Contests — January 25, 2023 at 8:40 am

Contest: Win tickets to Cruel World fest with Siouxsie, Iggy Pop, Love and Rockets + more

UPDATE: The contest is now closed. Thank you all so, so much for entering. A winner will be drawn at random and contacted in the coming days.


The jaw-drooping lineup of May’s Cruel World festival — Siouxsie! Iggy Pop! Love and Rockets! Echo & The Bunnymen! — was unveiled this week, and we’re thrilled to announce we’ve got a pair of tickets to give away to one lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs reader, courtesy of promoter Goldenvoice.

The randomly selected winner of this contest will receive two (2) passes to see the 2023 edition of Cruel World on May 20 at Brookside at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. The festival also will feature performances by Billy Idol, Adam Ant, The Human League, Gary Numan, Modern English, Gang of Four, ABC and more.

(Tickets go on sale to the general public at 12 p.m. Pacific on Friday, Jan. 27, in case you don’t want to leave it to chance. Register for the on-sale and get full ticket info at


In the comments section at the bottom of this post, let us know which of the acts on this year’s Cruel World lineup you’re most excited to see, and feel free to say why. If for any reason you’re unable to comment, go ahead and email your entry to with the subject line “IT’S A CRUEL WORLD, BABY.”


We’ll take entries until 5 p.m. Pacific on Wednesday, Feb. 15. After that point, we’ll select one (1) winner at random, and they will be notified via their provided e-mail address. So be sure to use a real email address when commenting. Very important: If the winner does not reply to their notification email within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn. One entry per person.

Good luck, and godspeed.







  1. Tim Lemieux

    Love and Rockets, since it would make up for the Bauhaus show being cancelled. Last saw them on the Sweet FA tour!

  2. Margret Caulton

    I’m excited for all of it, but especially Siouxie and Love and Rockets!!

    • Matthew Grimes

      Siouxsie! Had tickets to see her on the Peepshow Tour, and she had to cancel. I never had another chance . . .

    • Love and Rockets! Bauhaus was incredible last year but I wished they had played some Love and Rockets songs or Tones on Tails songs. Hoping this year they get to mix it up! Runner up for Gary since he was originally on the 1st lineup before the COVID delay to 2022.

      • maria villari

        Fantastic lineup! Would’ ve loved to see the Cure on it, since they are back on tour! But, excited to see Gary Numan on the bill! …Was at his last few shows in Chicago and the energy was amazing! Love & Rockets- runner up…. been decades since I saw them at the Riviera! Would be great to relive those memories!

    • Love and Rockets! I last saw them in the late 90s and seeing them now would make up (almost) for missing Bauhaus last year.

  3. Sérgio Umlauf


  4. Dave Parker

    Believe it or not, for me it’s THE VAPORS. Although I love almost everyone on the lineup, THE VAPORS are the one band I’ve never gotten a chance to see and I adore both of their initial records

    • Sean Rayburn

      Siouxsie, Echo, L&R, Gang of Four.

    • Lisa Curtis

      Siouxsie, Billy Idol, Iggy Pop, Love and Rockets, Echo & The Bunnymen, ABC, Adam Ant…I CAN’T PICK WHO I’M MOST EXCITED ABOUT! I have wanted to see them all since I was a kid. ❤️

  5. Helen Tatsis


    After Siouxsie, I’m most excited about Siouxsie and also looking forward to Siouxsie.

  6. Most excited to see Love and Rockets! Been a fan since the 80s and have never seen them live. Also Glass Spells, great SoCal synth band!

  7. Love and Rockets because the thought of seeing them do “Motorcycle” and “No Big Deal” live would be life-affirming.

  8. Brian Wilder

    Despite discovering Bauhaus because of Love and Rockets, I’ve never been able to see Love and Rockets live. Would love to see them in person.

    • Michael Louie

      It would have to be Love & Rockets as I know they will put on a phenomenal show. Hoping that their performance does not overlap with Siouxsie’s for even a minute! I am good with catching parts of Iggy, Echo and Idol’s set, but please please no clash with L&R and the ice goddess! Traveling from afar. Thank you for putting together another spectacular line up this year!

  9. Valerie Walker

    I have never seen Iggy Pop or Billy Idol. I haven’t seen Siouxsie perform since 1991 and she is my idol. But I am really looking forward to Love & Rockets

  10. Brian Moore

    Modern English because of so many great memories when I was a kid. Also the entire line up, for the same reason.

  11. Gotta see Iggy! As the years pass, it becomes more of a “I better see them now before it’s too late” kind of thing. And as recent events have proven, this becomes more prominent every day.

  12. Love and Rockets! Saw Bauhaus last year for the first time, and have never seen Love and rockets.

  13. Marnie Hendrickson

    I’d love to see Siouxsie and the Banshees! I never saw them back un the day, it would be so awesome to get a chance now!

  14. Christian Kelty

    Siouxsie would be the dream!

  15. Love and Rockets!

  16. Luke Pontin

    Echo and the bunnymen!

  17. Scott Yeager

    I’ve seen all the top 5 headliners except for Iggy so that’s an something I’d like to remedy.

  18. Christina Romel-Lawley

    I’m most excited to see Love and Rockets. I’ve seen them before but only as the opening act for The Pixies decades ago! In addition after Bauhaus’ set last year at Cruel World I can only imagine how great the Love and Rockets set will be!

  19. Love & Rockets, they were important to me as a teen. I still listen to Express regularly.
    I’ve never seen Billy Idol and I’ve heard he’s a lot of fun.
    I have never seen Gary Numan or Adam Ant either!

  20. Love and Rockets

  21. What an amazing line up… I’m torn between really happy to see Siouxsie again, and IGGY POP for the first time!

  22. Love & Rockets – I haven’t seen them since they toured with Mighty Lemon Drops and also performed as Bubblemen. Will be awesome.

  23. Love And Rockets!! It’s about time they reunited!

  24. peter meeks

    Siouxsie ❤️

  25. Catherine Hope-Pilchowski

    Siouxsie! I use to go to all her shows including The Creatures. Last time was 15 years ago. So excited to see her perform again.

  26. George Navarro

    Gary Numan because he’s one of the pioneers of the genre and I’m so grateful that he’s still touring and still a badass!

  27. Siouxsie!! At the top of my list of concerts to see and until a few weeks ago it looked like we’d never see her perform again!

  28. Billy Idol !

  29. Patrick McGovern

    ABC and the Human League, because they are the two acts I haven’t seen before.

  30. Siouxsie!!

  31. Maura Conway

    This would be one of the greatest events I have ever attended. I want to see Siouxsie again to see how her artistic voice has evolved. But I am dying to see the Vapors, Modern English, Iggy, Adam Ant, and Human League- all bands that represent who I have been and am now, and in their fine forms. I live in Charlotte and they’re not likely to play here otherwise.

  32. So excited to see Siouxsie, Iggy, Echo and the Bunnymen and so much more- this is pretty big for ’80s alternative/punk fans!

    • Siouxsie!

      The last time that she performed was 10 years ago at a festival that Yoko Ono ran.

      I blame Yoko Ono for Siouxsie not performing since!

  33. Chris Striegel

    So many, but my top 3 have all been on my bucket list for years: Siouxsie, Human League, Love and Rockets.

  34. Kimberly Popa

    Siouxie Sioux and Iggy Pop. Both are iconic and I’ve never seen either perform live before. So excited for this year’s show!!

  35. I’m excited to see classic acts as well as new post punk acts. Definitely L and R and needless to say Siouxsie. Although tickets are ridiculous, my son is thrilled about the lineup and it would be his first time going to an 80’s festival. Cheers

    • Darby Fanning

      Siouxsie and Love & Rockets. Saw Siouxsie at the first Lollapalooza and Love & Rockets in the mid-90s, each once. Was supposed to see Bauhaus last year when they cancelled.

      I gotta see my icons before they start dying off bc we’re all ancients now and time’s a’tickin’.

  36. To be honest, I’m not sure if I’m more chuffed about Siouxsie or Love and Rockets. Never thought either would be an option, so feeling like a lottery winner here.

  37. Reuben Bell

    Great lineup, but most excited for SIOUXSIE! I I followed the Banshees from the early 80s, and we haven’t heard from her in so long. Can’t wait!

  38. It’s so hard to pick just one. I grew up in the 80s and 90s and as an aging post-punk mom this bill is nearly perfect. A great mix of classic and new. I think if I had to pick, though, I would want to bring my kiddo to see Siouxsie.

  39. There’s so many people on there I’d be excited to see: Echo and The Bunnymen are still a fantastic live band. That said, I never dated to dream Siouxsie would play live on this side of the world again. Her return is hopefully a harbinger for a better 2023.

  40. Robert Robles

    Thanks for the opportunity to win tickets to this great and historical event.

