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Peter Gabriel reissuing ‘So’ with bonus mixes, demos, new artwork for 25th anniversary

Peter Gabriel, 'So'

Although his catalog was just put back into print last month, Peter Gabriel is planning a full series of new reissues in 2011, including an expanded 25th anniversary edition of his crossover smash So packaged with mixes, demos and new artwork.

In his latest monthly video update to fans, Gabriel announces plans to reissue his back catalog next year, noting, “I’ve been given a little boot up the backside as it’s 25 years next year from So’s original release. So we want to try and do something around that” (via Gabriel adds that he’s got someone rooting around for “mixes and demos,” and that he’d like to “see if we can get some kind of special package around that.” He offers no further details on So or his other titles, which were re-released in late September using the same remastered versions first issued in 2002.

He did note, however, that he’s been talking to an artist “who plays with albums, often taking a lot of the visual information away, leaving hair or eyes or hands,” and that he wants to use those techniques to take “a new look at all the album sleeves, which I think we’ll do something with next year as part of this re-release.”

In the October update, Gabriel also said he recently filmed a performance of his New Blood orchestral tour in Verona, Italy (“Hopefully we’ll be able to get that out one day,” he said), and added that work continues on the orchestral re-recordings of his old hits that he plans to release as a companion to this year’s Scratch My Back.

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  1. Now THAT’S what I’m talking about.

  2. Ryan Williamson

    Tickety Boo!

  3. Benjamin Adler

    Sounds like he’s working with Steven Wilson

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