Setlist, Video — May 11, 2023 at 6:16 pm

The Sisters of Mercy launch first U.S. tour in 15 years — here’s the setlist and video

Andrew Eldritch of The Sisters of Mercy | via YouTube

The Sisters of Mercy opened a rare U.S. tour — the band’s first in 15 years — at The Fillmore Silver Springs just outside of Washington, D.C., on Wednesday night, playing a 23-song set that hit on some of the band’s best known work as well as a generous helping of unreleased material.

The band — mastermind Andrew Eldritch, plus Ben Christo, Dylan Smith, “Ravey” Dave Creffield and drum machine Doktor Avalanche — honed in on fan favorites like “This Corrosion,” “Alice,” “More” and “Lucretia My Reflection,” and also trotted out “Giving Ground” by side project The Sisterhood.

As is customary in recent years, The Sisters also performed 10 unreleased songs, reminding fans that, while Eldritch hasn’t put out an album since 1990’s Vision Thing, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been writing songs.

The tour next hits the Sick New World Festival in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Below, check out the setlist, some fan-shot video and the rest of The Sisters’ tour dates:


Setlist: The Sisters of Mercy, The Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD — 5/10/23

1. “Don’t Drive on Ice”
2. “Ribbons”
3. “Crash and Burn”
4. “Alice”
5. “I Will Call You”
6. “First and Last and Always”
7. “But Genevieve”
8. “Dominion”
9. “Giving Ground”
10. “Marian”
11. “More”
12. “Show Me”
13. “Doctor Jeep”/”Detonation Boulevard”
14. “Eyes of Caligula”
15. “Something Fast”
16. “I Was Wrong”
17. “Here”
18. “Instrumental 86”
19. “On The Beach”
20. “When I’m on Fire”

21. “Lucretia My Reflection”
22. “Temple of Love”
23. “This Corrosion”








The Sisters of Mercy tour dates 2023

May 10: The Fillmore DC, Silver Spring, MD, USA
May 13: Sick New World Festival, Las Vegas, NV, USA
May 14: Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas, NV, USA
May 15: Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, CA, USA
May 17: The Masonic, San Francisco, CA, USA
May 19: Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR, USA
May 21: Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA, USA
May 23: Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, CA, USA
May 24: Marquee Theatre, Tempe, AZ, USA
May 26: Bayou Music Center, Houston, TX, USA
May 27: Austin City Limits Live at Moody Theatre, Austin, TX, USA
May 29: The Pageant, St Louis, MO, USA
May 31: Big Night Live, Boston, MA, USA
June 2: Kings Theatre, Brooklyn, NY, USA
June 3: The Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA, USA
June 5: The Fillmore, Detroit, MI, USA
June 6: The Salt Shed, Chicago, IL, USA
June 8: Uptown Theatre, Kansas City, MO, USA
June 9: Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO, USA
June 11: C3 Stage, Guadalajara, Mexico
June 13: Circo Volador, Mexico City, Mexico