    Looking forward to seeing Adam Ant, Iggy Pop, Echo and the Bunnymen, Gang of Four and ABC, as I have never seen them live.

    • Jeff McCarty

      Iggy would usually always be my first choice, but I’ve never seen Siouxsie, and Echo and the Bunnymen got canceled last year (who I’ve also never seen), so probably those two!

  41. Erin Bright

    Definitely, Siouxsie and Love and Rockets!! Got to see Siouxsie when she sang with The Creatures, but never with The Banshees!! That would be AWESOME!!!

  42. Janel Cunnigham

    I about tinkled my undies when I saw this lineup. Siouxsie, obviously is a huge deal, but Gary Numan is SO good live, so I look forward to seeing him as well. Also, been listening to Boy Harsher a ton lately.

  43. Jason Sanner


    The entire line up is fantastic, but I’ve always wanted to see Echo!

  44. Andy Gifford

    Love and Rockets! They’ve been the one band I’ve always wanted to see live.

  45. Siouxsie, but also Love & Rockets!

  46. Brian D. Holt

    Love and Rockets, please. Had tickets to see Bauhaus but the show was canceled, and missed my chance to see Poptone when they played in Pensacola.

  47. Kristine Cremeans

    Lollapalooza 1991. Biggest missed concert regret ever. I had just graduated high school, and my best friend invited me to go on a vacation with her family to New England, and the dates clashed with the festival. She wasn’t allowed to stay behind, and I thought I was being the bestest of best friends by going with her. I have seen all the other headliners in concert from that lineup, except for Siouxsie. I am 49 years old, and I have posters of her on my bedroom wall that I’ve had since I was in high school. Obsessed, but in a healthy way, lol. It would mean the world to me to be randomly selected!

  48. Melanie Warren

    Most definitely Love and Rockets and Siouxsie!!!! I’ve been a fan for over 30 years!!!

  49. Michel Purifoy

    Siouxsie, Adam Ant and Love & Rockets! This lineup is amazing!!!

  50. Love & Rockets are at the top of my list!

  51. Siouxsie and the Banshees especially. I was meant to see them back in 1992 but then they had to cancel the show. It’s a dream. And really, WOW the entire lineup is so awesome!

  52. Jose Flores

    Siouxsie and Love and Rockets. Long time fan!

  53. Stephanie Darville

    What a EPIC line up!!!! ✌
    I would be most excited to see Echo and the Bunnymen!!!

  54. My pandemic hopes of seeing Bauhaus didn’t happen – seeing Love & Rockets again after so many years would be so awesome. This is an incredible line-up, I’d be delighted to see any one act.

  55. I’d absolutely adore seeing Siouxsie! I was too young to catch her last time she was in the States, and I’m finally ready now!

    Also, would love to see Love & Rockets—would really make up for September’s Bauhaus NYC performance getting cancelled.

  56. Melissa Fitzgerald

    I can’t wait to see them all, but the opportunity to see Siouxsie is pretty amazing.

  57. Nicolle Gallagher

    Siouxsie!!! Because she defined my late teens and early twenties and I still listen to her records all the time.

  58. REALLY looking forward to Love And Rockets. Never got to see them in their incarnation decades ago.

    Billy Idol and Adam Ant – while I’ve seen them both live previously – would be welcome viewings for nostalgia’s sake …

  59. Maria Lascola

    How about top 3? 4?
    Adam Ant, Modern English? ABC?

  60. I’m most excited for Siouxsie, Echo And The Bunnymen, and Love and Rockets!

  61. Siouxieeeeeee

  62. Siouxsie!!!! The Queen of our Gothic culture Then Love and Rockets

  63. Holly Kowaleski

    Excited for all of the bands…but, especially Siouxsie, Love And Rockets and ABC!!

  64. Beyond excited to see Siouxsie and the best part of all is I’m going with my MOM! She would be always be playing siouxsie, the cure, the smiths, blondie, all the great music from the 80s in the car growing up. It’s so nostalgic for both is us, and the fact that we both get to see her together just gives me all the feels

  65. Gary Hively

    Sioxsie! Always wanted to see her live and never had the opportunity. Well this is it!

  66. Michael Edwards

    I think it would have to be The Vapors.

  67. Jill Taylor

    Siouxsie! Truly a bucket list…t’would be the best mom/son adventure for us! Good luck to all!

  68. Ward Crittendon

    The video for Turning Japanese came on our television one evening when I was thirteen years old. Completely changed what kind of music I wanted to have in my life.

    At the time of course I was half a world away and at least 5 years too young to ever see them perform in a club.

    So I’d dearly love to see The Vapors at Cruel World.

  69. Siouxsie, also Gang of Four!

  70. Definitely Siouxsie! I never thought I’d get another chance to see her!

  71. Greg Philippe

    I would love to see all of these bands, primarily because some of the bigger names like Echo and the Bunnymen, Siouxsie, Modern English, Love and Rockets, may have played in the Midwest but I was unable to attend. Oh and Billy Idol would be great to see and watch my wife drool over him like she was back in high school.

  72. Damian D Costilla

    Siouxsie and Iggy duetting on The Passenger. It will be a life changing experience.

  73. Echo and the Bunnymen

  74. Siouxsie and Love & Rockets! I didn’t think we would ever see either performing live again.

  75. Siouxsie, yeah!

  76. ABC and Adam Ant. Those are two I’ve not seen. A chance to check mark them would be epic!

  77. Steve Firstenburg

    I would be most excited to see Siouxsie Sioux if I was to win. Why? As a new fan of her and the Banshees after hearing Peepshow as a teen, I finally got a chance to see the band play when they came to Portland to promote their Superstition album. The night came and I was so excited to see them. Got to the venue only to be greeted by a sign saying they had postponed the show. I had the chance to either get a refund or hold onto my ticket so that I could use it to get into their rescheduled show. That show never came. To finally get to see her along with all the other great bands at the festival that I’ve grown up loving would make this aging Gen Xer quite happy as well make up for their backing out of their Oregon appearance way back when.

  78. For me, it’s The Human League and ABC – the entire lineup is ‘my childhood’ but I never had a chance to see those two!

  79. Claudia Kemmerer

    I would be thrilled to see any and all of these bands/artists! But I guess if I had to pick just one, I’d have to say Adam Ant, because I was very close to going to see him a few years back, but had to cancel, and was so bummed. That said, I would LOVE to also see ALL of the others!!

  80. Samantha Buckingham

    Siouxsie and Love and Rockets – the soundtrack of my teenage years!

  81. Love and Rockets, Siouxsie and the Bunnymen but I’m going to enjoy the whole show
    I hope they add Sunday so I can see the bands I miss Saturday

  82. Wanna see Siouxsie, yeah!

  83. Dianne Davis

    Definitely Love and Rockets! Missed Bauhaus and Poptone so hopefully 3rd times the charm!

  84. Christy Reed

    Siouxsie! I ❤️Siouxsie and have never seen her play live before. It would be such a privilege to do so!

  85. Angela lucarelli

    Echo and the Bunnymen! I saw them at the Greek in Berkley in 1987 or 88…they are amazing!

  86. Jason Emanuel

    To see Siouxsie, Iggy, Love and Rockets and Gary Numan is a dream come true. If Iggy and Siouxsie sing The Passenger together, then I have lived a full life!!

  87. Oh lord, all of them. But for the sake of not saying Siouxsie/Love And Rockets/Iggy Pop I’m going with Gary Numan. I finally saw him this year and I just adored that show.

  88. Christine Wirth

    Siouxsie and the Banshees!!!!

  89. David X Harris

    Very excited to see Love and Rockets and of course Siouxsie for the greatest album JuJu

    • Vanessa O'Neill

      Outrageous line up. There are so many bands I would like to see but I think Siouxsie will be wicked to see live after all these years!!! Also, I’ve recently have gotten into Molchat Doma so excited about seeing them as well.

  90. Love and Rockets, Souxie and ABC!

    ABC is my wife’s favorite band.

    I saw Souxie and the Banshees back home in Santa Cruz, CA a lifetime ago when Peek-a-boo first came out.

    Saw L&R many times in the SF Bay Area throughout the 80’s. Last time was Berkley Amphitheater for the So Alive tour (’89/90?).

  91. Siouxsie and Iggy…and Boy Harsher and The Motels. Hard to pick with such a great bucket list lineup!

  92. Gaea McLaughlin

    Love and rockets!!

  93. David Trancoso

    Gary Numan! So my friend Rich will leave me alone! . Rich says he is fantastic live! So, I wanna see for myself.

  94. Bethanne Killian

    This whole lineup is amazing — so hard to choose . . . Echo & the Bunnymen, ABC, Gang of Four, Adam Ant, Siouxsie, Billy . . . I may just wind up listing every act! Thank you for the chance to make getting there a reality!

