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Peter Murphy: Dalis Car sessions begin next week, ‘Ninth’ solo album out ‘soon’

Dalis Car

Ex-Bauhaus leader Peter Murphy took to his Facebook page today to update fans on a number of upcoming projects, including his surprise Dalis Car reunion with Mick Karn (sessions being “next week”) and the pending release of his new solo album Ninth (“shouldn’t be too long now”).

Murphy shocked fans last month by announcing plans to reunite Dalis Car with the ailing Karn to record a follow-up to 1984’s one-off album The Waking Hour. In a brief update today, he confirmed sessions with the ex-Japan bassist begin next week, and also will feature original drummer Paul Lawford: “All’s well that starts well,” Murphy wrote.

As for his new solo album, Murphy reported in June that his follow-up to 2004’s Unshattered had been “ready to go for a while now.” He expected a fall release, and today posted on Facebook that the record “is finding its outlet soon. Current offers in negotiation. Shouldn’t be too long now.”

Finally, Murphy also posted a new song he wrote and recorded for Paul Statham’s “travelogue album” The Dark Flowers, which also features vocal contributions from Simple Minds’ Jim Kerr. Murphy first began collaborating with Statham on 1988’s Love Hysteria; you can hear their new Murphy-sung collaboration, “Clean Break,” below.

Hear Peter Murphy and Paul Statham’s “Clean Break” after the jump…



  1. I have been concerned about Peter’s health since he cancelled a Portland, Or USA show at the last second before coming on stage. Not to mention various other odd cancelations. I’ll pray that Peter is well and can continue to perform or at least record. His spirit is very important to many of us devoted fans. I know the road can be brutal. If it is not enjoyed, just leave the touring out of it maybe. I know your not too old Pete but you’ve been at it for the long haul. Your voice is heaven! Brenden Perry needs a lesson in modesty. I don’t blame Peter for writing what he did. Thats just plain honesty which is right. Peter, you can play a gig without another act,you are full of the spirit. This crowd will love you until you even if we can’t hear your voice. Please don’t be ill……I’ll keep you in my prayers to the holy one.
    Peace my mentor.

  2. MissNovemberTuesday

    Wow, just reading this and after seeing the comment from Steve, it just sort of hits home. Here he was worried about Peter and it was Mick that was on his way out. So very sad. Mick will be missed greatly. Does anyone have more info on just what became of the planned recording sessions? I was completely blown away when I had heard of a new Dali’s Car collaboration. I wonder if there is anything that will be surfacing later.

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