus material: Cascade, which includes a production rough mix of “Mercy Rain” and backing tracks for “Gliding Like a While,” “Sail on White” and “Wish.”

The new rarities LP was curated by Andrew Brooksbank and Stephen Webbon with Murphy’s guidance, and includes “I’ve Got A Miniature Secret Camera,” mixes of “Final Solution” and “Strange Kind of Love,” edits of “The Sweetest Drop” and “Tale of the Tongue” and more.

See the full tracklist below.


Peter Murphy, The Last and Only Star

A1: “Final Solution” (Club Mix 2)
A2: “The Light Pours Out Of Me” (Original Version)
A3: “Tale Of The Tongue” (Single Edit)
A4: “I’ve Got A Miniature Secret Camera”
A5: “Strange Kind Of Love” (Remix Edit Version)

B1: “Cool Cool Breeze”
B2: “The Sweetest Drop” (Rave Edit)
B3: “Groovy Place”
B4: “Wish”
B5: “Jemal” (Version 2)





  1. Timm Davison

    Boxset already sold out in the US.

  2. that should pay for a new Subaru

    • Andy Patterson

      Classic!!! :D The Godfather of Foresters shall ride again!!!

      P.S. Hope that rarities set eventually comes out on CD.

  3. Good to see these back in print. The B-sides collection is totally useless. I will be buying Deep and Love Hysteria on the vinyl.

  4. Yikes, that rarities disc looks like a 1990s pirate. How about giving us all the promo versions and b-side live tracks? BB, do the singles and rare tracks right, and issue everything as its own vinyl boxset. Just expand the StWFTFA second disc already.

  5. Do we know what the vinyl quality/weight will be on the new releases?

    • Well, gosh, since it is colored vinyl it has to be of the most incredible quality, right?

      I really don’t get this thing with having colored vinyl. If vinyl is supposedly such a superior format why does it need all these gimmicks?

      • 3 words: Snap, Crackle, Pop
        Vinyl is an analog medium that you need to spend 5 (or 6) figures on to make it sound good. It’s mainly for poseurs and “audiophiles” LMAO. i.e. people with too much time & money on their hands.

  6. At least this includes the rare, original (better) version of “The Light Pours Out Of Me”. I still have that on the 1985 Beggars Banquet sampler “One Pound Ninety-Nine”. Great compilation album !

  7. So a song like Twist Your Fate is pretty much impossible to find, or the covers of Space Oddity and Instant Karma have no physical releases, the song Today with KMFDM or Edenbridge with…I forget- all pretty obscure, but we get more Final Solution remixes and alt versions that have appeared on recent re-releases?

    Can I curate the next rarities disc?

  8. No, but feel free to compile it

  9. Pamela Duncan

    Would love to know if there was a mix-up at the factory. The Love Hysteria LP (I assume is a US copy), has a magenta hype label which states Indigo Vinyl, yet contains a magenta colored vinyl disc (I always thought indigo was blue). The others: Should The World Fall Apart, Cascade, Holy Smoke & Deep are all the same colors as the hype stickers or as stated. Have not received the gold one yet. Any knowledge shared is appreciated!

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