  95. I’d love to see Iggy Pop perform considering the age he’s in now!

  96. Modern English, for sure. I heard they are great live and I have been a long time fan.

  97. What a great lineup and near impossible to pick just one band I’m most excited to see, but looking forward to Love and Rockets. Last time I saw them was at Dodgers Stadium in 1989.

  98. Amanda Savoie

    Siouxsie! Never thought I’d get the chance to see her live!

  99. Love & Rockets and the Vapors!!! I never thought I’d get to see either of them live!!!

  100. Tiffani Gulbransen

    Love and Rockets.
    I went last year to see Bauhaus, but Love and Rockets is my 1st love. Dog End of a Day Gone By has been part of my soul since I bought that album. It was most likely Thanksgiving weekend 1987, I was visiting my Grandma and she could still see to drive. I had asked her to take me to Odyssey Records on the north end of the LV Strip in the area which is now in the shadow of the Stratosphere, so I could buy “Earth, Sun, Moon” by Love and Rockets. Grandma stayed in the car while I record shopped. They did not have “Earth, Sun, Moon”, but they did have Love and Rockets’ “Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven” album. I bought that instead. However cool I thought she was for taking me to Odyssey, she was not cool enough to let me use her record player. I couldn’t listen to it until I got home to San Diego.
    However, she listened to me talk about how I hoped I liked the album, (even though it wasn’t the one I wanted) the whole way back to her house. A few days after I went back home she called and asked me if I did like it. I told her I did and said that a song on it has changed my life. She laughed at me. I was 13 at the time.

    Sadly she passed 2 years later and it was the last time she drove me anywhere just her and I, because her eyesight got too bad due to diabetes.

  101. SIOUXSIE!!! She’s been my favorite female artist since I was a teenager. Forever my queen.

  102. I am most excited to see Siouxsie. The last time I saw her in concert might be one of the last times I wore black lipstick.

  103. Jennifer Peterson


  104. Human League!

  105. Gregory Bacchetti

    Oh wow! Love And Rockets for sure. Been hoping that they’d play sometime in the future.

  106. As someone who goes to a. lot. of. concerts. I know what a good, nay kick@ss lineup this is. Going with Adam Ant as the cherry on top.

  107. Melisa Geaslin

    Love & Rockets! I saved my allowance for weeks to see them on the Express tour, but didn’t get to see them because I had to go to a distant relative’s funeral out in the sticks, which most definitely was not a Holiday On the Moon.

  108. Ellen OBrien

    Iggy Pop and Human League! And Siouxsie! We just adopted a dog and named him Iggy Pawp

  109. I have seen several of these bands over the years but Gang Of Four and Siouxsie would be great. ABC has been a bucket list item for me forever!

  110. EATB! Hated to miss them last year!

  111. Sean robart

    Billy Idol
    First concert ever see 32 years ago.
    Now hoping to one last road trip from eastern Canada to western sunny California for my last concert ( due to declining health)
    Wanna hit the blue highway and rebel yell the whole trip

  112. Jeff Nugent

    It’s almost impossible the pick a favorite from such a stunner of a line-up! But if I must because the rules stipulate it, I’ll say Love & Rockets because I haven’t seen them since they had Jane’s Addiction as an opening act on the Earth*Sun*Moon tour. ❤️

  113. Love and Rockets and Echo & The Bunnymen. I’ve seen both a bunch of times and they are always great. I’ve never seen Gary Numan and I’m really looking forward to that.

  114. Love & Rockets and the Human League!

  115. Siouxie, love and rockets and iggy pop. It’s a fantastic line up.

  116. Kevin Gercken

    Siouxsie, Iggy, Gang Of Four, Vapors

  117. Boy Harsher. There are artists on the bill that I’ve loved for decades… like Gary Numan, but I’ve seen him 12x over the past 25 years. E&TB at least 10x since 1987. This list covers most of the older acts.

  118. Shannon Gorley

    Billy Idol!!!!
    I’ve seen him twice and he knows how to rock it!

  119. Jeff Schultz

    Siouxsie!!!!it’s been over 30 years since I’ve seen her.

  120. Siouxsie and Love and Rockets!

  121. Robyn Sanders

    I have grown up listening to all the main acts plus Modern English and ABC. I have had the pleasure of seeing all the main acts live except Siouxsie. I have always wanted to see them and I share my birthday with Siouxsie. I have had a year of turmoil and this show would be a life altering experience.

  122. I’d be most excited to see Siouxsie. I missed the first Lollapalooza tour, and finally seeing her live would be incredible!

  123. Siouxsie and Gang of Four! Never thought I’d be able to see them live!

  124. Siouxie, Billy Idol, and Adam-friggin-Ant!

    I’ve seen them all live numerous times but not for many years, with AA being the last in Portland OR YEARS ago!

    And Love and Rockets?!? Yes please!!

    Good lord, what a fantastic lineup!!

  125. All the music of my youth wrapped up & tied with a bow!

  126. Stephanie Fineman

    I would love to see Siouxsie and Billy Idol! Also Human League, Gary Numan, and Urban Heat.

  127. David Rubenstein

    Love and Rockets! Never got a chance to see them so super excited to get the chance now!!

  128. Siouxsie because it has been so long since she performed stateside!

  129. Margaret Pearson

    I would LOVE to see Echo & The Bunnymen!

  130. Love and Rockets! Somehow I’ve never seen them

  131. Wendy Bredhold

    Love & Rockets, but when Animotion breaks out “Obsession” my inner 13-year-old will lose it.

  132. Kevin Waldron

    Love and Rockets!!!!

  133. Siouxsie by a wide margin. I never got a chance to see her when I was younger, and she played a pivotal point for me (like many others) when I started getting into more alternative music. Cities In Dust remains one or my most very favorite songs.

  134. The queen herself, Siouxsie! What a dream come true it would be! I would love to go with my daughter who is also a big fan! Please universe give us a chance!

  135. Scott Seabridge

    Two: Gary Numan and Siouxsie. Been on the bucket list for a while

  136. John Larson

    Siouxsie! (And, you know, pretty much the entire bill!)

  137. Shawn Burbank

    Siouxsie and Love and Rockets because of all the concerts I’ve been to in the last 4 decades I’ve never seen them live and this maybe my / our last chance to see them :-(

  138. Julie Pretko

    I want to see everyone, however, I NEED TO SEE SIOUXSIE! She is a goddess. She is amazeballs.

  139. Holly Lumanauw

    Love and Rockets! I want to see Daniel Ash. I have seen Billy Idol in Vegas and he was amazing!

  140. Jorge Caamano

    Siouxsie! Never had a chance to see them and thought i never would!

  141. Kimberly Kelly

    Echo and the Bunnymen!

  142. John Sawicki

    Love & Rockets. Never thought I would get another chance to see them again.

  143. Love & Rockets – Because “alcohol is [my] yoga baaaaaaaay–beeeeeee”

  144. Jonathan Terplevich

    Do I have to pick just one? I suppose it would have to be Siouxsie.

  145. Erin Russell-Story

    Most excited at the potential to see Siouxie as well as Love and Rockets. I’ve never been able to see either of these acts.

  146. Chynna Canterbury

    I’m most excited about Siouxsie & Love and Rockets! Lots of these bands and performers made the soundtrack of my childhood! There haven’t been and probably won’t be many more opportunities for me to see them play live. I’ve seen a few of these bands perform before and they have always put on an amazing show. This lineup is amazing!!

  147. Tanya Price

    I would kill to see Siouxsie!!

  148. ❤️ Love and Rockets

  149. Souxie, Billy Idol, Molchat Doma, and Boy Harsher! Amazing line up this year!

  150. Charles Lowe

    Easy question. Love and rockets. They’re musicianship is unparalleled. Their creativity and songwriting is mind blowing. Siouxsie is a close 2nd.

  151. Genia Martinez

    Love and Rockets and Molchat Doma!

  152. Love and Rockets!!

  153. Oliver Soares

    So excited for Love and Rockets! It’s the only iteration of the band members I haven’t gotten to see yet!

  154. Denise VanNess

    I would LOVE to see Siouxsie and Love and Rockets.. This is a dream festival for me.. The BEST belated birthday gift EVER…

  155. I’m excited for Siouxsie (who I’ve never seen live), Adam Ant (my favorite artist of all time), Love and Rockets, The Vapors, The Motels, Echo and the Bunnymen, and literally almost every single artist on this line up!!

  156. Souxie! I’ve always wanted to see her!

  157. Siouxsie! I’ve never seen her in concert yet!

  158. Anna Engstrom

    Siouxsie, because I’ve never seen her perform live. That said, Adam’s my man! ‍☠️

  159. Love and Rockets.

  160. Steph McCarthy

    OMG! ALL the bands, but high on the list the iconic Iggy Pop and Siouxsie (the goth queen). Adam Ant, such a crush. This is a GenX concert not to miss.

