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New Order set to release ‘Lost Sirens’ — 8 outtakes from last album — in December

As Peter Hook first revealed in an interview with Slicing Up Eyeballs in August, the since-reunited New Order will release the songs left over from the recording sessions for 2005 swan song Waiting for the Sirens’ Call  — in an eight-track CD/LP package called Lost Sirens that is due to be released in December by Rhino Records.

While the project has not yet been announced by the band, Lost Sirens this week began showing up as a CD-and-vinyl package on the sites of online retailers, including and the Japanese versions of mega-retailers Amazon and HMV — which report various release dates in early-to-mid December and display the cover artwork shown above.

The set features “Hellbent,” which appeared on the Total compilation released earlier this year that bridged Joy Division and New Order. But the remaining seven tracks — “Stay With You,” “Sugarcane,” “Recoil,” “Californian Grass (Doomy),” “Shake It Up,” “I’ve Got A Feeling” and “I Told You So” — have not yet been released officially (see tracklist below).

It’s not clear whether Lost Sirens will be released in CD-only and vinyl-only formats. As for the vinyl, mastering engineer Frank Arkwright, who worked with Johnny Marr on the recent Smiths box set, this morning tweeted: “Cutting a new piece of vinyl for New Order, heavyweight vinyl!”

In August, shortly before New Order announced it was reuniting without him, Hook discussed the Sirens’ Call outtakes with Slicing Up Eyeballs, saying he hoped they’d be packaged together with full-length versions of the three short New Order instrumentals — “Exit,” “Hypnosis” and “Get Out” — that appear in Anton Corbijn’s 2007 Ian Curtis biopic “Control.” That isn’t happening, but Hook apparently did succeed in convincing his bandmates to release the outtakes as a standalone set and not as part of a Sirens’ Call reissue.

At the time, Hook said he hoped the outtakes’ release would help bring closure to New Order:

“It would be nice, from my point of view, to get rid of those tracks in the nicest possible way that would at last draw the line under the New Order split-up in 2006. It hasn’t felt clean in any way, to be honest. So I’m hoping the release of the last remaining material will make it a little cleaner.”

That interview came just days before New Order announced it was reuniting without the outspoken bass player. The band — Bernard SumnerStephen Morris, Gillian Gilbert , 2000s-era guitarist Phil Cunningham and Bad Lieutenant bassist Tom Chapman — played two shows last month, and is slated to perform in London and South America in December.


Tracklist: New Order, Lost Sirens

Side A:
1. “Stay With You”
2. “Sugarcane”
3. “Recoil”
4. “Californian Grass (Doomy)”
Side B:
1. “Hellbent”
2. “Shake It Up”
3. “I’ve Got A Feeling”
4. “I Told You So”

1. “Stay With You”
2. “Sugarcane”
3. “Recoil”
4. “Californian Grass (Doomy)”
5. “Hellbent”
6. “Shake It Up”
7. “I’ve Got A Feeling”
8. “I Told You So”






  1. YES! A new B-sides compilation from PSB and then this? Awesome.

  2. Great news! I loved that last album and more tracks from the same sessions will bring a smile to my face! Can’t wait for December.

  3. Erm, “I Told You So” Is track #5 on “Waiting for the Sirens Call”.

  4. Great news can’t wait to hear it.

  5. How come there is no mention of it on the new New Order website.

  6. Hellz Yes!! Cant wait.

  7. Hurrah! In and of itself, nice news! I was one of those people who actually quite liked “Waiting…” as an album. I remember thinking at the time that the first six tracks should have been sent straight to Robert Smith as an example of how a senior band can pull together in the modern era (compare with the opening half of 2004’s “The Cure”). “Waiting…” did trail off a bit towards the end of the album, but I recall Steve Morris telling Irish mag Hot Press at the time in ’05 that they’d had to whittle the final tracklist down and left stuff off for a later EP… Does make you wonder at times, however, why they never simply released a double album in the first place…

  8. Hmmm. I think I have to revisit this album. Don’t remember it being as good as everyone is saying…

  9. Hmmm…maybe this means a Sirens’ Call reissue could have the 7″ remixes from the title track singles, and the single versions of the other singles on a bonus disc? Maybe that silly Japanese vocal of Krafty perhaps?

  10. Now It has been delayed till next year because of internal problems with the band and ongoing arguments, it sucks but what can you do.

  11. I’m confused… I Told You So is already on Waiting for the Siren’s call…

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