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The Cure’s deluxe reissue of “Wish” to include 21 unreleased demos, “Lost Wishes” EP

The Cure circa 1992 | Photo by Paul Cox

The much-anticipated deluxe reissue of The Cure’s 1992 album Wish will be released this October in a variety of formats, including a 3CD edition that will include the remastered album, 24 previously unreleased tracks and the Lost Wishes instrumental EP.

The 30th anniversary edition of Wish will be released Oct. 7 via Fiction on CD, deluxe CD, black vinyl and digitally, with the double vinyl edition following on Nov. 25. Additionally, the band will release a new limited-edition cassette of Lost Wishes, the rare EP of four instrumental Wish outtakes that only ever has been released as a mail-order cassette.

The deluxe edition can be preordered via and other outlets.

The 3CD deluxe edition of Wish — the Disintegration follow-up that featured the singles “High,” “Friday I’m in Love” and “A Letter to Elise” — will include the original album, newly remaster by Robert Smith and Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios, on the first disc.

The second disc will feature 21 previously unreleased demos, comprised of four studio vocal demos from 1990 and 17 instrumental demos from 1991, nine of which are completely unreleased songs.

And the third disc includes the Lost Wishes EP,  which never have been released on CD or digitally, plus the previously unreleased song “A Wendy Band” from the band’s Manor Studio sessions in 1992, a previously unheard mix of “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea,” five 12-inch mixes and a previously unreleased live version of “End” recorded in Paris in October 1992.

The expanded edition of Wish comes four years after the last installment in the band’s reissue campaign, the remix album Mixed Up, and a full 12 years after the last studio album, Disintegration was reissued.

The full tracklist is below — and you can listen to “Uyea Sound” (Dim-D Mix) from the Lost Wishes cassette:


The Cure, Wish: Deluxe Edition 3CD

DISC 1: Original Album Remastered by Robert Smith and Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios
1. Open (6:51)
2. High (3:37)
3. Apart (6:38)
4. From The Edge of The Green Sea (7:44)
5. Wendy Time (5:13)
6. Doing The Unstuck (4:24)
7. Friday I’m In Love (3:38)
8. Trust (5:32)
9. A Letter To Elise (5:14)
10. Cut (5:55)
11. To Wish Impossible Things (4:43)
12. End (6:45)

DISC 2: Demos – All previously unreleased versions
1. The Big Hand [1990 Demo] (4:38) [final version on B-side to A Letter To Elise 7”]
2. Cut [1990 Demo] aka “Away” (3:31) [final version appears on WISH]
3. A Letter To Elise [1990 Demo] aka “Cut” (5:01) [final version appears on WISH]
4. Wendy Time [1990 Demo] (5:13) [final version appears on WISH]
5. This Twilight Garden [Instrumental Demo] (3:25) [final version on B-side to High 7″]
6. Scared As You [Instrumental Demo] (2:33) [final version on B-side to Friday I’m In Love 12″]
7. To Wish Impossible Things [Instrumental Demo] (3:33) [final version appears on WISH]
8. Apart [Instrumental Demo] (3:38) [final version appears on WISH]
9. T7 [Instrumental Demo] (2:40) *
10. Now Is The Time [Instrumental demo] (2:20) *
11. Miss Van Gogh [Instrumental demo] (2:48) *
12. T6 [Instrumental Demo] (3:14) *
13. Play [Instrumental Demo] (2:28) [final version on B-side to High 12″]
14. A Foolish Arrangement [Instrumental Demo] (2:28) [final version on B-side to A Letter To Elise 12″]
15. Halo [Instrumental Demo] (3:06) [final version on B-side to Friday I’m In Love 7″]
16. Trust [Instrumental Demo] (4:02) [final version appears on WISH]
17. Abetabw [Instrumental Demo] (2:26) *
18. T8 [Instrumental Demo] (2:17) *
19. Heart Attack [Instrumental Demo] (2:41) *
20. Swing Change [Instrumental Demo] (2:10) *
21. Frogfish [Instrumental Demo] (2:35) *