  161. Sonja Jarosek Cooper

    I’d love to see Siouxsie and Love and Rockets because I have loved them for almost 40 years.

  162. Love and Rockets!

    • The whole lineup is sick! From Gang of Four to ABC but you have to give it up to Siouxsie. A once in a lifetime opportunity to see her again and share this show with my daughter would be epic. All we need is another blood moon for more souls to be converted to the Dark Side of New wave. Cmon , it’s a no brainer to attend again this year.

  163. All
    Them ❤️

  164. Jennifer Matassa

    Siouxsie! because I never though I would get the chance to see them!

  165. Love and rockets was my first concert. I would love to see them again

  166. Siouxsie , Iggy, Echo & the Bunnymen, Boy Harsher, and Twin Tribes!!!!

  167. Andre Lawless

    Siouxsie, because while she was on the bill for it, she didn’t play at the first Lollapalooza when I went in New Jersey. Been waiting a LONG ASS TIME!

  168. Especially dying to see/hear Siouxsie live – there’s nothing else like her.

    “I’ve always wanted to meet you” a classic.

  169. Ron Zywicki

    ❤️ & because last time I saw them it was a different century and I had hair.

  170. Siouxsie. She is THE queen!!

  171. Sidney Jacobson

    Gang of Four because bands of all genres cite them as an influence; and it would be nice to see a tribute to their fallen band leader.

  172. So, I got a new job and had to not go to Richard Blades 80’s in the sand on Catalina this summer…my husband took a couple of buddies…. So I’d REALLY enjoy going to this. I am probably most excited for ABC as I have not seen them live…. I mean, I saw Adam Ant as my first concert at College of The Desert in the 80’s…. So he would be fun to see live as well….. then there’s Siouxie….it’s hard to pick just one.

  173. Dayna Sternberg

    Molchat Doma! I’ve seen a few if the other acts but I keep missing Molchat Doma- ticket scammer got me once and Covid got me once. I

  174. George Sheppard

    I’ll always remember receiving Earth, Sun, Moon album vinyl record as a gift for my 17th birthday in 1989.
    This festival would take me back to those years! Never had the opportunity to see Love and Rockets, Siouxsie, or any of these bands live.

  175. Michael McGovern

    Souxsie! She’s definitely a bucket list one for me.

  176. Rick Torres

    Siouxsie!!! I listen to her everyday since the 80’s, I absolutely love her.
    Love and Rockets, I saw their “last show” at The Roxy when we they split, then at Coachella years later, these amongst many prior shows, always a great live show.
    Echo- they played HOB anaheim on my 40th bday and have always been a favorite.
    Iggy-Legend!! Hoping he Joins (hands) with Siouxsie and perform the Passenger together
    Billy Idol- his shows are better every time.
    Human league- i have always wanted to see them
    Modern English, ABC, Motels- my youth radio staples!
    And this happens to be my birthday weekend! (May 22)

  177. Robert Lane

    Adam Ant and Echo & the Bunnymen — both acts responsible for some of the favorite songs of my yoof

  178. Connor Drost

    Siouxsie and Human League! I never thought I would have the chance to see either.

  179. Loren Guerra

    Love and Rockets. I’m pushing 50 and need to see them before I die with dear friends in LA that I’ve never seen shows with before.

  180. I’m stoked to see Siouxsie! And Billy Idol id course as he was my first ever show back in the 80s!

  181. The first 2 concerts I ever went to were in 1990 at UCI’s Crawford Hall. I was 15. One of the shows was “The Creatures” with Siouxsie, the other was Iggy Pop who was on his Brick by Brick tour. (He was very different live than how he acted in the “Candy” video!) – It is now 33 years later and I am excited to fin out if I have come full circle in my concert attendance and then what happens next?? I recently have been thinking I’m going to have to stop seeing shows because the tickets are astronomical. Maybe this will be out Reunion farewell show?

  182. Alex Dunaway

    You would be insane not to go see Adam Ant & ABC in the same place. Can’t wait to see Boy Harsher, Gary Numan, and Molchat Doma again and finally see The Soft Moon and Twin Tribes! What a lineup!

  183. Siouxsie, Iggy, Love and Rockets!!!

  184. I’m excited to see Siouxsie!

  185. Love and Rockets and Iggy Pop but lets be honest … all of them.

  186. Siouxsie … she’s been on my bucket list and I’ve never been able to see her.

    The rest of the lineup is great but Siouxsie is worth flying across the country for!

  187. Alejandrina H

    I cannot wait to see SIOUXSIE! Saw her at Coachella for her 7 year itch tour and it was phenomenal. Plus seeing the likes of Billy Idol and Iggy Pop is pretty freaking priceless.

  188. Jenna Fyffe

    Siouxsie Sioux and Echo and The Bunnymen! I flew out last year and was heartbroken the Echo had to cancel. I cannot believe SIOUXSIE is coming!!!

  189. Love and Rockets! Adam Ant! Iggy! Echo and the Bunnymen! Gang of Four!

  190. Siouxsie!!!

  191. Melinda Stuber

    Iggy Iggy Iggy! Always a great show. Went to my high school. Played spin the bottle with my older cousins. Grandma used to give him cookies in high school.

  192. Elizabeth Maurer

    Echo and the Bunnymen because we were so sad they dropped last year!

  193. Jenny Ashcroft

    It’s got to be Siouxsie, it’s been sooo long since she’s played live, it’s gonna be amazing!

  194. ABC, because “The Look of Love” was the first music video I saw on MTV, and Love and Rockets, because I missed out on seeing them in late 1987 (with a young L.A. band called Janes Addiction opening.)

  195. Sundown Stewart

    The lineup is amazing, but obviously finally seeing Siouxsie live after so long would be the best part about it all.

  196. Poppy Davis

    Love and Rockets!!! I haven’t seen them since they opened for The Cure at Dodgers Stadium in 1989. But I’m also thrilled to see Siouxsie, Iggy, Human League, and Echo & the Bunnymen!

  197. Ugh, so many decisions. It’s a split between Siouxsie and Adam Ant. Both had such instrumental songs during that time.

  198. Can I be honest and say I’m excited about The Motels? Never got to see them before! And of course Love and Rockets!

  199. 100% Siouxsie! I had a chance to see her in the 90’s but the show was canceled after the opening act because Siouxsie was sick :.( They never did refund our tickets so she kinda owes me lol

  200. I have never seen Billy Idol, Adam Ant, or the Gang of Four, so those are the artists I am most excited to see

  201. Angie Braithwaite

    Can’t wait to see Billy Idol Siouxsie and Love and Rockets! I’ve never seen Billy live!

  202. Whoo boy – it’s a cavalcade of bucket list artists for me! Siouxsie and The Human League are my must-see artists but I’m quite excited about the reunited Love & Rockets and also Adam Ant, who I believe I’ve traveled the most to see live!

  203. Jessica Robertson

    Every single one, especially Souxie, Iggy, Billy, Soft Moon!!!

  204. I have never seen Siouxsie and thought I had missed my chance. Gary Numan puts in a great show.

  205. Echo and the Bunnymen! Went to the fest last year and was so bummed about the last minute cancellation!

  206. Brian Perera

    The Vapors.

  207. They are all great, and I’ve seen most of them “back in the day” (yes, I’m that old! LoL) and Siouxsie is always worth any cost; but one I’ve never seen is Echo & the Bunnymen live and “Lips Like Sugar” has been the ringtone on my phone for my (now) husband ever since we were dating many years ago, so being there for that (potentially) would be magic.

  208. Eileen Hendriksen

    I would be so excited to see any and all of them, but MOST excited for Siouxie!

  209. Heather Ward

    I want to to see Siouxsie more than anything. I’ve never had the opportunity to. I love her. She is a musical genius and icon.
    And, Love and Rockets too.

  210. I’d LOVE to see Siouxsie & Gary & Adam, but honestly this lineup is so mind-blowing how could you choose?? What a day it will be and it would be a worthy feat to cross the country for this amazing show.

  211. Bradley Thorne

    Siouxsie! I went to see her in 1992 in Portland and she canceled. I am pretty sure she owes me, lol.

  212. Jen Seifried

    I love this entire lineup! I’m thrilled have another chance to see Love and Rockets, but am just as excited to see Siouxsie, Iggy Pop, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Modern English.

  213. Adrianne Gordon

    The whole lineup is really great but I am most excited about Siouxsie and Love and Rockets. I saw Siouxsie with the Creatures a looooong time ago and she was flawless I have never had the chance to see Love and Rockets so that would be so amazing!

  214. Riki! She is amazing

  215. Sara Lipowitz

    Echo and the Bunnymen!

  216. Karl Schneider

    Definitely Siouxsie and Billy Idol. Plus, Soft Moon are amazing.

  217. Dying to see Iggy and hoping he and Siouxsie do a duet! That would simply be incredible. The line up looks amazing and I would love to win tickets …. Please please please!

