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“I love you, Siouxsie”: Hear Garbage’s new cover of Banshees classic “Cities in Dust”


Alt-rockers Garbage included a previously unreleased cover of the Siouxsie and the Banshees classic “Cities in Dust” on the Witness To Your Love EP released on vinyl last weekend for Record Store Day, and today they debut a music video for their take on the beloved 1985 song — which ends with frontwoman Shirley Manson whispering, “I love you, Siouxsie.”

Hear it via the video by Chilean artist Javi Mi Amor below.

Garbage’s “Cities in Dust” cover is also now available to stream or purchase digitally, as the four-song Witness To Your Love EP was released in digital formats today as well.

The title track was first released on an Urban Outfitters compilation in 2008 during Garbage’s hiatus, and last year was issued as a single last year to promote the band’s Anthology. The new EP also features two outtakes from the band’s most recent album, 2021’s No Gods No Masters, “Blue Betty” and “Adam and Eve.”

Here is Garbage’s Siouxsie and the Banshees cover:







  1. Nope. Like the vocals but the music doesn’t hit the mark.

  2. She may be a devotee of La Sioux but brave are those who try to cover her; I am yet to hear one cover of hers that stands independently. Which is a shame as any fan of SATB and Siouxsie will know, they always nailed their covers. Through the looking glass is still a stand out covers album.

    • Wow! Totally hardened version of the semi ethereal original! I love both and, while I prefer the original, Shirley did hit some areas perfectly. Just don’t go into this song expecting an identical rehash and enjoy it for the original take and you’ll be fine.

      • Kraig Le Fevre

        SATB can not be bettered by garbage but they sound pretty good. Still prefer the original… because it is the original.

  3. Orlando calderon

    Crap..don’t know what the big feal was and is Garbage…overrated garbage!

  4. YES. Love Shirley’s vocals and the music completely hits the mark as a song by Garbage.

    Awesome tribute to an inspiration, while keeping authentic to their own sound. Welcome & perfect addition to our library.

  5. It is hard to cover any perfection Siouxsie and the Banshees recorded. Therefore I understand how many can find Garbage cover of “Cities in Dust” fall short. That said, for me, Garbage perfectly captures what I like about Siouxsie with the Garbage sound. I enjoy this rendition of the “Cities in Dust” very much.

  6. David Wright

    I really like this. I wasn’t expecting much but the semi industrial / electronic sound works really well with how this is set out. A good reimagining of the track in my honest opinion.

  7. I always give props when a band doesn’t remake a song note for note and sound for sound. Not games changing but a serviceable cover.

  8. Vocals fall short, visual was interesting

  9. Mike(alien) terry

    Big fan both bands,as a pro engineer,I’ve done audio for both of them,it was just a matter of time before Sheryl covered the banshees .love them both nice job

  10. I dig it.

  11. No. Just no.

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