June 16: Club Chocolate, Santiago, Chile
June 18: Tokio Marine Hall, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sept. 22: The Roundhouse, London, United Kingdom
Sept. 23: The Roundhouse, London, United Kingdom
Sept. 26: Paradisio, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sept. 27: Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, Netherlands
Sept. 29: Jovel Music Hall, Münster, Germany
Sept. 30: Rockhal, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
Oct. 2: Capitol, Hannover, Germany
Oct. 3: Docks, Hamburg, Germany
Oct. 5: Columbiahalle, Berlin, Germany
Oct. 6: Haus Auensee, Leipzig, Germany
Oct. 8: Carlswerk Victoria, Köln, Germany
Oct. 9: Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, Germany
Oct. 11: Dürer Ker, Budapest, Hungary
Oct. 12: Lucerna Music Bar, Praha, Czech Republic
Oct. 14: Posthalle, Würzburg, Germany
Oct. 15: LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart, Germany
Oct. 17: Le Transbordeur, Lyon, France
Oct. 18: La Cigale, Paris, France
Oct. 20: Le Krakatoa, Bordeaux, France
Oct. 21: Le Bikini, Toulouse, France
Oct. 24: La Riviera, Madrid, Spain
Oct. 26: Lisboa Ao Vivo, Lisboa, Portugal
Oct. 27: Hard Club, Porto, Portugal
Oct. 29: Sala Santana, Bilbao, Spain
Oct. 31: Alhambra, Genève, Switzerland
Nov. 2: Live Club, Trezzo sull’Adda, Italy
Nov. 3: Teatro Verdi, Cesena, Italy
Nov. 5: Boogaloo Club, Zagreb, Croatia
Nov. 6: Majestic Music Club, Bratislava, Slovakia
Nov. 8: Simm City, Wien, Austria
Nov. 11: Sound Festival – Wytwórnia, Łódź, Poland
Nov. 15: Marble Factory, Bristol, United Kingdom
Nov. 16: KK’s Steel Mill, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Nov. 18: NX, Newcastle, United Kingdom
Nov. 19: Rock City, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Nov. 21: Academy, Manchester, United Kingdom
Nov. 22: SWG3, Glasgow, United Kingdom






  1. J.P Michaels

    Thanks for stopping by in Canads

  2. I was at the Fillmore in Silver Sprimg, MD 2 nights ago and it wasn’t worth the price of the ticket. He skipped over most lyrics of the songs like he had forgotten the lyrics. The band mates put in a solid effort to keep the show going by filling in for vocals, but it was just sad to watch. He should give up the ghost at this point.

    • We were there too and thought that either the mic was having problems or the soundboard guy was retarded. They had Andrew’s vocals so low you couldn’t hear anything and the backup singer was nice and clear and loud. Also was disappointed at the bass levels. Overall I was very disappointed because I wanted to hear his rich fantastic voice.

    • Yeah, the sound mix was way off. At the end of the night, I felt like I had seen some Sisters cover band, with Andrew wandering around on-stage and mostly unheard. Such a disappointment.

  3. Alissa Pritchard

    3 songs in and there was a loud screech from Andrew’s mike. After that his mike was out for the rest of the show. Even though there were shouts of “your mike is out” nobody on the staff at The Fillmore did a thing. They didn’t seem to care. And Andrew, you could tell, was singing his heart out. Total disappointment in The Fillmore. We should get our money back!

  4. He’s a loser.
    Keeps saying a new album will come but never does and now NO ONE cares.
    His voice is awful and is overrated.
    Wouldn’t pay $20 to see him. Love their albums, but they’re OVER.

    • Pretty sure Andrew Eldrich voice as previous does not exist. He was croaking through songs last night May 17 in San Francisco. Not just the sound system, it’s his voice. He had a yelling croaking sound, not melodic at all. Backup singers were awful too. So sad for my husband who has waited 40 years to see them. Very very disappointed. Maybe Andrew needs to rehab his voice, or hang up his mic.

  5. To me, TSOM were actually over when Hussey and Adams departed. This happened in my teenage years, so I do know first hand what I´m talking about. Eldritch should have carried on under a different name since all post 1985 releases didn´t deserve the SOM-Label. Also, not making a new album in 33 years point out that financially it must be quite comfortable for him doing a tour now and then and making a living out of royalties the rest of the time. I agree with HumanC that no one cares anymore.

  6. I agree with Kai. I could never get into these guys. The Mission is 1000x better.

  7. Rick Foizey

    The May 29,2023 show in St.Louis, MO was N abomination. Andrew did not complete songs such as More… and you could not hear his vocals the entire show. A colossal waste of money ( 4 tickets!) and the legacy of SOM damaged. Wish I could tell EVERYONE NOT to go. You WILL be disappointed.

  8. SOUND GUY IS AWFUL! Don’t waste your time — same reviews across all venues – the mgr of the venue I wasted my time and $$ at told me the sound check took a LONG time and it was awful. I left 1/2 way through because I couldn’t hear ANY vocals from ANY level of the venue. Hey, SOM – fire your shitty sound guy!

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