  218. I’d love to see Siouxsie again. I saw her when she toured in 2004 and it was an incredible experience!

  219. Rachel Byrne

    I’m so excited to see Siouxsie! But it will also be fabulous to see Love and Rockets, Echo and the Bunnymen and Gang of Four.

  220. Becky Langason

    Siouxsie!! Because I’ve never seen her live! But, really everyone! It’s an amazing line up!

  221. Siouxsie, Echo and Love & Rockets!

  222. Jon A. Leslie


  223. Lucy Miller

    So stocked for L&R! But also would love to see Adam Ant. Had no idea he still did shows. Honestly the whole lineup is crazy—surprised they could figure out an order for the tiny font!

  224. My top three to see…
    Iggy Pop
    Billy Idol

  225. This is a great lineup and it is so hard to pick just one that I’m excited about. All of these artists are fantastic! Echo and the Bunnymen, Adam Ant, Billy Idol, Iggy Pop, Human League, the Motels, Modern English. Too many to choose just one. All of these acts are on my High School memories playlist!

  226. Brandi Collins

    So excited to see Siouxsie!!!

    • Holly Chimicles

      Id love to see Souixie and Iggy and love and Rockets.. none off them been around in a while and it would be so great!

  227. Siouxsie, Iggy and Love and Rockets! Great lineup – I’ve never seen any of them live.

    • Stephanie Loman

      So many badass icons in this lineup, but for me it has to be Siouxsie (who I’ve loved for 35 yrs & only saw live once at Lollapalooza #1) & Love & Rockets (never seen em perform live). And IGGY. Btw how cool is it that Siouxsie & Billy on are the same ticket…can we have a mini-Bromley Contingent reunion pls?!

    • Stephanie Loman

      So many badass icons in this lineup, but for me it has to be Siouxsie (who I’ve loved for 35 yrs & only saw live once at Lollapalooza #1) & Love & Rockets (never seen em perform live). And IGGY. Btw how cool is it that Siouxsie, Billy & Adam are on are the same ticket…can we have a mini-Bromley Contingent reunion pls?!

  228. Deborah Albright

    Love and Rockets! I’ve never seen them and was sure that I never would.

  229. ABC – a dear favorite close to my heart that I’ve never seen perform before.

  230. Krista Olson

    LOVE AND ROCKETS. I have loved them since I was a kid, and they are my youthful introduction to Bauhaus as a teen, moving on to numerous other dark wave and industrial style bands from there. I had tickets to Bauhaus when they canceled in the pandemic, and had tickets to riot fest when they didn’t play. I’ve been denied Bauhaus TWICE, would love some L&R to make up for it. Besides this whole lineup is legendary.

  231. It would be amazing to be able to take my husband to see Siouxsie live, huge fans, and Love and Rockets, wow! Would also be exciting to see ABC perform. A fantastic lineup.

    • I’m looking forward to seeing all the bands I’ve never seen before! Especially Echo & the Bunnymen, Iggy Pop, Siouxsie, ABC, Love and Rockets, and more. So excited!

  232. Gary Numan! I really love the new music he’s been making and adore his classics as well …

  233. Siouxsie! I had tickets to see her years ago, but she had to cancel.

  234. Lisa Rosenthal

    I once had the opportunity to see Siouxie at the Peppermint Lounge and I don’t recall why it didn’t happen, so I’ve never seen her and she is one of my favorites. Would love to see Adam Ant again since he was unexpectedly one of the best concerts I ever went to, in 2019.

  235. Terry Hilton

    ABC, I’ve never seen them in concert.

  236. Siouxsie! I saw her on the Peepshow tour at the Universal Amphitheater in…’89, I think? Such a great show! Now my 10yo is a major fan and would LOVE to see Siouxsie live. Make me the coolest parent ever, pretty please!

  237. Siouxsie, no contest

  238. All of the above but especially Billy Idol and Adam Ant!

  239. I’d be so excited to see Siouxsie! Her live performances have been scarce, especially in the US

  240. I’m most excited about The Human League, Gary Numan, Modern English, Molchat Doma, & The Soft Moon. I first heard The Soft Moon on American Horror Story: Hotel & I’ve been a fan ever since.

  241. Victoria Stern

    I’m most excited to see Siouxsie and Love and Rockets. It’s been too long!!

  242. larry ignasiak

    Echo and he Bunnymen

  243. Love and Rockets! I was a bit of a L&R-head in the 80s, seeing as many shows as I could afford and get to. They are the sound of my college years, and they’ve been deeply missed! Bubblemen forever! ❤️ +

  244. Lindsey Ward

    Most excited for Echo and The Bunnymen, Gary Newman, Billy Idol and Siouxsie! They are all on my concert bucket list!

  245. Great lineup! Love and Rockets and Siouxsie Sioux are up there. Adam Ant was my first concert without grownups in middle school so that’s a nice full circle too.

  246. Billy Idol and Gary Numan. I’ve only seen Billy Idol acoustic and I’ve never see Gary Numan. His music has been a huge influence on me.

  247. Love and rockets, human league. Siouxsie, molchat doma, Riki

  248. Peter Riddle

    Love and Rockets!

  249. So many legends on one stage but mostly excited to see Siouxsie, Echo and the Bunnymen and Human League!

  250. Melody Murdock

    Adam Ant is my absolute must see on this incredible lineup.

  251. LOVE & Rockets!!!!!!! My number 1 love!!! I have loved them since 1986 when I saw Jane’s Addiction OPEN UP for L&R at Tipitina’s in New Orleans. I knew it was a love affair from the start with both bands actually!! I can’t not listen to Love & Rockets almost daily there is always a song for my mood. I would just absolutely die to see them again after the last time of seeing them in the very early naughties.

  252. Siouxsie & The Banshees. Siouxsie is our queen. Plus Severin and Budgie are one of the most underrated Rhythm Sections of all time. It’s been way too long. I saw them at the very first Lollapalooza in Phoenix, 1991

  253. I’m most excited to see Human League because I’ve never seen them before.

  254. Amanda Durett Cercone

    SIOUXSIE!!! I have never ever seen her and I want to experience Dazzle LIVE.

  255. All of them as I have never seen any of the acts on this bill live and they seldom do any tour dates in my home state.

  256. Siouxsie is who I am hands down most excited to see. I’ve been listening to her a lot lately thinking I would never actually get the chance!

  257. Love & Rockets!

  258. The Vapors. Never seen them before … ever.

    And Siouxie. Seen the band 5 times, but never get solo.

    Very excited!

  259. Bridgett Cofsky

    I would give my right tit to see Siouxsie.

  260. William Tyler

    I am most excited to see Love and Rockets. I saw them in New Orleans back in the 1990s and had such a good time at their show at the Howlin’ Wolf. Would love to see them again.

  261. Siouxsie. Never seen her, and I’d never hoped to until now!

  262. SIOUXSIE, ABC, and Modern English!

  263. Rick Johnson

    Siouxsie, Iggy, Echo, Molchat Doma, Modern English, Gang of Four, Vapors, Soft Moon……

  264. Hector Flores

    Most 9f the headliners for one reason or another i have not got the opportunity so watch them live

  265. Most excited about Love & Rockets, whom I’ve never seen. Would’ve been Siouxsie, but I actually did get to see her once, way back at the first Lollapalooza.

  266. Kristin Fremont

    Would love to see Iggy Pop but am also really digging Billy Idol’s new music! And Human League is an old fave.

  267. David Elliott

    Siouxsie! I’ve been a fan since the early 90s, but more importantly, my girlfriend has worshipped her since the late 80s, and actually has a tattoo appointment to get Siouxie’s eyes tattooed on her. She’s never been able to see Siouxsie live, and is bouncing off the walls at the thought of seeing her at Cruel World. Her head would probably explode if I was able to give her tickets…it would be a bucket list item for my amazing girlfriend (and me too, of course, but that’s secondary).

  268. Iggy Pop, Adam Ant, Gang of Four and Modern English for me! And would love to see the new bands like Aurat and Twin Tribes they’re really good <3

  269. Chris Alexander


  270. Please enter me in your contest. It’s not only my dream line up, as a 50 year old Gen Xer, I’m scared it might be my last time to see Adam Ant. Thank you.

  271. I am super excited to see Siouxsie and the Banshees and Love and Rockets. I’m going to be coming all the way from Florida for this I have been a fan since I was a teenager! This will be a dream come true. Total bucket list

  272. Love and Rockets! Watching Daniel & Co. shred will make me so happy!

  273. Mike Ludvigson

    It’s got to be Love & Rockets for me.

  274. Joanne Gangi

    Excited to see [insert full lineup here] !!!

  275. I’m excited for Siouxsie, I absolutely adore her music, but she stopped performing before I was old enough to go to a show!

