Video — March 21, 2012 at 7:45 am

Video: The Wedding Present, ‘You’re Dead’ — spot references to 29 Weddoes’ songs/albums

The Wedding Present this week released their eighth studio album Valentina, and accompanying it is a new short film set to opening track “You’re Dead” by director Nick Power. The 5:46-long clip reportedly features 29 different visual references to past Wedding Present songs and/or albums. The first one’s pretty easy, but after that you’re own your own. How many can you spot? Feel free to list ’em in the comments.






  1. Coco Gordon-Moore

    Going to see ’em next week in San Diego. Gonna whip a pony’s ass, as usual!

  2. Saw em the other night in Vancouver. I’ll get the ball rolling…Presents in the garbage is from Dalliance. Outer space shots I’d say is either Queen of Outer Space or Flying Saucer. Bit of Blue Eyes leading into Apple Pie a la Kennedy. Straight to Shatner. Storybook covers Convertible and some song with “Deer in the Headlights” Green dress = My favourite dress.

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