Could it be? Is that Ministry’s Al Jourgensen singing “don’t give me that so-so soda/that same old cola” in this 1983 commercial for Shasta? The clip, shown above, isn’t labeled as such, but the commenters — along with the reader who sent this to us — think so. It certainly sounds like that faux Brit accident Uncle Al adopted during the With Sympathy era. And to think, just a few years later he’d be screaming “THIEVES! THIEVES AND LIARS!” over pummeling guitars and dentist drills.

And, as a bonus, below (via Waveformless) we’ve got what is purportedly a 1982 7UP jingle recorded by New Wave synth man Gary Numan. According to the description posted on YouTube, the soft drink maker paid Numan some £10,000 to record three pieces of music with the lyrics they provided — but never used the results since they had believed they were getting something a bit more punk-ish.

UPDATE: Oh, and here’s New Order’s “Blue Monday” re-write for Sunkist.

Hear Gary Numan’s 7UP jingle after the jump…



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