  276. I am most excited to see Siouxsie. The Ice Queen is my favorite singer and she hasn’t performed live anywhere since 2012, so the fact that she is doing Cruel World is one of the reasons I love Los Angeles. A close second is Love and Rockets. Yes, they were at Cruel World last year as Bauhaus, but I’d love to hear Love and Rockets songs live again. If Siouxsie does a duet with Iggy Pop of “The Passenger,” I am dead.

  277. It’s all about seeing Siouxsie live finally! I can’t believe it and honestly what an awesome lineup of folks that will be there. I would love to go.

  278. Siouxsie, baby!!!

  279. Nick Vuchnich

    Love and Rockets with a side of Banshees!

  280. I would love to see Siouxsie, its been too long

  281. Dana Schallheim

    Souixsie of course! She’s a legend I’ve admired for decades but never seen play live!

  282. Siouxsie because I have actually never seen her and love the Banshees! Love and Rockets for same reason (seen Bauhaus). Also would be really excited to see ABC and Human League….there are others on the bill Numan, Iggy, Adam Ant, The Motels….such a great lineup!

  283. Well the line up is just amazing but being able to see Siouxsie would be a dream come true. She hasn’t played here in the USA in like 20 years. So so excited

  284. Love & Rockets and Echo & the Bunnymen. Will be totally great!

  285. I would love to see the Legend Iggy Pop and Love and Rockets just to name two, but hell everyone on this lineup is Amazing!

  286. It’s a toss-up between Siouxsie and Love and Rockets for me.

  287. Matthew Acrher


  288. Barbara Klein

    Among all the great bands, I’ve never seen Siouxsie Sioux, Echo and The Bunnymen, The Human League and Gary animas! Such a great lineup!

  289. SIOUXSIE!!! (Self explanatory )

  290. Honestly, it’s not a single but a few: Love and Rockets, to make up for the canceled Bauhaus show here. Siouxsie, as it’s been ages. Adam Ant, because he kills it, live. Billy Idol, because I’ve never managed to catch him live. Iggy, because well, he’s Iggy.
    … Boy Harsher would just be that much more icing on what looks to be a stellar lineup.

  291. Siouxsie and Love and Rockets, since I’ve never seen either!

  292. Siouxsie and the Banshees! Being such a longtime fan and being fortunate enough to see many bands live, Siouxsie is one I have not seen yet. I believe it would be an amazing experience for me.

  293. Jennifer Bell

    Picking one…. nearly impossible… but if I must… Siouxsie. One of our early female icons and an amazing performer.

  294. Fiona Julian

    Of course Siouxie and Iggy would be completely legendary (was not lucky enough to see them back in the day but did get to sit in the audience to watch Iggy lip sync on The Roland Rat Show. No lie. We were expecting The Stranglers but no complaints!) It would also be amazing to see Adam Ant, The Vapors, and The Human League – but maximum excitement-wise would probably be ABC!! Seeing Animotion too would be wild. Love The Bunnymen and Gary Numan too. I grew up with several of these artists and was devasted to miss Cruel World last year (with a couple of my top bands ever; Bauhaus and The Damned), due to catching Covid. This ex-pat grandmother is going to try her damndest to get there this year.

  295. I’m most excited to see Siouxsie because she’s been my absolute favorite live act ever and it’s been 15 years since I’ve had the immense pleasure and peak experience, and Iggy Pop because he’s a legend and I’ve never gotten to see him live, and I’m hoping for a Siouxsie Iggy duet of “Passenger”

  296. It’s a Cruel World Baby!! Love and Rockets!!!! ❤️ &

  297. My middle school friend Doug gave me the Peepshow cassette in ninth grade at a Key Club meeting. I was forever changed. I immediately did a “lyrics as poetry” project in English using “Carousel.” Not sure anyone in that class ever looked at me the same way. Peepshow is so very vivid in my mind for that formative time in my life when I was trying to figure all that adolescence stuff out. Now I’m an English teacher and use “Carousel” for my own lyrics as poetry assignment, and my students definitely do not look at me the same after they hear it.
    I was a little too young for the first Lollapalooza and a little too broke to ever see Siouxsie subsequently. Even as an adult, I’m too broke to get to Cruel World. Truly, the world is cruel. I cannot even imagine the overwhelm I’d feel finally seeing Siouxsie live. So iconic!

  298. Siouxie!

  299. Gerard Rodriguez

    Billy Idol 14 year old me is stoked!

  300. Definitely Love and Rockets. Haven’t seen them !

  301. Todd Nickolas

    Love and Rockets! When Bauhaus cancelled their Denver show for the THIRD time I was hoping the remainder of the band would continue the tour as Love & Rockets / Tones On Tail / Bubblemen. That said I do hope they play songs from the latter two projects especially Bubblemen!

  302. Rima Mendonsa

    I am excited about almost the entire lineup, although especially for SIOUXSIE and Echo and the Bunnymen. Siouxsie and the Banshees on the Peepshow tour was my first-ever show and I haven’t seen her since. The Bunnymen are one of my most favorite bands and Will Sergeant is my favorite guitarist. I will very gladly take these tickets!!!

  303. I am sooo excited that Siouxsie is returning to the stage! She is an outstanding performer: I first saw her in 1987 as a 15-year-old teenager, and I was blown away by her! I would love to repeat that experience! :-)

  304. Love and Rockets, fo sho!!

  305. Jenness Schuhmann

    I have never seen Iggy and it would thrill me and fulfill a decades-long dream to get that chance!

  306. Michael Romeo

    Siouxsie : seen The Banshees , The Creatures and solo everytime she played nyc since 1986
    It would be a dream to see her on the big stage .
    Just so happy, she is heading!
    It’s going to big n Special!
    I would love to see her on the east coast ; easier financially to see her and her band !

  307. Siouxsie, Love & Rockets, Bunnymen, Human League.

  308. Love & Rockets !!!!!!!!!! Always!!!!

  309. Michael Noonan

    I’m most excited to see Iggy Pop because his name is easiest to spell

  310. So much excellence on this lineup! The top 3 I would be most excited to see are Love and Rockets, Adam Ant and GVLLOW!

  311. Melissa Almeida

    Love and Rockets ❤️and

  312. Logan Dalton

    Definitely most excited to see Siouxsie!!

  313. Siouxie, Gary Numan, Iggy Pop, and Billy Idol. Absolutely INSANE lineup overall!!

  314. Frank Prosnik

    Siouxsie AND Love & Rockets!!

  315. Michelle Rittel

    Siouxsie and Love and Rockets!

  316. Brittany Barragan


    Whoo hoo! Cruel World! I missed out last year due to illness. I’d love to see Siouxsie, Gary, Billy, Adam, Love and Rockets, Echo, Twin Tribes an ABC. I’ve been a fan of new wave and dark wave for over 20 years. I’d love to see these bands before they stop touring.

  317. Siouxsie/Love and Rockets/Iggy are my favorites, but I’m also super curious to see the VAPORS!??! So random!!!!

  318. Lucy Ashford

    Gary Numan was one of the first acts I ever saw, as a 14 year old, and I also saw Billy Idol in London back in the 90’s. They were both amazing. But. Big but! I always wanted to see Siouxsie and she hasn’t performed here for 10 years, so it would be a total dream come true. When Spellbound was used in the last Stranger Things I was SO happy! All everyone else could talk about was Kate Bush and Metallica!! But for me it was all about Siouxsie Sioux!

  319. I’m most excited for Iggy, Siouxsie, and Love and Rockets. And I’m not only excited for me, but for my 11-year-old daughter who’s coming with me to CW this year.

    Her dad and I are (was) huge darkwave fans; she cut her teeth on Darkwave. Dad’s two favorite bands were Sisters of Mercy and The Chameleons, and she almost lost her mind with excitement when she heard the first chords of ‘Up The Down Escalator’ on the show the last Sunday. She’s now an awkward 6th-grader who idolizes Siouxsie, loves L&R, Iggy Pop, E&TBM, and obsesses over her newest music discovery: Molchat Doma.

    While she’s been to a few shows with me (Peter Hook, E&TBM, Oingo Boingo Former Members, etc) but this will be her first-ever proper music festival. I know dad’s spirit is somewhere proudly watching her grow up still listening to our favorite bands.

  320. The Human League is at the top of my bucket list and I would die to see them. Seeing this show is way out of my financial league so I’m throwing my hat in the ring.

  321. Michelle Windell

    Great lineup all around, but I am so excited about Siouxie that I am willing to fly down from NorCal.

  322. Chris Kirkpatrick

    I haven’t seen Siouxsie since the first Lollapalooza! This could be the first fest to best that one!!!

  323. Badkittygothgirl

    Love and Rockets for the win!! I’ve been longing for a reunion tour for 20 years now. Poptone was great and all, but it is what happens when you order a L&R reunion tour from wish.