DISC 3: Lost Wishes / Studio Outtakes / 12” Remixes / Live / Rare / Previously Unreleased
1. Uyea Sound [Dim-D Mix] (5:28 [from Lost Wishes MC 1993]
2. Cloudberry [Dim-D Mix] (5:22) [from Lost Wishes MC 1993]
3. Off To Sleep… [Dim-D Mix] (3:47) [from Lost Wishes MC 1993]
4. The Three Sisters [Dim-D Mix] (4:12) [from Lost Wishes MC 1993]
5. A Wendy Band [Instrumental] (3:47) *
6. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea [Partscheckruf Mix] (7:36) **
7. Open [Fix Mix] (6:51) [B-side to High 12″]
8. High [Higher Mix] (7:15) [High 12″]
9. Doing The Unstuck [Extended 12” Mix] (5:54)
10. Friday I’m In Love [Strangelove Mix] (5:29) [Friday I’m In Love 12″]
11. A Letter To Elise [Blue Mix] (6:36) [A Letter To Elise 12″]
12. End [Paris Live 92] (8:38) **

* Unreleased track
** Unreleased version







  1. pogopop77

    Been waiting a long time for this one. Glad it’s finally being released.

  2. Barrington

    Excellent news. Managed to order the LP & the 3 CD. Although the album itself doesn’t need remastering (just turn it up loud like the liner notes say) and I’ve had Lost Wishes since it was originally released, it’ll be nice to have all the demos and extra stuff.

  3. This is amazing news. I hope that Smith’s remastering isn’t horrible like most of the other reissues. The 1990/1991 versions of these songs are possibly the best that The Cure ever sounded. And the album is also phenomenal despite a few lame pop songs.

  4. Album absolutely needs mastering there’s no definition between the three layered guitars throughout. It doesn’t matter on the less guitar oriented tracks but Cut sounds like mud, for example. Also the quietest mastering job I’ve ever encountered next to the breeders Pod. Remaster!!!!

    • Classic Alternative

      This right here!
      I have turn up the Wish CD to MAX volume when I listen in my car (yes, my car still has a CD player) and I know this has the potential to improve on the 1992 CD or make it worse, but I’ll take the remastering either way.
      Also, shoutout to Mr. Sebastian for posting a new article. It’s been very quiet around here since Andy Fletcher passed away, so I was a little worried…Thank you.

  5. Richard Davidson

    Been waiting 12 years plus for this. Crazy they just didn’t add b-sides as well. One more disc? No

    • Shawn Wright

      Why would they do that? You can get all of them on the ‘Join the Dots’ box set.

    • Yeah, the b-sides would be pretty redundant. I was hoping, after Disintegration, we’d start seeing more complete new songs like Delirious Night appearing for each subsequent releases. The problem with Wish is they had plans for Music For Dreams, so w hen they say they completed 25 or 27 songs, I don’t know if they include Lost Wishes in those “complete” songs or if complete means songs with vocals.

      The fact that they needed to rush and record vocals for A Foolish Arrangement suggests to me that they release ALL the vocal songs that were completed, but I can’t say for sure. I see someone listed there are 2 unreleased songs from the Wish Manor Sessions which include Lost Wishes but did not include the Music For Dreams demos that were part of a rougher demo recording session that produced 26+ songs.

  6. Captain Feedback

    “nine of which are completely unrelaxed songs”… A return to the tense atmospherics of Pornography, perhaps?

    • Shawn Wright

      This isn’t new material, just stuff that they recorded during the ‘Wish’ sessions. I doubt that there’s any ‘Pornography’-level anger and darkness there.

  7. I was so sure they’d release the full studio version of Tape, but they didn’t. That kinda sucks. I’m happy we are getting the 4 demos from 1990 including the superior version of The Big Hand and, of course, it will be great to have pristine copies of the Lost Wishes tracks, but most of the other stuff is… well, disappointing.

