This fall, The The will release The Comeback Special: Live at the Royal Albert Hall, a multiformat live album and Tim Pope-directed concert film documenting Matt Johnson’s reactivation of the band for a 2018 reunion tour, its first in 16 years.

The 24-song live set, capturing the band’s June 5, 2018, performance in London, is due out Oct. 1 — and you can get a taste of it via the video clip of “Sweet Bird of Truth,” seen below.

The release is available for preorder via Amazon in five different physical formats:

A larger audio/video set also will be available through the band’s official online store “soon,” according to an announcement on The The’s website, which promises “a variety of exclusive products,” including “an exquisitely designed 136-page art book, featuring 6 discs, exclusive photos, audio content plus director Tim Pope’s beautifully shot, unobtrusive film of the show.”

Below, check out the full tracklist — and live video of “Sweet Bird of Truth.”



The The, The Comeback Special: Live at the Royal Albert Hall

1. “Global Eyes”
2. “Sweet Bird Of Truth”
3. “Flesh & Bones”
4. “Heartland”
5. “The Beat(en) Generation”
6. “Armageddon Days (Are Here Again)”
7. “A Long Hard Lazy Apprenticeship”
8. “We Can’t Stop What’s Coming”
9. “Phantom Walls”
10. “Love Is Stronger Than Death”
11. “Dogs Of Lust”
12. “Helpline Operator”
13. “This Is The Night”
14. “This Is The Day”
15. “Soul Catcher”
16. “Bugle Boy”
17. “Beyond Love”
18. “Slow Emotion Replay”
19. “(Like a) Sun Rising Thru My Garden”
20. “Infected”
21. “I’ve Been Waiting For Tomorrow (All of My Life)”
22. “True Happiness (This Way Lies)”
23. “Uncertain Smile”
24. “Lonely Planet”





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