  324. I would love to see Siouxsie Sioux!!

  325. Allison Kaufmann

    Siouxsie, because she’s one of my heroes; Iggy Pop, because I’m not sure how much longer he’s going to be around; Billy Idol because he’s got the lip; Love and Rockets, because it seems reasonable that they would tour since Peter can’t really be with them; Echo and the Bunnymen because I have seen them live and they are great; Adam Ant because pirates; Gary Numan because I have also seen him live and it’s great; Gang of Four because I can’t understand why someone would not want to see Gang of Four.

  326. SIOUXSIE!!!

  327. Love & Rockets is top pick to see for sure. Especially after almost seeing Bauhaus at last year’s Riot fest.

  328. Siouxsie!

  329. Siouxsie! I had tickets to see Siouxsie and The Banshees and The Cure in 1990 while in high school – I got the flu and wasn’t allowed to go. My mom gave my tickets away until now I haven’t had another opportunity to see Siouxsie live. (I did finally see The Cure in 2002).

  330. I’d love to see Love and Rockets as they make my dark and happy heart ecstatic! I’ll be bringing my best parasol too!

  331. Iggy Pop

  332. Iggy Pop!!! No- SIOUXSIE !!! no no- LOVE AND ROCKETS!!

    i will literally hitchhike from Sick New World to Cruel World. this is the lineup of a LIFETIME. I’m losing my mind just reading the damn thing. I will actually kiss whoever put this together. Even if I can’t go, knowing I was alive when this event happened means so much to me. I’m so lucky to be 24 and have the energy and appreciation to rock this festival the way it deserves to be rocked. Good luck on the contest everyone !!!!

  333. Cristi Sellman

    There are so many bands in this line up that I want to see. First and foremost is Siouxsie and the Banshees. I’m 47 and missed them when they toured with Lollapalooza in the 90s. I’ve wanted to see them since I was in middle school!

  334. Heather Elston

    I’d be most excited to see Siouxsie! I last saw her in 1991. The whole lineup looks great.

  335. SIOUXSIE (the queen has risen)

  336. Laura Gardner

    It’s hard to say who I would be most excited to see, since the lineup is amazing!! But it would have to be Siouxie….just so amazing, inspiring my wardrobe choices and my style in general. The whole festival is a dream come true….I mean Iggy Pop! Legends…all of them. I need to be there for this amazing show!!

  337. Courtney Hightower

    I’m excited to see all of them but I’ve never seen Iggy Pop! He has so much energy and would be amazing to see him live

  338. Last year did not disappoint with The Church, Bahaus and Devo…This year just as magical with Love and Rockets, Human League and Iggy…well all are going to be that password to that punk rock 80s insane time in my life! Truly looking forward to excist there this year at Cruel World!

  339. Jessica Demcsak

    I’ve never seen Love & Rockets. That would be fabulous! I missed Bauhaus last year so this would be amazing!

  340. Siouxsie <3

  341. ted weitzman

    Definitely looking forward to seeing Siouxsie and Love and Rockets!

  342. Give me Love and Rockets! Haven’t seen them live, same goes for Bauhaus and Tones on Tail.

  343. Definitely Siouxsie. One of the most your fourth moment of my entire life” kiss them for me” Falluja. I also get chills when I think of her singing “last beat of my heart” on the peep show tour. It would be a dream to see her again.

  344. Siouxsie Sioux! I never thought I would have a chance to see her in this lifetime!

  345. Melissa Aldridge

    I’m most excited about Love and Rockets!

  346. SIOUXSIE!!! Haven’t seen her since the 1st Lollapalooza in 91 and never thought I’d be lucky enough to see her again!

  347. ECHO!!!!!!!

  348. Siouxsie!! She was my very 1st concert with The Banshees in ‘87!

  349. Boy Harsher. I love their sound and haven’t seen them before. Right behind them would be seeing Love & Rockets and Siouxsie again as it’s been 30ish years ago.

  350. Mimi Spaulding

    Siouxsie and Love and Rockets

  351. definitely had to be ABC!! they are so underrated

  352. Juan Berlanga

    Siouxie Sue, the goddess that got me into goth

  353. Siouxsie! The queen. I haven’t seen her since lalapalooza and I’m so excited for my kids to
    see her!!!

  354. I can’t believe this lineup is real, but I’d love to see them all! I think Human League, Siouxie, Billy, Luv n Rockets! For sure!!!! I can not fathom not being in the Gang Of Four pit. It feels unreal to even think of the energy and vibrations at this show will be unmatched. This is amazing! You guys rock!


  355. Love and Rockets/Iggy/Gang of Four!!!

  356. Unbelievable lineup! Want to hear/see all of them, specially Love & Rockets and Siouxsie!

  357. I wanna see them all ❤️‍
    This is the soundtrack of my whole life…
    Buttttttttt in fact I know, this would be the one and only chance to see love and rockets .. so today it’s only a dream

  358. Thomas W Powell

    Modern English!!!

  359. Michael Guerra

    Siouxsie all the way! Siouxsie has ALWAYS been my number one, she’s consistently released music that has been a huge part of my life and each of the Banshees and Creatures albums, as well as her solo album, have been soundtracks to certain chapters of my life. I adore that Gemini cat loving, chain smoking woman more than anything – so much so that she’s tattooed on mh arm!

  360. Manuel Romero

    The Motels. Martha Davis has an amazing voice, I’ve never seen them live!

  361. Siouxsie and Iggy! Who will be the passenger?? So excited for everyone who gets a chance to see this!

  362. Love and Rockets. I was devastated to see Bauhaus cancel, but this would make up for it and then some.

  363. siouxsie as it’s been since the first lollapalooza that i saw her last!

  364. Andrea McCauley

    Really excited about Love and Rockets…and Siouxsie! The entire festival line-up is stellar. So many of my favorites.

  365. Iggy. He always leave it all on the stage. He’s inspired many but none live up to the original

  366. Of the acts I’ve seen before, most excited to see ABC again. Of the ones I haven’t . . . Siouxsie!

  367. I’m so excited to see Siouxsie Sioux! It’s been a life goal/dream to see her perform live. Missed my opportunity to see her play live in the 90’s.

  368. OMG you ARE cruel!

    Which *one* act am I *most* excited to see? The Cruel World Festival Act. All of it, baby!

  369. David Watson

    I’d be so excited to see Love & Rockets again. Saw them in ’89 at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, CA.

  370. John Richter

    Gary Newman , Iggy and Billy Idol ! I actually could name several more! Great lineup.

  371. Anthony Renli

    Siouxie is #1 No question about it. And Iggy is a legend, they are #1 and #2. Then there is a tasty stew of bands I want to see – even if we ignore the other “top of the bill” acts I have been wanting to see Modern English, Gary Newman, and Gang of Four since the 80’s.

  372. Most excited for the human league!

  373. I thought I would never get another chance to see Siouxsie again, so this will be kind of a pilgrimage. I’ve seen most of the other top-billed acts, but I’m looking forward to seeing The Human League, and especially The Motels, for the first time!

  374. Gang of Four and ABC!! I was turned onto GOF in 1984 by a couple of guys that were in the coast guard, stationed in my home town. Met these guys at the local new wave dance club, and fell in love with the band immediately. Such great memories!!

  375. Siouxsie! I’ve wanted to see her since I was a little girl.

  376. Love & Rockets, Siouxsie & Iggy Pop!

  377. Echo & the Bunnymen, been a long time listener and was crushed when they didn’t make it last year!

  378. Linette Escobar

    This lineup is amazing but I think I have the look of love for ABC!

  379. Siouxie, because she is someone I always wanted to see growing up, and never did get the chance. But, it’s a great line up either way!

  380. Siouxsie for sure !!!!! ♥️♥️

  381. I’ve never seen Love and Rockets, so they are at the top of my list.

  382. Mandy clements


  383. Gang of Four! Siouxie is still on my need to see list too. The GoF tape got stuck in my Buick century estate wagon when I was in high school. It just became the theme song for anyone getting rides in my car.

  384. I’m mostly excited for Siouxsie, Molchat Doma, Boy Harsher, Gary Numan, and Gang of Four! There are some artists that I thought I wouldn’t ever get to see live so I’m excited

  385. Jennifer Odendahl

    I’m most excited about Siouxsie and Iggy performing Passenger together.

  386. Monica Haynes

    Siouxie and the Banshees!

    I saw Siouxie and Budgie perform “Venus in Furs” with John Cale at the Palace Theater in Hollywood in the 90’s and it blew my mind!
    I’ve been wanting to see her again ever since!

  387. Gang of Four…why? Because I love a man in uniform.

  388. Frank Woodman

    Love and Rockets all the way!!!!

  389. Angie Fisher

    I’m excited to see Love & Rockets!! I have never had the chance to see them (besides seeing them play in Bauhaus). I am also taking my 14 year old niece who loves this music. It’s cool to see her enjoy this music and not the music all the kids are listening to. I tell her there is no problem being your own person!