    The Wish sessions produced 25 to 27 complete songs. Assuming A Foolish Arrangement is included in those numbers, that means they have 2 to 4 complete songs sitting somewhere. Instead they chose to put on most of the Music For Dreams songs, which we already have, but it looks like they edited A lot of them. Then the really odd choices like including the Higher Mix of High rather than the Trip Mix which we only have on vinyl, and the Blue Mix of Elise when that was commercially available, but the 12″ Extended Promo Mix wasn’t, and they leave that off.

    All in all, it will be great to have an optimized version of Wish.

    Any chance they’ll do a bonus disc of Alternate Rarities online like they did with Disintegration?

    • I forgot about that! I sure hope so. Thanks for reminding me!

    • Oh, and I bet Show/Paris/Sideshow/Tape will be released. It was released a year after Wish so we can cross our fingers.

      • Shawn Wright

        As for ‘Show’, ‘Paris’, and ‘Sideshow’, they haven’t released a remastered edition of ‘Concert’, ‘In Japan’, or ‘In Orange’, and the expanded remaster of ‘Entreat’ butchered Boris’ drums. What makes you think that we’re going to get the others, and if so, do we really want them if Robert is going to mute Boris?

        • I agree on the remaster for Entreat. Way too much tinkering with the sound. For me, the worst example is Homesick. The version that was a b-side on the Lullaby single was amazing and what we got sounded so manufactured.

          I guess the reason why I hope they do a set with these live release is b/c I was not expecting an edition of Mixed Up.

        • Yeah, I’m not sure what they were thinking when they altered the sound on Entreat. And it wasn’t just the drums that were affected either- the vocals on Prayers for Rain, Disintegration and Homesick are far less aggressive or emotional. It’s a true headscratcher. So far the longest version I’ve located of Tape is on the Dreams Come True in ’92/Kilburn National Ballroom recording. They never released Eyemou either… that’s a shame. I’ve never found a good sounding copy of that one.

    • Shawn Wright

      You can get the full studio version of ‘Tape’ on ‘Sideshow’. Also, maybe they’ll release an online-only bonus disc of additional material, like they did with ‘Disintegration’?

      • The version of Tape on Sideshow is not complete. It fades out. The best way to hear what is the longest version I’ve heard is the Kilburn National ’92 (Dreams Come True in ’92 bootleg). You’ll hear later in the song you start getting piano trills that get really intense- beyond that, they start Open and it gets hard to tell what’s them and what’s Tape.

      • btw- Sideshow version of Tape is not the studio version. It’s taken from the beginning of Show and they just fade it out before Open kicks in. The Japanese 2 Disc set has it proper going straight into Open and you can kind of hear the frenetic piano trills on that version too, but it can also be used as a reference if you want to hear the further progression of Tape.

    • We didn’t get “Eyemou” with KMKMKM either, which I need to go before The Kiss when I expand the album :)

      • I haven’t even located a moderately good live version. I don’t know how there’s no soundboard Kissing Tour show laying around. Of course we did get Airlock, the most obnoxious of the intro songs. Eyemou is important (as a collector) because it has Robert vocals on it (in spoken word form).

  8. Now let’s wait more 30 years to have “Wild Mood Swings” deluxe, more 30 years to have “Blood Flowers” deluxe, more 30 years to have “The Cure” deluxe, more 30 years to have “4:13 Dream” deluxe and finaly more 30 years to have the promised new album. Of course none of us will be alive up to there but the ones who never heard about The Cure before.

    Congratulations Mr Smith for delaying, delaying, delaying, delaying, delaying, delaying the release of deluxe editions.
    I just give you a BIG THANK YOU !!!!!

  9. A 5.1 mix of this has been sitting around for a decade. Where is it?

  10. Mark Saunders used to have the “Wish” 5.1 mix listed in his discography on his website

  11. Very cool, as I always naturally gravitated to the live releases for Wish material and had a hard time dealing with the production of it. Loud or not. Speaking of loud, Dream 4:13 would’ve been one of the better latter day Cure albums if not for the horrendously loud and choppy production. It’ll never happen, but that’s one that could stand for a remastering.

  12. CD release has been pushed back to November to coincide with the vinyl release.

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