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Love and Rockets announces “My Dark Twin” — new 2-disc companion to “Sweet F.A.”

Love and Rockets circa 1996

The Beggars Arkive label continues its Love and Rockets vinyl reissue series with the release in June of new pressings of 1994’s Hot Trip to Heaven and 1996’s Sweet F.A. — plus a just-announced compilation called My Dark Twin that’s being billed as a companion to Sweet F.A.

The 22-song set, to be released digitally and as a 2CD set (Pre-order:, contains six previously unreleased songs and eight previously unreleased versions of songs from the Sweet F.A. sessions.

You can hear Daniel Ash’s exclusive digital mix of My Dark Twin’s title track — the Doppelgänger Mix — below.

The new collection will be released June 9 alongside previously announced expanded 2LP vinyl reissues of Hot Trip to Heaven and Sweet F.A., the latter of which is on vinyl for the first time. (See full tracklists below)

New vinyl reissues of Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven and Express came out in January, while new vinyl editions of Earth, Sun, Moon and Love and Rockets are due out this Friday.

The reissues and new compilation come as Love and Rockets — Ash, David J and Kevin Haskins — mount a reunion tour that begins later next month at the Cruel World festival in California.



According to the announcement of the project, the My Dark Twin compilation traces the journey the band took to completing the recording of Sweet F.A., a record that started with initial sessions with producer Andy Taub that were determined to lack “the essential spark.” John Fryer took over as producer, taking the previous recordings into the studio, where he “deconstructed them, adding an ‘English’ edge.”

The trio also recorded some additional songs that ultimately weren’t used.

Love and Rockets then moved into American Recordings label chief Rick Rubin’s Laurel Canyon mansion to continue working on Sweet F.A. — and that’s where a fire famously broke out, destroying the band’s gear. The trio wasn’t injured, by Genesis P. Orridge of Psychic TV, who was visiting, was hurt while trying to escape.

According to the band, “A couple of inspired new tracks were recorded on Kevin’s portable DAT machine, and acting on instinct, he thankfully he took them home with him on the night that a massive fire broke out.”

Following the devastating fire, the band moved into a new studio with producer Paul Wallfisch to finish the album.

The following are notes released by the band’s publicist about some of the tracks on My Dark Twin:

  • “Shelf Life” is David J’s direct retort to the delivery of news that MCA would not be picking up the option on his solo contract. Bruce Kaphan (American Music Club) lends a hand on this track with his extraordinary pedal steel.
  • “Ritual Radio” was an improvised rehearsal room jam — a spooky 18 minute piece.
  • “U. O. ME.” is a spontaneous, improvised jam between Love and Rockets and Genesis P. Orridge (also very spooky!) Though it is raw, rough and unrehearsed, and not a studio-quality recording, the compilers thought it was important to include. (The original infamous Gristleizer’s last stand!)
  • “California (Have A Nice Apocalypse!)” has a few guest musicians that apparently just happened to be hanging out in the studio, including Chuck Prophet on guitar, Bruce Kaphan (American Music Club) on pedal steel and Steve Carter on piano. It was recorded in a single take at the end of a very long and productive day.
  • “Sweet F.A.” was inspired by one of Daniel’s many motorcycle journeys and on one occasion brought a guitar with him, and he said, “I was in a lonely place at the time and that melancholic lyric was written in a motel room”
  • “Spanish Stroll” is a spontaneous, loose cover version of the 1977 Mink DeVille classic, taped on an old boombox. Kevin employing a knife and fork and empty wine bottles as percussion with David on wheezing harmonium plus backing vocals. Daniel plays guitar and sings lead vocals.

Below, check out the full tracklist for the new compilation and upcoming vinyl reissues:

Love and Rockets, My Dark Twin

1. “The Fever” (First Version) *
2. “That’s Progress” +
3. “Sweet Lover Hangover” (Edit)
4. “Bomber’s Moon” +
5. “Words of a Fool” (First Version) *
6. “Libido Talking” +
7. “Pearl” (First Version) *
8. “Shelf Life” (First Version) *
9. “Sad And Beautiful World” (First Version) *
10. “Returning” +
11. “Ritual Radio”
12. “U.O.ME.” +

1. “The Glittering Darkness”
2. “California (Have A Nice Apocalypse!)” +
3. “Butterfly”
4. “Venus Child”
5. “Here Come The Comedown” (Rough Mix) *
6. “Pick Yourself Up”
7. “Sweet F. A.” (Rough Mix) *
8. “Sweet Lover Hangover” (Remix)
9. “My Dark Twin”
10. “Spanish Stroll” % *

* Previously unreleased version
+ Previously unreleased song
% Previously unreleased cover


Love and Rockets, Hot Trip to Heaven vinyl reissue

A1. “Body And Soul (Part 1)”
A2. “Body And Soul (Part 2)”
A3. “Ugly”
B1. “Trip And Glide”
B2. “This Heaven”
B3. “No Worries”
C1. “Hot Trip To Heaven”
C2. “Eclipse”
C3. “Voodoo Baby”
C4. “Be The Revolution”
C5. “Set Me Free”
D1. “Firewater” (Unreleased early version of This Heaven)
D2. “This Heaven” (Experience Remix: Flying Vocal Mix) (Previously unreleased mix)
D3. “Coyote” (From the Body and Soul U.S. 12″ vinyl and CD single)


Love and Rockets, Sweet F.A. vinyl reissue

A1. “Sweet F.A”
A2. “Judgement Day”
A3. “Use Me”
A4. “Fever”
A5. “Sweet Lover Hangover”
B1. “Pearl”
B2. “Shelf Life”
B3. “Sad And Beautiful World”
B4. “Natacha”
C1. “Words Of A Fool”
C2. “Clean”
C3. “Here Come The Comedown”
C4. “Spiked”
C5. “Sweet F.A.” (Reprise)
D1. “My Dark Twin” (Previously unreleased)
D2. “Butterfly” (Previously unreleased)
D3. “Venus Child” (Previously unreleased)
D4. “Pick Yourself Up” (Previously unreleased)






  1. Hope LIFT gets rereleased, too!

  2. Think I will wait see if this shows up on spotify rather than buy it. Al their records from the fourth album are a bit patchy IMHO. If they had done an additional disk of outakes for Express or Seventh I would have bought it

  3. actually take that last comment back as 2nd listen in I think my dark twin is a grower

  4. 3rd time comment as I have checked this record out on spotify. Its a curious thing cos theres tracks on there like California (Have A Nice Apocalypse!), Butterfly and My Dark Twin which are definitely better than some of the latter tracks on Sweet FA i.e Clean, Here Come The Comedown & Spiked. A sneaking feeling lurks that Sweet FA could definitely been a better record. Totally a fans POV:- but after the first two stelar albums produced by John A Rivers where the songwriting appears to be a combined sublime effort the remaining albums are increasingly either J or Ash songs brought to the band and could easily been on their solo records i.e Shelf Life is pure David J as Motorcycle Ash to the core. Sure right up-to Lift there are good songs on each album worth buying them for but the overall the quality was not at the high bar they started out at. OK I am whinging cos they are not playing UK/European dates ;(

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