  390. Siouxsie is on my bucket list! Would love to see this show

  391. Echo and the Bunnymen! Was so excited to see them last year and then they bailed. The whole line up looks great though!

  392. Andrew Terry

    The Human League! Although I’m excited to see many of the artists on the the bill, the League are one that I’ve not seen previously.

  393. Jade McDonald

    Siouxie probably has the most songs I’m excited to hear but Iggy popped just for the sheer amount of influence he’s had over the music scene I follow. I’m so excited!

  394. Adam Bogage

    Love and Rockets because every time I’ve ever seen them live it has been a religious experience.

  395. Melissa Dallas

    I would be most wxcited to see ABC, besides Siouxsie!

  396. Jon Johnson

    It’s hard to beat Siouxsie, but I’d really like to see the Human League and Love and Rockets also. All three I’ve managed to miss seeing live.

  397. Diana Breashears

    Love & Rockets… I saw the most recent Bauhaus show in San Francisco and was hoping they would play some solo stuff but no luck. And though the show was good, I swear it lasted an hour at most. :(

  398. Gang Of Four, because to hell with poverty, we’ll get drunk on cheap wine.

  399. Sharon Sperber

    Love and Rockets! I’m excited about Siouxsie…but without the Banshees….? I’m hoping she just feeds the audience what we want .;) Seen the Bunnymen a few times in recent years, so happy for them. But also Adam Ant since cancelling a bunch of shows then Gary Numan and The Human League.

  400. i am excited by many on this list, but i would love to see siouxsie/love and rockets again and have always wanted to see iggy pop but never had the chance…

    • Sooo excited to see Siouxsie! I am a young fan and have always wished and hoped to see her live. Here’s the opportunity

  401. Omar Garcia

    This is the greatest lineup of all time. From legendary artists to up and coming bands on their way up there (Twin Tribes & Glass Spell, I’m looking at you all). Im excited to see all these bands I grew up listening to as a kid live. Love + Rockets!

  402. Siouxsie. I haven’t seen her live since the first Lollapalooza at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater in 1991.

  403. Camille Chijate

    I would have bought tickets just for Siouxsie, she was so important to me in the 80s when I didn’t quite fit in with my friends musical idols. Never compromised her style or vision in a male dominated genre, embraced the bizarre, forged a path for many female alternative artists to follow. But then finding out that Love & Rockets would be there too?!? I thought seeing my favorite guitarist of all time Daniel Ash with Bauhaus last year would be my last and only chance to see him live, I literally shed a happy tear when I found out her would be there again! Everyone else is icing.

  404. Ersula Martell

    Siouxsie because I haven’t seen since the early 90’s very excited

  405. Chris Pietrini

    Looking forward to Iggy Pop!

  406. samantha tracy

    I saw Love & Rockets open up for Siouxie when I was 16 years old in Oakland, CA (Henry J Kaiser Auditorium) in 1986. It was such a memorable show! It would be incredibly magical to see them again now that I’m 53! If they can still rock it, so can I!

  407. Marni Zampa

    Love and Rockets…great encore to Bauhaus last year which was mind blowing!

  408. Love and Rockets! Life always ensured that I missed them back in the day. It would be a dream come true to finally see them.

  409. Definitely Siouxsie. I last saw her for the Mantaray tour but felt I didn’t get enough Sioux. It’s high time she re-emerges. We love our Ice Queen!

  410. I’m excited to see pretty much every band on the bill, but mostly Siouxsie!

  411. John Loughney

    Vapors – because I got “Turning Japanese” 7″ in 1980 through a cereal box offer. Adam Ant as Kings of the Wild Frontier was one of the first new wave albums I bought (not counting the Cars). And Siouxie because she is badass.

  412. Love and Rockets

  413. Siouxsie is the number one reason. Thought about going to England to see her, but then this show was announced and the line up is killer.

  414. Jennifer Berger-Coleman

    Souxie, Love and Rockets, and Adam Ant!

  415. Siouxsie!!!!

  416. I most excited to see Love & Rockets!!

  417. Iggy Pop

  418. Hellen Wang

    Hi! Please enter me for your contest because anytime I wanna move Iggy says I got a right. No matter what they say. I could really use a holiday on the moon

  419. Definitely excited for Siouxsie (it’s been over 10 years) and The Human League (haven’t seen them live yet)! Boy Harsher will be fun too!

  420. Echo and The Bunnymen! We were denied their performance last year and seeing them will be worth the wait!

  421. Definitely Siouxsie; have been trying to see her live for 30+ years, but something always gets in the way. Love her so much.

  422. David Villareal

    Siouxsie & Love And Rockets!!

  423. Aurat! Their guitarist is fierce as f⭐️ck with the most star power I’ve seen in a long time here in LA

  424. Jennaya Dunlap

    Looking forward to seeing Siouxsie, Iggy Pop, The Soft Moon, Molchat Doma, Twin Tribes, Echo and the Bunnymen, Love and Rockets, and others.

  425. I am so excited for all of these bands! If I had to pick ONE that I’m most excited about, it’s EATB, but only because they cancelled last year. I also can’t wait to see Siouxsie and Love & Rockets. And Iggy, Billy & Adam. Oh, and The Vapors, too!

  426. Joseph Bruno-Tamayo

    SIOUXSIE! IGGY POP!! Billy Idol!! Human League! The Motels!! This may very well be the best Modern Rock line-up EVER!!

  427. I am most excited for Love & Rockets! Bauhaus stole the show last year and L&R will steal it this year. Calling it. See ya on Danny’s side

  428. Melissa Marti

    So excited for Siouxsie! Never seen her live & wasn’t sure if I’d ever have the opportunity!!

  429. All of the line up…this is a shoe of EPIC proportion! Siouxsie!!! Queen Siouxsie!!! My 80s inner child’s heart is skipping a beat to be able to see her…decades later!

  430. Jeanne Scott

    I think I would be most excited to see Echo and the Bunnymen. Such a favorite. I would also be excited to see Adam Ant, as that was my first concert ever in 1982. Love and rockets would be amazing – such a fan of Bauhaus, Tones On Tail, and Love and Rockets. I somehow managed to never see Siouxie and the banshees, so that would be awesome. The whole lineup is just great. I live on the East Coast, but this would be worth a flight.

  431. Love and rockets – love them and haven’t seen them.

  432. Love and Rockets. A band I never thought I would ever get a chance to see.

  433. Siouxsie!!

  434. I’m excited about most of them but The Vapors would be amazing for me!!!

  435. Kristin Hall

    Echo and Human League are two bands who have spent ENOUGH TIME languishing on my bucket list! It would be a dream to catch them both, in the midst of Adam and Souixsie. Plus, The Motels and The Vapora? WHAT???? Superb lineup – so rad!!

  436. Christina Clark

    There are so many performers I can’t wait to see at this festival, but definitely most excited to see siouxsie!! This may be my only opportunity to ever see her in person, and with so many important moments in life being guided by her music I just hope it happens one way or another!

  437. Maria Martinez

    I am excited to see Siouxsie!
    It reminds me of when I was a teen, wearing all black, listening to weird music, and my aunts would tell my dad, “It’s a phase. She’ll grow out of it.”
    Well, I am 46, still wear all black, and listen to weird music.

  438. Karen Saboe

    So excited to see Siouxsie again!! She has been one of my favorites for almost 40 years! ♥️

  439. Siouxsie!!

  440. Most excited to see Echo and the Bunnymen

  441. Cyndi Felber

    I think I’m mostly excited to see Siouxsie!! Always loved her in the 80s and never had the chance to see her!! Next it would be Love and Rockets! I was so enamored with Daniel at last years Cruel World! The Vapors and Gary Numan as well! Seems like a fabulous line up! Super excited!! #itsacruelword

  442. Fernando Rondon

    Siouxie and Love and Rockets. Buuuuut Boy Harsher and Molchat Doma are gouing to be great appetizers.

  443. Siouxsie because I haven’t seen her since the first Lollapalooza in 1991.

  444. Definitely Echo and the Bunnymen. I may be in my 60’s but most of my favorites are listed!

  445. I’m most excited to see Siouxsie because I’ve never gotten to see her because I was too young and I just love her!

  446. Def Lo & Rockets

  447. Would love to see Echo and the Bunny men and crossing fingers they don’t have visa issues this year.

  448. Def Love & Rockets

  449. Sarah Riddar

    Echo, Iggy, gang of four, boy harsher. Even though I’ve seen them before, billy idol and Adam ant are always a good time!

  450. How it could be a question of none other than the queen immaculate, Siouxsie. A choice made difficult amongst the ranks of punk prince Iggy Pop and the Bela boys Love and Rockets.

  451. Siouxie!! A Goth Queen performance would make life good..

  452. Kailey Doubleyou